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10 Best Creator Apps for Instagram Stories


In the last few years, social media has seen a great change and development in general, where people have started to use more new emerging, social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Since the feature of posting a story has become so popular in the social media frontline, many apps have come up with the feature of adding stories to their applications and websites, and many have made fortune as the apps for Instagram stories.

Instagram along with Facebook and WhatsApp is well known for its stories and many companies have seen it as an opportunity and hence come up with many apps for Instagram stories.

Instagram was launched on 6th October 2010 and has seen only the rise since then. However, the major changes in the application are more recent. One of the most important features of the application is to add the stories on your wall for everybody to view and react to.

The concept of stories was however brought by another famous social media application named Snapchat.

For all the boomers and people staying under the rock for the last several years lets look at what is a story, how do creators use it, and then move to the list of best apps for Instagram stories.

What is a Story on Instagram?

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A story refers to a temporary post of the social media wall of your account, that may be of an image format or the video format and make the best use of your post for engagement with the followers and also sometimes gain more followers based on the captions and tags used on the stories.

Popular creators on Instagram generally tend to use the story feature of their account to engage more with the followers so as to increase the followers’ count or maybe to keep the followers updated about their lifestyle and other important points of their life.

Stories being temporary which means it gets deleted within 24 hours, makes it more reliable for the post or updates that users or creators would not like to have on their feed or wall for more than 24 hours.

Being Short spanned also helps the creator to be more personal on the stories rather than uploading a personal post on the wall and disorganizing the wall.

How do creators use the stories function in the Instagram App?

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Since Instagram has become one of the best and most favored social media platforms for many social media influencers all over the world, more and more users are getting used to stories on their social media platforms.

Users and many big creators have started using the Instagram stories function to make the followers know more about them. It has become the place to provide daily updates and posts that most people would not like post directly on their feed or social media home.

Since the stories have come into play, they have also seen a major shift in the development, such as many new features have been provided keeping only the stories in mind.

Some of those features are having the ability to conduct a QnA, polls on several topics, ability to give an instant reply, emoji replies, and much more.

With the evolution of marketing tactics based on social media, many companies do market their products on the stories or even pay other creators to market their product over their stories and bring the best engagement possible.

Why use Third-Party apps for Instagram stories for your account?

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Instagram is a powerful application when it comes to the point of editing and taking photos for both the posts and stories but it may sometimes lack a feature or two that you may wish the application had.

These third-party applications can however provide you with several features that may help you create the post and stories you have thought to make.

Now we have gone through topics such as what a story is, why can it be used, and the problem of creating better stories for any application so now let’s see some of the best apps for Instagram stories.

Best Application for Instagram Stories


Mojo is one of the applications that is completely based on the story’s function of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The functions this application provides are some of the greatest functions available for making the stories and maybe also for the post of your social media handles.

Some of the best-known features of the app are making the stories on the recommended aspect ratio and allowing the animated story panel. It’s one of the best apps for Instagram stories allowing complete animated stories giving a more professional and well-managed look for social media handles.

Some of the features and templates need an in-app purchase, but the free templates are also one the best. Any creative brain with perfect knowledge of composition and content creation can use this app to make some stunning stories.


As evident from the name, it’s solely made for the purpose of making stories in your social media handles and makes the stunning posts. The main purpose of the application is to make the interaction on social media handles more interesting and engaging in general and make the use of new trending tech in the first place.

Using this application, functions such as the QnA and other rating reactions can be made, to make the process of uploading the stories and status much more interesting in general.

It’s been seen that more of the engagement is on the post that allows the followers of a creator to interact with them and make them feel more connected than ever before.

The feeling of asking your favorite creator a personal question and getting the answer to them makes them much more connected and increases the chances to make the process of engagement much more interactive.

Highlight Cover

Highlight cover is one more application that makes the process of making the stories and highlights much easier.

It is the application that is mainly focused on creating highlights for your story and makes the best use of all the archive of many photos in their collection and has the maximum quality for creating a great quality covers for your highlights.

Another best feature of the application is that it allows and instructs the users on how to make a highlight cover without actually uploading the photos on the feed.

Having this application makes the approach of making the highlights and stories much easier.


If you are in a country where adding music to your Instagram stories is a problem then you can surely use the best apps for Instagram stories. The app allows all users to add the music in the stories and the highlights making the best use of its resources.

Allowing the use of music makes the software much better than any other application out there.

Another great feature that has been added in this software is the option to find the filters based on the trends, so you stay on top and do not lag off.

These features of making the stories and the feature of adding the music into that, make it one of the best apps for Instagram stories.

Lightroom Mobile

One of the best photo editing software on mobile devices that makes the best use of image processing and gives a ton of new features making it one of the most used mobile software for editing photos alongside Google Snapseed and PicsArt.

This application is mainly used to tweak the colors and make the photo much more vibrant and amazing than the common images or the original image which was taken on the cellphone.

It also has a feature to take the image in the RAW format and make the best use of all the color mapping and image processing to make the best pictures you could have ever got.

The community provides the best presets and filters and this thing makes the maximum effort to provide the best list of presets available on any other platform.

These all features combined together make the app the best apps for Instagram stories.


On the list of the best apps for Instagram stories, the name of VSCO is one of the most commonly used names and has made many appearances as one of the most used photo editing tools in the last couple of years.

The application is best known for its features that allow editing of the images specifically on the basis of the stories and aspect ratio related to it.

It has many presets and a great filter that makes the function of the application much better also provides the best distortion and retro-looking effects on the photos for the stories.

The vast number of features makes the application one of the best apps for Instagram stories making the maximum use of all its effects and filter.

Kamon Classic

If you like old photos and the nineties look on your photos to make them stand out from others you can very well use the Kamon Classic app.

In the list of the best apps for Instagram stories for making vintage images and the best in class effects for making the best retro-looking image in the stories and post of the social media sites.

Since polaroids made a come back in the market, the effects for making the images look more vintage on the Instagram Stories, and posts have become more common and hence this application is the best one of that.


In the list of best apps for Instagram stories, we have Unfold – one of the applications with the most used features to be created for the production of stories in the social media handles.

The images in this application make the best use of all the filters and preset been developed and provided at the start of every month.

Using Unfold we can make many new stories and posts using the imaging quality in the image making the use of the best filters and the presets.


Since sometimes adding multiple images to your stories may become the jumbled playground, Made is one of the best applications to make use of, for this purpose.

It allows adding multiple images in a story and similar to some of the above-given images, the best old school cinematic effects.

Made is one of the most elegant and simple apps for Instagram stories.


Last but not least from the list of the best apps for Instagram stories is Squareready. The sole purpose of this application is to make a new square white image to make the best image that fits the screen and makes the maximum use of the real estate on the screen.

The filter on this app makes it one of the best and makes the maximum use of all the images.

Using the app can make your social media handle look very very unique.


Adding stories to your social media handle has become one of the most common ways of socializing these days with all the updates being provided through the stories.

Being the temporary and not being on the wall forever always allows the creator to be more interactive and engaging in the contact with the followers and also makes the followers and friends more connected to the user.

As the popularity of stories has skyrocketed so has the apps related to it in the last few years. Many apps have come in the app store that completely makes the best of the real estate, editing power, image processing, and things making the image more suitable for temporary consumption.

The use of third-party solutions has become popular due to the vast amount of features they bring with them.

The list of 10 best apps for Instagram stories are:

  • Mojo
  • StoryArt
  • Highlight Cover
  • Prequel
  • Lightroom Mobile
  • VSCO
  • Kamon Classic
  • Unfold
  • Made
  • Squareready

The above-given list is of the best apps you can find for your mobile devices.

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