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Updated 2023: 5 Best Apps like Mobile Performance Meter to Earn Rewards!

With the increasing pace of technology and our dependence on smartphones in our lives, it has been very obvious that we know not only about the specifications like display, camera, and OS of the phone but also about the performance of the phone, and that how powerful it is.

Paying attention to whether our phone is giving a better performance or not or thinking about how to choose a smartphone with better performance makes sense today. We have brought to you some apps like a mobile performance meters to reduce your stress.

The better mobile performance basically refers to how well and efficiently the mobile works with the various apps and other components of the mobile, how much time it takes to open them, how does it perform memory management, and also how well does it use its power.

Today everyone is concerned about using mobile phones with better performance, but how can we check the mobile performance? There are various apps available on the Play Store, for measuring our mobile performance, and Mobile Performance Meter is one of the best among them.

What Is Mobile Performance Meter?

The Mobile Performance Meter is an app developed by Embee Mobile and is available on Google Play Store. This app gathers all the activity of your phone and gives you insights into your phone’s performance. The app is available free of cost to use and doesn’t irritate you with the ads.

Moreover, the reason behind its popularity is hidden in the fact that it lets you earn money for using your phone. Yes, that’s correct and not at all a scam. How about earning money just by using your phone as usual and taking part in some surveys? It sounds great, and indeed it is. Let us see it in the brief.

Why Is It So Popular?

As mentioned above, they pay you money for using the app, or simply for monitoring the activities on your phone. According to the company, they have paid out millions to the users last year itself, and that it is not a scam. You get money without doing anything extra or special on your phone.

You get certain meter points for using your phone every day and these meter points can be redeemed to get gift cards from famous brands like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Domino’s, Visa, and many more. You just need to make sure that the meter is running in the background

Earning points and getting converted or cash out them to the gift cards is actually very easy, and the only fact is that the longer you use this app on your phone, the more free gift cards you get. Besides this, they are other ways too, to earn these points here.

They provide various surveys to the users, taking which the users can get some extra points very fast. You need to enable the Survey Booster Service on your phone to use this feature, and whenever a survey comes, you would be get notified.

Now the question arises why after all, the company is giving its users the money? So, the money is in exchange for the data they collect from your devices. Do not worry about it, since it does not collect any personal data of yours and is safe.

What All The Data Does The App Collects?

Here is the list of data the company would ask from you-

  • Different apps you use- their names and types
  • Your phone call durations
  • Date, time, and the amount of the text shared
  • Battery Life of your phone
  • Browsing sessions duration of yours
  • Speed of the network while browsing
  • Your survey responses, if you have taken them

When you download and start installing it, the app asks you to grant some permissions, and also to answer some of the basic questions about you. And after that, you can use your phone just normally.

How Does It Work?

You must be curious about knowing how does this app work and what all do you need to know in order to use it in your full interest. Have a look over it.

The Mobile Performance Meter app gathers the data from the phone about how people use their phones, what all the apps and websites they visit and use, what is the network performance or the speed, etc and send these metrics to the largest research companies present in the market to analyze them.

Here you don’t need to worry about your data privacy as they don’t share any personal information like IDs or passwords with the research companies. Now after getting the data, the research companies analyze them, and based on the results, they find out about the mobile usage trends such as the network speeds, usage of apps and websites and their trends, etc.

These data are then sent to the mobile companies who use them to improve their product quality and also to add or remove the features as needed based on the provided trends. This helps them in planning better products in the future.

Besides these direct data from your phone usage, the app also collects data through various surveys called Survey Booster Service that they do from time to time. They send you a notification when any new survey comes. For taking those surveys and providing them with your opinion, they offer you extra points.

One more way to earn some rewards is that you invite your friends through the app and in place you get the extra bonus rewards for that. For more information about the privacy policy, you can check their Mobile Performance Meter Privacy Policy from here.

Similar Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter-

There are many other apps available in the market which provide a similar facility of earning various rewards like gift cards, vouchers, and even the real cash amount. Here is the list of five such apps like Mobile Performance Meter.

List of apps like Mobile Performance Meter-

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app created by Google where people can earn credits by participating and answering quick surveys. Users need to download the app from Google Play Store and answer some basic questions about themselves.

The app then starts sending the surveys to the users, usually once a week, to be taken but it may be more or less frequent. Whenever a relevant survey comes, users are notified on their phones, and after completing those surveys, users will get their credit.

Get Google Opinion Rewards

Common queries related to Google Opinion Rewards

How much can I earn from Google Opinion Rewards?

Firstly, we need to know that Google doesn’t run surveys by itself. These are governed by market researchers and therefore the survey frequency varies from time to time. So, it’s hard to predict the consistency of earning money from Google Opinion Rewards.

How does Google Survey pay in return for survey opinions?

According to Google Opinion Rewards,

Get rewarded with Google Play or PayPal credit for each one you complete. Topics include everything from opinion polls, to hotel reviews, to merchant satisfaction surveys.

2. Poll Pay

Similarly, the Poll Pay app also allows you to earn money with your smartphone. This app asks you to take part in different polls and surveys and give your opinion for which they offer you some money. You get the rewards as free PayPal Cash or as free vouchers also.

The free rewards through the Poll pay app include vouchers from many famous brands and companies such as – Amazon Gifts card, Netflix gift card, GooglePlay gift card, PayPal balance, etc. You just need to login to the app, complete the surveys or polls on your phone and exchange the balance you get for different gift cards, vouchers, etc.

You can earn more rewards such as free cash by inviting people to the app, for that you need to share your referral/invite code to the people. It is available for android as well as iPhone users.

Get Poll Pay on Google Play Store.

3. Media Rewards

Media Rewards is one such app that lets you earn many cash prizes for watching TV and listening to the radio. What they actually do is, have a tie-up with some of the world’s largest brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Pampers, Warner’s Movies, etc. They let the users be the parts of their advertisement and media research, hence getting paid by the advertisers through the app.

You need to take part in different types of surveys based on the advertisements you follow on our TV or radio. For that, the app needs your permission to access the mic and location of your device to match the audio codes in TV or radio advertisements. This would help these companies to improve their products and marketing.

Rest assured about the privacy of your data, as it does not record your audio and can not track voices. Also, the data such as your email address, etc will be stored only for up to 3 months and is used just for research purposes.

Get Media Rewards

How Much Can You Earn With The Media Rewards App?

The media rewards are based on media interactions like Television watch time, radio streaming. It means you need to stream these things and after streaming the advertiser gives you points. Later on, you can withdraw those points in the form of vouchers.

4. JunoWallet

This app is available on and is sold by Service LLC. It is available free for download and needs app permissions like disabling the keyguard, reading the user’s contacts, etc.

JunoWallet is a mobile rewards app that allows users to earn JunoCredits by performing some tasks such as playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, making calls or inviting friends, etc, which can be redeemed as various gift cards such as Google Play, Amazon, Nike, Domino’s, iTunes, Starbucks, etc.

You can use these gift cards to shop for or to share with someone.

Get JunoWallet.

5. Earn Cash & Money Rewards

This app lets you earn money in various ways such as – by listening to free music, participating in the surveys, trying out different free apps, games, watching short videos, inviting more people, shopping, and many more ways. Above all this app mainly focuses on free music.

This app is available free and offers cash backs, various gift cards, vouchers, etc for completing surveys genuinely, sharing shopping habits, and more. Once you get enough money to cash in, you can cash them out.

Get Earn Cash & Money Rewards

Is Mobile Performance Meter real or fake?

Very quickly, I will first condemn this statement that Mobile Performance Meter is fake or a scam. See, as I mentioned that these apps give you money by installing some apps and keep those apps installed on your smartphone. Now, the money they will give you can be in the form of points, and later on, you can withdraw those points in the form of bank deposits, e-wallet deposits, or in the form of vouchers.

Another point which we need to understand here is the points or the money you will going to earn from these Mobile Performance Meter is not in big amount, it is only a passive income source. You can only manage your small expenses.

Wrapping Up

There are many apps available in the market which can let you earn money for doing your usual works and filling surveys based on that. The Mobile Performance Meter is one of the best apps in this regard which lets the users earn various gift cards and vouchers in exchange for the user’s opinion. Here is the list of such apps as mobile performance meter which lets the users earn money, gift vouchers, and gift cards, etc.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. Poll Pay
  3. Media Rewards
  4. JunoWallet
  5. Earn Cash & Money Rewards

These apps collect the user’s data based on their activities on their phones and the different surveys they have taken part in. Using this information, they analyze the various trends, likes, dislikes of the users and what do they need to change in their marketing or products.

Sometimes they just send these data to the companies they are tied-up with to let them analyze these trends and hence making the users a park of their marketing or media research team. For this information, they pay users with various rewards. You can try some if you wanna earn some extra bucks in your free time.

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