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5 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners

Learning programming languages has been in the trend these days. Everyone wants to learn at least one programming language, irrespective of their field. But the question arises here is that among 700 languages programming languages, which are the best programming languages to learn?

With the advancement in technology, almost every day a new programming language is brought in the digital world with new and exciting features. The demand and popularity of these languages keep on changing with time.

We know the pain you go through while googling for the best programming languages to learn or while searching for how to start learning new programming languages. Don’t worry! We have got you covered no more googling required.

Here, we have tried to list the top five best programming languages to learn which you must know to become a good programmer. Not only this, but we have also covered proper order of learning new languages; in case if you are new to the coding world.

List of 5 Best Programming Languages to Learn

These programming languages have been in demand for the last few decades and can do magic once you master them.


Best programming language to learn py

In the list of Best Programming Languages to Learn, we are starting with Python. Released in 1991, Python has been ruling the programming world for the last few decades. It is widely used in software and web applications and is also the first choice for many programmers and data scientists working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Let’s see what amazing features of Python makes it stand out from the rest languages and makes it one of the best programming languages to learn.

  • Easy to learn because of it’s simpler syntax, hence of the most recommended languages for beginners.
  • Supports better code other languages, because of its mandatory indentation and white spacing.
  • It’s an open-source language and has a wide range of community support which increases its usability.
  • Based Object-oriented programming approach, thus making it suitable for large scale projects.
  • Extensive library support, supporting automation, mathematics, data science, and AI.
  • Also used as a scripting language for automation and testing purposes due to compatibility tools like Selenium.
  • Fast language with easy deployment.
  • It can be used for multiple applications like web, framework, and scripting applications.


  • It’s not suitable for mobile applications.
  • It consumes a lot of memory, due to extensive library support and complex data structure.
  • Limited access to the database as compared to other programming languages.

Undoubtedly, Python is one of the best programming languages to learn to remain well-versed with the current digital era. After all, it’s one most demanded languages even with its flaws.


best programming language to learn

JAVA has always been on the top of the list of best programming languages to learn for decades. Many programming languages came, but none could replace JAVA.

Let’s see what JAVA has to offer that makes it the first choice for many large-scale enterprises and one of the best programming languages to learn.

  • Easy and familiar syntax. Its syntax is similar to other languages like C, C++, etc.
  • Free and open-source, and thus can be used by anyone.
  • An Object-oriented language with features like polymorphism, inheritance, and data binding.
  • Platform-independent, ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’
  • It has an extensively rich library.
  • Has an automatic garbage collector, stack allocation, and memory allocation feature, thus providing the best memory optimization.
  • It provides a unique and easier multi-threading feature.
  • Highly secure language.
  • Provides a rich collection of APIs for networking, utilities, and database connectivity.
  • Very widely used for Android programming which is another reason for its popularity.
  • Stable and backward compatible language.


  • Higher run time compared to C or C++.
  • Consumes more memory, due dependency on Java Virtual Machine.
  • It doesn’t provide unsigned data types.
  • The absence of pointers leads to dynamic memory allocation.

Even these few limitations don’t overshadow the fact that JAVA is one of the best programming languages to learn due to its growing demand in the industry.


best programming language to learn

One of the most popular programming language for front-end development. It helps in designing dynamic and interactive web pages, thus improving user experience. Front-end design is almost thought to be incomplete without this client-side scripting language thus proving to be one of the best programming languages to learn.

Let’s go through some wonderful features of this language.

  • Easy to learn due to similar syntax as C or JAVA.
  • It does not need any software downloaded, can be written in a simple notepad and run using a client-side web browser.
  • Very fast and requires only a web browser to run, requires no compilation giving quick output.
  • Libraries of JavaScript, jQuery, have been developed to provide more interactivity for the web pages.
  • JavaScript can be used for both server-side and client-side scripting, with the help of NodeJS.
  • Highly versatile and dynamic language.
  • Regularly updated according to ECMA specification.
  • Rich functionality like functions and third-party add-ons provided.


  • Many users usually keep JavaScript disabled in their browsers which hampers its executions on the client’s machine.
  • No client-side security. Since it runs on the user’s machine, there is always a chance of malicious exploitation.
  • It can sometimes be interpreted differently by different browsers.

Due to its popularity in front-end development, it’s often known as “Programming Language of the Web”.

Summing up if you are interested in web development, JavaScript is one of the best programming languages to learn.


best programmming language to learn c#

Based on the .NET framework, it is usually used to build secure and robust applications. Developed by Microsoft, it’s a general-purpose programming language.

Let’s see what makes this programming language one of the best programming languages to learn.

  • Simple to learn, syntax similar to C and C++.
  • Used for multiple purposes like back-end programming, windows-client application, windows-server applications, games with the use of unity, distributed components, and much more.
  • Powerful and dynamic language for building scalable and robust applications.
  • Based on Object-oriented approach, thus better for advanced and dynamic programming.
  • Secured programming language. Its code can access only those memory locations for which it has permission, which is termed as ‘Type-safe’.
  • High-speed compilation and execution.
  • It has a rich library of in-built functions.
  • Portable language and provides cross-platform support.
  • backward-compatible language with automatic memory allocation and garbage collection for memory management.


  • It can be run only by the Windows-based server, as it is based on the .NET framework.
  • Not free; it needs to be purchased.
  • Needs to be compiled after every change, thus resulting in slower performance.

To sum up the popularity of C#, you will get many other alternatives to this language, but it is counted among the best programming languages to learn since some of its features can even surpass powerful language like JAVA.


best programming language to learn R

Next in the list of Best Programming Languages to Learn, we have R. It’s the most popular language for data analysis, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Machine learning, many times even surpassing Python.

Let’s put light on some of the powerful features of this language.

  • Open-source and free tool.
  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • It provides a large library and packages for graphical design, data visualization, statistical and mathematical computing, and in-built for ML algorithms.
  • It gives faster results, as it is an interpreted language and not compiled.
  • It provides compatibility with SQL and Big Data; along with data platforms like Hadoop.
  • Easy integration with other software, frameworks, and languages.


  • For handling data, it uses a large part of memory as compared to Python.
  • Usually not used with web applications due to its lack of security.

R is mainly advisable for those who are interested in the field of AI or Data Analytics. A general programmer or a web developer can go for many other options.

Where to start?

If you are a beginner programmer once you master in at least one of the programming languages, learning any other language won’t be too difficult for you. All these changes are just syntax, never the concept.

If you are a beginner, you can start with C or JAVA. C has been accepted as the universal language and learning it is quite easy. The advantage of starting your learning with C is that most of the languages have similar syntax. So, this makes learning other languages comparatively easier.

Well, you can also start with JAVA but sometimes the OOPs concepts are difficult for those new to programming. Then you can move to Python or C# or any other .NET framework.

Before moving to JavaScript, make sure you know the basics of HTML and CSS. Without them, you cannot design a web page. Once you’ve mastered these languages, then you can jump to any other language as your concepts would be clear.

Editor’s Choice: Which programming language should I learn in 2020?

So, in the above section, we have covered some of the best programming languages to learn. Now here in this section, we have covered, the best programming languages in 2020 according to the editor’s view, which you should learn first.

If you think of learning a programming language, you must have it in your mind to find such a programming language that is easy to learn, has a good market value, and can help you earn well. We have listed down the best programming languages in 2020, that would serve your every expectation.


Python is the first name anyone would suggest because of its functionalities and popularity. Undoubtedly, it Is the best programming language in 2020 to go for. Why so? Have a look-

  • Since Python is fast, easy to learn, use and deploy, easily scalable, it gives almost all the functionality in one place. So, the leading companies such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, etc are all built on it.
  • It is so versatile that it can be used for developing front end as well as back end applications. It is also used in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and IoT, etc. It can use any – procedural, functional, or object-oriented programming styles.
  • It has been continuously in-demand from the past several years with no decline in its trend worldwide. Plus it has huge community support.
  • To top of all this, Python is an open-source programming language.

I think these are enough reasons to prefer Python over any other programming languages today. (of course, we are not denying the fact JAVA is also among some of the best programming languages, but after python)

Download Python.


Now as we have seen all the great features and reasons to keep Python as our first priority, what next? Although Python can get your ambition fulfilled to many extents if you want to learn more and excel in the programming world, you can go for JavaScript.

  • Since you have already got Python for back-end, why not excel in front-end applications also. To learn JavaScript, you must have at least some knowledge of HTML and CSS. It will make your work easier.
  • JavaScript is the best programming language in 2020 for developing front-end applications. It’s mainly used to make the front-end design, interactive hence making webpages dynamic.
  • Using this single language you can work on both server-side and client-side scripting so it is also highly versatile. Also the most important thing, it has been ranked as the most trending and popular programming language.
  • It has been the base for writing many high-quality frameworks such as React, React Native, Angular, etc as there front end has been written in JavaScript.
  • It is a very user-friendly language and anyone would love it for their work. Also, it gives you a lot of job opportunities as it is always in demand.

Online JavaScript editor.

Editor’s Advice: Which programming language is best for the future?

We have seen the best programming languages in 2020 to learn and earn a lot. But have you noticed that with the advancement of technologies in today’s world, everything is changing so fast?

And to be the best in our field, we should constantly move and update ourselves with the time. It may happen that the language or technologies we learn today would go out of trend soon.

Why not do some research over such technologies that proved to be the best in the future too. Here we are mentioning in this section about such technology which can come in trend or would remain in the trend as they are today.

As from the current trend, we can say Python, Java, and JavaScript are not going out of the market at least for some upcoming years. So yes, you can stick to them. But there are some languages which are emerging as good options. Let us see-


Swift is based on Python and is used to develop iOS applications. It has been introduced by Apple in order to replace Object C for its Mac and iPhone.

  • As we are seeing, how the iOS-based devices such as Apple devices, are getting popular day-by-day in the market, it is very likely to merge as one of the best programming languages in the coming years for developing iOS-based apps.
  • Talking about its features, it is simple, safe, and easy to learn but provides high developer productivity. It is pre-compiled and a powerful language.
  •  It can be used in the iOS-based app development, Client-side development, System Programming, IoT and also Deep learning.
  • It includes automatic memory management and a better code sharing feature. It is also very fast compared to other programming languages like Objective C.


Also known as Golang. It’s a programming language developed by Google and was released in March 2012. It is used by a lot of companies that work on distributed systems. If you want to master core systems can go for it.

  • It is easy to learn with cleaner syntaxes and no ambiguities, and a secure language, ideal for building single-page applications.
  • It is pre-compiled to machine code and hence works very fast. It also includes a vast standard library with a lot of inbuilt functions.
  • Go provides excellent multithreading support and is suitable for web servers, web applications, and APIs.
  • It is ideal for developing complex applications with the excellent feature of concurrent programming.

There are some more languages like SCALA, Java 8, MATLAB, etc which we can consider learning.

Where to Learn?

After knowing all about the best programming languages in 2020 to learn, you may be thinking from where should you start learning. No worries! everything is available online for you.

There are plenty of platforms available online to learn these languages both free and paid. We would suggest you go for the best platforms that provide better guidance as well as good amount of hands-on to try.

To name some of the best online learning platforms, here is the list-

Conclusion: Best Programming Languages to Learn

Among the range of around 700 Programming Languages, we have listed 5 best programming languages to learn as a beginner.

For the Data Analysis and AI:

  • Python
  • R

They provide simpler syntax, open-source language fast language with easy deployment. Extensive library support, supporting automation, mathematics, data science, and AI, Cross-platform compatible.

For Learning Concepts and Logic:

  • JAVA
  • C#

Simple to learn, syntax similar to C and C++, Object-oriented language, Portable language and provides cross-platform support.

For Web Development:

  • JavaScript

Easy to learn due to similar syntax as C or JAVA, Very fast and requires only a web browser to run, Highly versatile, and dynamic language.

Best programming languages according to the Editor-

  • Python
  • JavaScript

Best programming languages for future-

  • Swift
  • Go

Best Online Learning Platforms-

  • Code Academy
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Coursera
  • MIT OpenCourseWare

So let’s know where you are starting from and gain the knowledge in the comments below. With these words, I am wrapping this article “Best Programming Languages to Learn”. And for more interesting article save socialmirror in your bookmark.

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