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Avast Secureline VPN Review 2023 | Avail Free 7-Days Trial

Avast Secureline VPN is an Internet Security-related VPN service launched by cybersecurity product-making company Avast. In this article named “Avast Secureline VPN Review”, I will tell how worthful this VPN is for your day-to-day Internet-based activities.

About Avast Secureline VPN

Avast Secureline VPN is a VPN service provided by Avast. It provides Internet privacy by encrypting your Internet connection with a strong 256-bit AES encryption mechanism. In this VPN service, users have options to choose the VPN protocol. Options like you can choose from OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2 protocols.

You may familiar with Avast from their other products like anti-viruses for computers and mobile devices but today we are discussing their VPN product. So, in this Avast Secureline VPN review, we will see the features or services provided by this VPN to its user.

  • While surfing the internet on our mobile devices or computer devices, there will be a threat of data spy, so it hides your activities from your Internet provider, advertisers, employers, and more. With so many internet crimes you never know who can use your identity in any crime. And why it is necessary to hide your internet activities because when we are using the Internet we are actually sharing our IP address with other’s servers through our ISP and along with IP address we are also sharing other important details like demographic details, device details, etc.
  • We got it covered. As it encrypts your data so, you don’t need to worry about where you are using the Internet. Mostly, when we are at an outside place and we are using public wi-fi, then there is a threat of spying from an unknown hacker because we are not aware of that wi-fi connection. So, when you are your Avast Securline VPN stay safe wherever you are. You can use any public wi-fi and hotel wi-fi, etc. Your data and privacy are safe.
  • Many times you face this issue of a content block due to regional issues, but it will help you to unblock your blocked content so that your demographic area wouldn’t be any factor for content restriction. Let’s take an example if you are traveling across the world and in your free time you want to surf your favorite entertainment show, but the country in which you are currently staying has blocked that content, then, in this case, you can use Avast Secureline VPN to unblock it.
  • People think that if they use VPN then it cause slow speed but, in the case of Avast Secureline VPN, this is not the issue. They have servers in more than 50+ cities across the world so that you wouldn’t face any slow speed issues.

Plans and Pricing: Avast Secureline VPN Review

The plan and pricing of Avast Secureline VPN have been built for 1 month, 2 years, or 5 years. Under this duration, you can secure up to 10 devices with a single plan. This VPN can be easily usable on your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Android TV.

Key Benefits:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Secures up to 10 devices
  • Available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

Get a Free 7-day trial: Avast Secureline VPN Review

Yes, it’s true that we can’t trust anything so easily without any proof or demo. So, in this regard, Avast Secureline VPN provides you a 7-day free trial. The best part is there is no requirement for a credit card for this trial. And one thing more available here and these things is also for your satisfaction. I am talking about 30 days money-back guarantee. If you buy this VPN after a 7-days trial, but you feel unsatisfied then you can get your money back within 30 days period.

Steps to activate the 7-days trial:

  • Click the button below, first.

  • The installer will automatically start downloading.
  • Run the installer. And that’s it your 7-day trial will be automatically started.

Server Locations of Avast Secureline VPN:

Avast Secureline VPN has servers in more than 50 cities across the world.


Pros and Cons: Avast Secureline VPN Review

Avast Secureline VPN Review pros and cons - SocialMirror


  • Avast Secureline VPN has plans for multiple devices also. If you are planning for buying a VPN for the full family then you can adopt any plan because all plans can support 10 devices.. Another thing that you should know is that you can use this VPN on all your devices like a PC, Mac computer, or any Android or iOS device for up to 5 devices.
  • Available for your mobile device also. Some people think that using a VPN on mobile causing a slow down of mobile, but in the Avast VPN case you would not face this issue. And this feature is great if you’re traveling.
  • If we talk about its interface, it is easy to use. As you can connect with servers with few clicks. Also, it allows you to find the best and high-speed server near your current location.
  • Avast Secureline VPN has more than 55 server locations all over the world and the best part is these severs are not only in large numbers but placed properly across the world so, that you wouldn’t face any use if you are traveling abroad.
  • It provides you easy and simple setup and installation. It wouldn’t interrupt the functioning of your device. So, you don’t need to worry about lag-up, etc.
  • They provide you 24×7 customer support over the phone calls. And only a few companies there who provide support on the phone call.


  • As I above discuss this VPN is so easy to use and also gets easily installed in a few clicks. But you are a person who needs top-notch speed and security walls along with an easy interface, then you should change your plan.
  • If we talk about plan variety, then you will only have the option between time duration, there is no other plan available in between these. Another thing which, I observed that as you see they have plans for the duration of 1 year, 2 years and 3 threes, but there is no price difference between 2 years and 3 years plan. You are actually paying the same price for a 2 and 3-year plan. But it could be better if they provide more savings on a 3-year plan as compared to a 2-year plan.
  • Limited payment option only. Only a few cards are acceptable during payment.


It’s time to wrap up this Avast Secureline VPN Review. I tried to be simple while explaining details about Avast VPN. I covered almost every aspect related to Avast Secureline VPN from its introduction, plan and pricing, pros and cons, etc. I hope you like this review and if you are a little curious about this Avast VPN, then you should at least go for its free trial.

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