8 Best PC monitoring software and tools [Free + Paid]

8 Best PC monitoring software and tools [Free + Paid]

Hello readers, in today’s topic let us talk about the top 7 best PC monitoring software and tools. As the organization grows and the technologies get advanced day by day we can make use of it to reduce the workforce. So let us get into the topic.

In technical terms, the system is considered as the layered stack, where the user software is at the top, the stack, system applications, and services are next to it. The operating system and firmware will be the next. The performance of these software elements needs to be monitored as an application stack.

Why system monitoring is essential

This system monitoring is considered to be important as this system monitoring does not fix problems but it leads to being more stable and reliable computer systems.

Monitoring the system typically includes installing management software on the device that is used to send alerts to a system administrator about the issues that the device is experiencing.

Having this information allows the administrator to view trends about the performance of a given system. This is used to assist in decision-making about additional resources or components that are necessary to assure that so it does not happen again. Monitoring allows the following

  • Proactive response
  • Data security
  • Data gathering

This is used to ensure the system is working healthy. Hence it is very important to monitor the system activities.

Software essentials for system monitoring

The monitoring activities need to cover the following priorities.

  • Constant availability
  • Intrusion detection
  • Data integrity
  • Attack mitigation
  • Security monitoring
  • Virus prevention and detection
  • Delivery speed
  • Preventative maintenance

Some basic system monitoring software tools

8 Best PC monitoring software and tools [Free + Paid]

The task manager is a good illustration of the basic activity monitoring information. It will show an indication of what processes are running currently and which consumes more resources such as the usage of CPU, memory, disk, and network.

Minimum system monitoring software capabilities

These are a few minimum system monitoring software capabilities to be considered.

  • Monitoring multiple servers
  • Monitoring range of server metrics
  • Monitoring applications
  • Automatic alerting you
  • Triggering actions in response to alerts
  • Collecting historical data
  • Displaying data
  • Reports
  • Customizable reporting
  • Easy configuration
  • Scalability

Top 10 Best PC monitoring software and tools

Besides having the best system monitoring software capabilities you can choose one of the tools or software, These are easy to use and install including the availability of documentation, community, and support. These tools and software provide continuous updates, improvements, and ongoing updates. Real-world problem-solving capability and robust feature set.

SolarWinds Server Health Monitor

This is a free and one of the best PC monitoring software. This tool will monitor the health, performance, and availability of up to 5 servers.

Few supported servers include Dell PowerEdge™, HP ProLiant™, and IBM eServer™ xSeries.

Few supported hypervisors are VMware vSphere® ESX Hypervisor and ESXi™ Hypervisor.

Once this SHM is installed, the configuration is simple. For each server, you need to specify the hostname or IP address and provide credentials like SNMP, WMI, and VMware. You can also adjust that polling interval.

The dashboard is used to display the overall performance of the monitored servers. You can click on the server to get its particulars. The sensors list will be displayed here, you will get more details by tapping on the sensor.

Datadog Infrastructure Monitoring

This is also one of the best PC monitoring software which is available free, it uses an alert mechanism to spot problems in the initial stages before they become a major disaster. They will not only look for hardware failure but also look for service level objectives.

It is composed of a series of modules. Apart from providing hardware monitoring of the Infrastructure monitor but also provides an application performance monitor unit for system monitoring.

This application performance monitoring includes root cause analysis that links through the infrastructure module. It will identify the performance problem and hardware capacity issue.

By enabling the Network performance monitoring module that allows identifying the traffic flows.

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

This is used to monitor your servers, devices, network traffic, and so on. PRTG will monitor mail servers, database servers, file servers, virtual servers. It uses SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, ping, ssh, REST APIs, and packet sniffing.

The tool will find many devices and servers via auto-discovery. Setting this tool is a bit complex.

The free version of the PRTG Network Monitor provides a well-stocked toolbox for monitoring a small network.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

This is a 30 days free trial software tool, it helps users to monitor server hardware and virtual servers from multiple vendors. It can also monitor multiple sites and cloud environments like Azure and Amazon Web Services so on.

The solar wind Orion will auto-detect the hosts and devices on your network. Once it starts monitoring and identifies a server running, it will check for node details to check the SAM display to monitor the node’s health data and performance.

ManageEngine OpManager

It is network management and one of the best PC monitoring software which also offers few versions of tools for free to the users. Setting up this OpManger involves multiple steps but it’s not that complex. Once you provide subnet and SNMP parameters, it will scan for the devices.

It helps users to monitor physical and virtual servers. The Server Top 10 will display top utilization and availability for the detected physical servers.

SolarWinds RMM

This provides a free trial for users. It allows users not only to monitor but also allows them to automate several routine maintenance tasks and implement automated responses to status alerts or malicious activity.

It also includes cloud resources into the monitoring system. The server monitoring functions keeps an eye on the capacity and utilization of CPU, memory, and disk space on each machine.

Site24/7 server monitoring

It is one of the best PC monitoring software that provides complete monitoring over the system such as visibility on the network, server, and application performance. This best suits one who runs virtualization.

This tool will also monitor Microsoft Hyper V and VMware, besides it tracks the activities of Docker containers.

This cloud-based system is location neutral, it does not require the management team to be located in the same location physically. The dashboard can be accessed through the browser or via an app on a mobile phone.


It has 30 days free trial period for testing. It is designed for Managed service providers. It is big than system monitoring that includes a large number of system administration utilities such as patch manager.

The Atera system will search through the client network and logs all the attached devices. It monitors the process for each device. It is a cloud-based service, it does not require any special software to be installed to use it.

This Atera also has a help desk that provides remote access and a chatting facility for technicians. The dashboard is made available for the web browser. There is also a yearly tariff, that would be cheap and best.


You can choose any of these best PC monitoring software. These free tools are so tempting and good to use. The paid ones provide you with the best usage.

Plan well before choosing software or a tool for monitoring as this will reduce your effort and save your time, besides preventing loss of income due to business or system failure.

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