About Us

Our Mission:

Evident from the name we at social mirror try to bring solutions to your everyday technological or other modern-day problems, we bring how-to guides, reviews, and news of everything new in the world.
Our motto is to stay updated and connected to the world and become better global citizens. Thus we speak not only about the latest or the possible future but also the classic old past in technology and any other relevant matters.


Our Story:

We are a group of Millenials, all having the same vision in their head to start something that brings value to the lives of people(even it’s a small group), provide some value, or just provide a brisk of knowledge in the form of our blog.


Our Values: 

Being in an era where new products are being thrown out every day in huge numbers, and mass production of products we have come very close to where we have the materialistic needs beyond any of our previous generations, so the urge to know everything about all the new tech and news and what’s happening around has become a key part of our daily life so we bring that for you. Keeping you updated in every front of our society.


Our Team:

I am the founder and author of the SocialMirror website, a passionate endeavor that I pursue alongside my primary role as a four-year experienced IT professional. My website serves as my creative outlet, allowing me to explore and share insights into the dynamic landscape of social media and technology. In my professional life, I thrive in the realm of information technology, specializing in diverse cloud projects. This dual existence enables me to blend my technical expertise with my love for digital trends, ensuring a holistic understanding of the industry while contributing meaningfully to both my hobby and career.
I'm Rinkesh, the editor at SocialMirror, and I'm passionate about the digital realm. My expertise lies in SEO and digital marketing, skills I've honed over the years. As an editor, I ensure our content reaches the right audience and ranks well in search engines. My commitment to staying ahead of digital trends ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry.
I'm Nitin, a proud author at SocialMirror. My forte lies in crafting imaginative and engaging blog content that captivates readers. With a penchant for storytelling, I bring a unique perspective to our platform. Beyond the digital realm, my passion lies in mobile photography, where I explore the world through the lens of my smartphone. This hobby allows me to blend creativity and technology, often infusing my articles with visual narratives. I'm dedicated to sharing insights and stories that resonate with our audience, bridging the gap between creativity and technology in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Hey, I'm Neha Raj - a Software Developer by profession and a writer by passion. I write about different kinda stuffs from technologies to Reviews to Updates. I'm currently pursuing MCA from SASTRA University and in some free time, I write blogs. You can find me on different social media platforms mentioned here. :)
Hi, I'm Jaahnavi. I work on Cyber-Security projects and in my free time, I do blogging. Currently pursuing MCA from Sastra University
Hi, I'm Rashmi - a Software Developer. Currently pursuing MCA through the Distance Learning Program at Sastra University.