Best jobs for people with social anxiety

10 Best Jobs For People With Social Anxiety Disorder in 2023

When it comes to jobs for people with social anxiety disorder, you may think like how is it possible for someone who has anxiety disorder in public to get a job and work freely. Well, we live on a planet where many unusual things happen. Before proceeding further let’s just clear out what actually is a social anxiety disorder and how does it affect someone in getting a job.

The social anxiety disorder in a person means that he/she does not feel comfortable in public where there is a huge gathering. People with this disorder do not like to interact much with people and try to stay far from being social. They kind of develop a fear of meeting and talking to people in the public.

And due to this disorder, many people struggle in their daily jobs where they have to deal with a lot of customers.

People with social anxiety disorder can always seek mental help from therapists. There is no shame in having such disorders, it’s completely fine. All human beings are not the same. Everyone has their own characteristics and capabilities and such disorders cannot stop one from getting work or a job to make a living.

So let’s talk about some of the best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder. The jobs mentioned here are completely random, so please bear with me if I miss anything. Let’s start!

Jobs for people with social anxiety disorder


Librarian - jobs for people with social anxiety

A librarian can be one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety because a librarian has always to deal with persons in one-to-one communication and there is no fuss where a group of people can surround you and trigger your anxiety. The calm and quiet atmosphere inside the library is always soothing for people who do not like to interact much with the public. So yeah, the job of a librarian can be the best for anyone out there having fear of talking to people or have such a disorder.

Dog Walker

Dog Walker - jobs for people with social anxiety

Are you a dog lover? Do you want to earn some bucks while just roaming with your favorite species? If yes, then this job is best for you. I bet the people having fear of engaging and talking to others in public always looks for something which can soothe their soul by playing with some peaceful creatures. So the dog walker profile is one of the best suitable jobs for people with social anxiety.

Writer or Editor

Writer or Editor - jobs for people with social anxiety

People who fear talking too much to others in public have generally many thoughts and things buried inside them. It is not like they just hate talking in public, they are just unable to express themselves freely and openly. So what other thing other than writing their thoughts through books, online forums, blogs, etc. can be the best.

People with social anxiety can apply for the jobs of writers or editors as these profiles do not have to indulge much in the public out there, just speak through their pen or words. So yeah, writer or editor is one of the jobs that people with social anxiety disorder can look for.

Computer Programmer or Software Developer

Computer Programmer or Software Developer - jobs for people with social anxiety

When it comes to Information Technology, the first job or profile that comes into our head is a Programmer or Software Developer. Well, these profiles are the most reputed and competitive ones in the IT industry. Now why this is on my list?

Personally, I am also a software developer and I know how my work environment is. I just go to my office, sit in my cabin, do the daily tasks and bam move out. There is little to no social interaction even with my colleagues sometimes because everyone just minds their own business. And I personally like this, because I too don’t like to interact much with people which are not of my kind. So, this is also one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety.

PS: I do not have a social anxiety disorder. I just hate interacting much when I am at work. Apart from work, I do socialize with many people out there.

Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator - jobs for people with social anxiety

Similar to the IT industry, the data entry operator jobs are also one of the kindest jobs where you just do your given stuff and don’t give a damn about the society around you. All you need is to feed some daily data into the systems and manage them properly. The maximum number of people whom you have to talk to or report to are two – they can be your manager and supervisor.

Apart from that, just do your job. Talk or no talk that’s up to you and then you can go back home peacefully. So, this is also one of the best fits for someone having social anxiety.


Gardener - jobs for people with social anxiety

Not everyone needs to be technical. Some are just gifted with the creativity and passion flowing through their veins. Gardening is also a kind of art that requires a lot of creativity and hard work. Many government-operated parks, gardens, etc do need professional gardeners. Not only the government but many households do need them to fix their lawns and stuff.

The best part of this job is that the person has to interact with fewer people like the owner of the garden or just the authority operating it. Rest, the person can do the job peacefully in the hands of nature and always take a break from the hassle of crowded public life.


Translator - jobs for people with social anxiety

The translator is one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety. If anyone is comfortable and has knowledge of two or more languages, he/she can start a translation business on their own or get a job somewhere. The translation is not just limited to verbal only, it can be non-verbal also through the medium of social media, online acquaintance, or just a virtual assistant.

Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer - jobs for people with social anxiety

Art is also a language. It can be used to help people or society visualize the most common things from a very different and unique perspective. The job of a graphics designer will unlock these possibilities for you. And for someone having social anxiety fits best for this job as he/she does not have to interact with society much for this role.

The only thing needed for this job role is creativity and skills. Even if someone is not good enough at communication, it does not matter. What matters is how far your creative mind can take you on this designer journey.

Professional Truck Driver

Professional Truck Driver - jobs for people with social anxiety

Any commercial driving role is one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety. Drivers usually do not have to be much socially active in speaking. They just need to be aware of what’s happening around them and act accordingly. Many truck drivers in the USA earn a handsome fee for each delivery they make. And all they can do this by staying away from the fuss of society.

Vehicle Technician

Vehicle Technician - jobs for people with social anxiety

In this modern era, where everyone owns his own vehicle, the demand for mechanics or technicians has also increased. Vehicle technician is one of the best jobs for people with social anxiety as they have to deal with customers only and that too not more than one at the same time.

This job requires patience and a lot of knowledge about the field you are in. So if you are someone who loves to see through the hood and also don’t want to end up getting your brain eaten in public, this job can be the best for you.

Summing Up

So you see that there are a lot of opportunities even if someone has social fear. Many of the best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder we have already discussed above.

But let’s talk about how someone having this disorder can cure it. Well, everything is possible. The person can talk to a therapist and tell the problem openly and freely. There is always a solution for every problem. Slowly start talking to a group of people online and then in real life too. This will help in gaining confidence and eventually, the social anxiety will start disappearing.

Let me know in the comments section below that what are your thoughts on this. Have you been in such conditions or do you still face this anxiety in society? If you did overcome it, what challenges did you face. I will be more than happy to connect with you guys in the comments below.

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