Ants Inside Laptop

Problem Solved! – In easy steps get rid from Ants Inside Laptop


Think of a day when you open your laptop to work and find some unwanted guests there, how would you feel? Yes, we are talking about the ants inside laptop.

These species are so small that they find the compartments inside the laptop a perfect place to enter and build their colony.

The ants inside laptop keyboard don’t actually affect the wires or other parts inside it but if they die or get stuck inside, then they might create some severe problems for your laptop.

This might seem a small issue but can cause some serious problems to your laptop if not get treated soon. So, protect your laptop before the disaster strikes. Don’t worry! we have got you covered.

ants inside laptop
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How to Remove Ants from Laptop?

Bidding goodbye to the unwanted guests can be a really hectic task. Let us know what are the possible and effective ways that you can try to remove ants from a laptop.

Cleaning your Laptop

The easiest and obvious thing which we can do is to clean the laptop. Take a small piece of cotton or cloth and clean your laptop using it. Take care of the laptop of course, while cleaning.

You can try one more method that is, lift the laptop downwards and leave it for the whole night as it is. It may cause them to come out of the laptop. But it won’t be a very effective way to get rid of them if they are large in number. What else can we do?

Shredding them off

The next way to get rid of the ants inside laptop keyboard is shredding them off your laptop. Take a brush and start evicting them gently.

You must be very conscious while doing so, ensuring that it doesn’t affect your laptop anyway. This will help you out if the counts of ants are not much.

But if they are really large in numbers, this method would also not be enough to remove ants from laptop completely.

Using Dryer

When I found ants in my laptop, I used this simple hack first to drive them off, so can you. Use your dryer as equipment for this.

Be aware that you don’t increase its power since it can damage your laptop hardware also. You may need to open your laptop and blow the dryer over it.

Take the help of an experienced person, in opening your laptop if you don’t know how to do it. You can even learn it online if you don’t want to approach anyone else.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, a vacuum cleaner can also be proved as a good option here. Similarly, as your hairdryer, you can use the vacuum cleaner in your house to evacuate ants from your laptop.

Again a safety tip, do not increase its speed as the normal speed is fine enough to blow the tiny creatures off. Isn’t it? Take help from a professional I would suggest.

Using Insecticides

Feed your guests well, before bidding them farewell. So yes, use insecticides as bait. There are various ant-baits available in the market and online as well. Also, you can make them even at your home.

You can get them and keep them near your laptop. In any case, the ants will come out for food and that’s it. Your work is done. Read the instruction well, on the packet before using the ant-baits.


The ant-baits are often used to get rid of ants. They are one of the simplest but most effective ways to come out of this problem. But what are the ant-baits? Ant-baits are simply the chemicals/insecticides which are mixed with some food material and are kept as bait for the ants.

When the ants come out for food, they get attracted to the bait because of the mixed food material and they die. So this is really a very effective way to kill the ants outside your laptop.  Some of the best ant-baits which are available online are mentioned here.

Best Ant-Baits Available In The Market:

  • Terro T300B Liquid
  • Terro T600 Dust
  • Amdro Ant-Bait Granules
  • Maxforce Granules
  • Maxforce Ant-Bait Gel

You can buy any suitable insecticide, blow dryers, and vacuum cleaners in the above-mentioned methods, from Amazon or eBay.

Besides these ant-baits, you can also use some natural ant-baits for the purpose. Here are they-

Best Natural Ant-Baits:

These natural ant-baits are easily available in your home. You just need to know and use them effectively. So these are some combinations which you can use as natural/homemade ant-baits-

  • Water + Table salt (boiled together until dissolved completely)
  • Baking Soda + Powdered Suger (Mixed together in equal parts)
  • Peppermint (it’s smell works)
  • Apple cider vinegar + water (mixed together in 1:1 ratio)
  • Powdered Chalk (Calcium carbonate in it works)

So these are the list of ant-baits you can use any according to your convenience.

ants inside laptop
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Isolating the Laptop

The best trick you can use to make your laptop ants free is to isolate your system. You can create an island like set up for this. It is quite easy to do, you just need to follow these steps below:

  • Take a container with their sides slightly up. Fill it with the water up to 1-2 inch depth.
  • Put a stand or bowl in the center of the container so that it stays above the water level.
  • Keep your laptop above the stand and make sure it doesn’t touch anything else but the stand.
  • Now make a bridge from the laptop to the ground using some stick or anything.

That’s all. Leave this set up for a night. This will create an isolating area to the ants as well and when they realize that they have only one way of getting out from there, they will evacuate the laptop finding it as a danger sign for them.

Hence, this way could help you out to get rid of ants from your laptop.

Take the Laptop to the Service Center

If none of the above-mentioned tricks work which will, most probably, then the last thing you can do is to take your laptop to the service center.

They will clean it there completely, opening every possible part of the laptop and it’s done. And you don’t need to worry about anything.

ants inside laptop
Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash

We have known the ways to get rid of the ants from our laptops. Shouldn’t we know the reasons why ants get into the laptop in the first place? Let’s get some ideas about it.

Reasons why Ants get into the Laptop

I was really surprised when I found the ants in my laptop. How and why would they go there? I would have taken care of them if I knew the reasons. So let’s know it now at least so that you don’t fall into such a situation.

A better place for living

As mentioned above, the laptop keyboard and the small compartments inside the laptop between the conductors are just perfect for them to live there.

So when you find some ants near your laptop, going in and out, instantly change or clean the place.

Unhygienic Area

If you keep the place dirty where your laptop is placed, chances are more that you are inviting the ants yourself.

Many times, it happens we eat some snacks while working or watching movies and leave the leftover there itself. It is also possible sometimes that we spill some sweet juice or something over it.

The ants sense the food and get attracted to it, especially on the sweet materials, therefore get inside the laptop.

Relocation in the surrounding

There might be a case that ants are attracted to something else. But coming in the vicinity of that, the PC also gets captured by the ants in order to relocate to a better place.

So, these are the simple things you should always keep in your mind if you don’t want to be in a condition to let your PC host these little guests.

What can go wrong if there are ants inside Laptop?

Now since you have known and maybe even have faced the problems of having the ants inside laptop, you may also have the question of what may happen if ants are inside your laptop.

  • Now as irritating they may seem while walking all over you tingling every bone of your body similarly, if these tiny evils get into your laptop or computer there are huge chances that you may witness the sad demise of your beloved laptop, all because of these ants that are inside your laptop or computer.
  • Now facing the questions of what kind of harm these ants do to your laptop? These can get inside your laptop and all the near circuits thus becoming a major reason for short circuits in laptops, they can get close enough or maybe in between the components of your laptop like motherboard and keyboards and again prove to be a reason for short circuits
  • Apart from this, it has also been noted that many times ants have been found nesting in your laptops and thus results in increased temperatures of the device and degraded performances.
  • Another quite common situation that might be because of ants inside laptop is that the laptop may have abrupt shutdowns and sudden lags in the performance as these may be caused due to electric transmission between the components while the ants make their way inside your laptop.

Now we have cleared the consequences you have to face having the ants around or in your laptop, let’s answer the next question about how to prevent ants in my laptop.

Ants being too small to capture creates a lot of problems in comparison to any other insects, and another problem with the ants in laptops is that ants generally move around in groups where they look for food and then come back with more workforce to carry the food back to the nest. The movement of ants in herds make the problem more difficukt as moving some does not ensure that the ants wont return again. th

Preventing Ants from entering your laptop?

Now since you know what can happen when these demon ants can enter your laptop, now you may have the questions of how to prevent entering ants in my laptop. For that follow the below-mentioned steps and you are good.

But also remember that there is no permanent solution to ants as these little creatures find a way to come back every time you remove them so our best is prevention from these devils.

Do not Eat near your Laptop

We all know how great it feels watching a movie and having your meal or munching on popcorn, but please for god sake stop eating near your laptop or any electronic devices. This is a clear welcome to the ants.

As ants don’t roam around without any mission, they are generally in search of food and eatables to take back to your nest. Eating around may thus invite the ants near your laptop and even bring them inside.

Using the laptops with filthy hands covered in oil and sauce anyway is a clear sign that you are not appreciating the piece of modern technology in front of you.

So please stop eating near your laptops and also taking your laptops to the dining table. Food and laptops are not supposed to be near each other. They are the biggest enemy of each other.

So if it’s food coming near your laptop or your precious laptop sharing the table with food it’s a clear invitation to the ants.

Apart from carrying food to long distances, ants may look for nearby warm places to reside and what can be the best place apart from your laptop.

ants inside laptop
Photo by Anastasiia Ostapovych on Unsplash

Change the place designated for your Laptop

Sometimes ants may infest your laptop if it’s in their way or it can give them a better shelter than their nest.

Now if you have spotted some of the ants on your way then please avoid placing your laptops in the area nearby.

We have all heard that prevention is better than cure then please avoid placing your laptops in the regions nearby and keep a safe distance from the ants.

Ants are not only known for stealing your food but also for taking it back to their nest so at any point if they decide to reside in your laptop, it may become their refrigerator.

Thus only changing the place your laptop resides can be a big-time money saver.

Regular servicing of your Laptop

Like medical check-ups for humans, electrical equipment requires regular servicing. Similarly, laptops also require regular servicing. It’s better to clean up all the mess and dirt out of your computer for the better good.

In this process also you may be able to remove old dirt and maybe even the ants from your laptop. Thus keep your laptop clean and regularly keep it serviced.

Using Diversion

Now we become the ninja and use the art of distraction by using a bait to lure the ants away from the laptop. Bait may be any chemical disinfectant or pest remover mixed in food to kill the ants.

Our top priority is to make sure that these little monsters do not come anywhere near our laptop and you may have to go lengths in doing so, even for setting bait for the mission.

Now since we have set ourselves on this mission, we have to keep in mind few main objectives:

  • The ants must be attracted to the bait.
  • They must take back the bait to the nest.
  • The ants must return to the bait and not the laptop.

Now following these few motives we can create a very good bait and lure the ants to your bait and not your laptop thus preventing the laptop from being raided from these very minor small demons.

ants inside laptop
Photo by Gabriel Manlake on Unsplash


If you are already facing the issue of ants in your laptop then you might find the following measure useful:

  • Using a Vacuum cleaner or a blow drier as it has been proven to be the best method of removing ants without any damage to your laptop but remember to have the blow drier on a low setting.
  • Taking the laptop to the service center should be the first thing if the situation goes out of hand.
  • Keeping your laptop in good health is also necessary by cleaning and shredding with the brush regularly.
  • If all of these fail you may thus find help with a disinfectant but be careful in doing so. And if you are just beginning to see these haters of laptops in recent times you can know the cause of their arrival and methods to prevent them.
  • The ants may find your laptop to be a better place to live especially if you eat around your laptop.
  • An unhygienic or changed environment where the laptop is kept.

Now keep the ants away, by following these steps.

  • Keeping your food away from the laptop.
  • Change the place you keep your laptop in.
  • Service your laptop regularly.
  • Using diversion, a bait to divert the ants from the laptop.

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