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Apple Ecosystem- What is it? Here are a few things you should know about it

Hello friends, Are you aware of Apple Ecosystem? If no then I suggest you go through this article completely, if yes find out what more you can do with it. So today I would like to talk about Apple Ecosystem and a few things that you should know about it, Let’s dig in!

What is Apple Ecosystem?

Before understanding the Apple Ecosystem let us understand the term ecosystem. The ecosystem can be explained as a biological community of active organisms interacting with each other and their physical environment. Technically it is a group of devices that are connected with software to create a collaborative work.

The Apple Ecosystem is the one where you can buy all the products of Apple and work simultaneously. If you buy a brand new iPhone and also an iPad, Mac book, Apple TV, AirPods, Apple Watch, and a HomePod. The technology like iCloud allows you to start a task in one device and continue it in another device. For instance, you are listening to music in HomePod and you get some message notifications on your phone, but you don’t want to reach for your phone then you can ask Siri (It is a virtual assistant in Apple Phones) to read text messages through HomePod.

The family of devices creates a sense of consistency and ease for the consumers to use it. For instance, if you are doing something on Macbook like listening to music, watching movies, or even to take screenshot on mac, you can AirDrop stuff from that onto your iPhone or iPad. If you need the stuff to go across devices then it damn eases.

Setting Up An Apple Ecosystem:

If you have the best Apple collections, then to get best from it setup Apple Ecosystem

  • Ensure that all your Apple devices use the same ID
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in all the devices
  • MacBook, Watch, iPad, iPhone, iPod has wifi turned On
  • Each device has Hand of turned on. To enable handoff in Mac go to Menu > System preferences > General > select “allow handoff between Mac and your iCloud devices”. To enable handoff in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch go to Settings > General > Handoff > Turn on Handoff. To enable handoff in Apple Watch, tap on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap General, and turn on enable Handoff.

Set up iPhone Cellular Calls:

  • Ensure that all your Apple devices use the same ID
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in all the devices
  • Each device has wifi turned On
  • Each device is connected to same wifi or ethernet
  • In iPhone Settings > Phone > Calls on other devices, then turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices.
  • In Mac go to FaceTime app, then choose FaceTime > Preferences > Settings then select calls from iPhone
  • In iPad go to settings > Face time app, turn on calls from iPhone.

Make sure your devices are set up as follows:

  • Mac has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on
  • Your Mac and Apple Watch are signed in to iCloud with the same ID
  • In Mac choose menu> System preferences > click on iCloud
  • In iPhone open Apple Watch app, then go to General > Apple ID
  • Apple Watch will be using a Passcode. In your iPhone open Apple Watch app, tap on Passcode
  • Your Mac should not be using Screen sharing or Internet Sharing
  • Mac has “Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac” selected in security and privacy preferences

Prerequisites :

  • Apple watch should use watchOS 3 or later
  • Mid 2013 or new Mac using macOS Sierra or later
  • Use auto-unlock with Apple watch series 3 requires macOS High Sierra

Apple’s Ecosystem goes beyond just than Interoperability

apple ecosystem interoperability

Apple does not legitimize your personal information. The iPhone is costlier than Android phones but the part of the discount on the Android side is compensation for giving up data for Google. Apple will anonymize your data through differential privacy.

The latest iPhones are more expensive and the price hikes some times when the product has almost lost its gleam. But sometimes one needs to consider what’s more included. It is not only a smartphone but also an ecosystem that will extend the capacity of devices and provide greater privacy than it’s competitors.

Apple ecosystem is more apparent if you own multiple devices, You can make and receive phone calls from your wrist computer, You can work on documents from your pocket computer that you have created on your desktop computer, you can store and access data in a secure way from different devices.

The one major problem with this Apple ecosystem is that it offers only 5GB of free cloud per account no matter how many devices you own. If Apple increases the storage up to 50GB that would be great. The users must appreciate the smaller ecosystem. They could help users leveraging this storage.

Apple has built the most powerful ecosystem that combines the hardware, software and it’s services. Understanding the power of the ecosystem does not make one happy to pay 1000$ or for the latest iPhone, but helps them in understanding that they are paying for more than just the device.

The other drawback is that you can only use Apple-branded devices which is very expensive. The Apple Ecosystem is useful only if all your devices are Apple-branded.

Why Apple Ecosystem is strong

It feels seamless because all the features are in-built and there is no need to download and install additional software. The ecosystem is part of the reason why many iPhone users use Macbook and vice versa, as some features will not work if you were using a Windows computer and Android phone. You can find apps for Android or windows that offer similar functionality, but don’t work as simply or seamlessly as they do on Apple Ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem is more strong than any other systems due to the following reasons:

You can easily transfer data from iPhone to Mac using AirDrop

It is easy to transfer photos, videos, and notes to a friend’s MAC without logging in to the cloud account and it is faster and easier to use too. The only thing you need to ensure AirDrop works is to make sure both your iPhone and Mac have Bluetooth turned on and both are on the same Wi-Fi network. Your Mac can even be connected to the Internet with ethernet and Wi-Fi off and still, it works.

Wi-Fi connectivity is fine but have you heard about Li-Fi? Wi-Fi vs Li-Fi – sounds interesting right? Okay, let’s not go off-topic and continue!

Turning iPhone to wifi hotspot is a very simple process

Any smartphone can be as a wifi hotspot, you just have to enable the hotspot in the mobile settings. In Mac, just click on the wifi symbol on the right top right corner of the screen to automatically find your iPhone as a wifi hotspot without the need of doing anything else. Before that, you have to set up a personal hotspot feature, but it’s a one-time setup.

You can receive calls to the computer when your iPhone is not anywhere near you

When your iPhone and Mac are on the same network then you get calls to Mac. It’s pleasant to get calls to a laptop when your phone is not nearby you else far from you. It is also helpful when you put your phone in silent mode and working and when you cannot hear your phone ringing this will be easy as you get notifications on your MAC. You can also use iPads to receive and make calls.

It’s great to send and receive text messages on your MAC

As long as the contacts you are talking over have iPhones, you can chat with them form Mac as you do from the iPhone. This will be very much helpful in case if you forget your iPhone at home. You can drop text messages to the users with the help of MAC. This happens with the help of the Apple ecosystem.

Using Apple pay on MAC makes payment easier

It is delightful to use Apple pay on MAC. There is no need to type in your financial information again when you are checking out from online shopping. This feature has been announced in 2016, and it will come with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra updates later this fall. It has more potential to make online shopping more secure and less badger.


I would like to conclude saying the Apple Ecosystem is unique as hardware and software are designed to work together. Apple designs its software and hardware with the idea that it should work seamlessly as part of the same device. The idea of interoperability features among the devices is and the line of technology used is inventive. The experience of using the Apple ecosystem will be cool if you use it to max extent.

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