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10 Best Self Care Apps to take care of yourself in 2023

Self-care is one of the most important things one has to be concerned about. These are the few best self care apps that help you to take care of yourself. If you are feeling down, depressed, stressed, or lacking motivation, then these apps can make you feel better.

Self-care differs from person to person. Some would like to take a break from their routine and go on vacation, few go to the gym, few like to sleep for hours, and so on. The main thing is that you need to spend some time for yourself and feel better.

Here we have sorted some of the best self care apps that you can use to take care of yourself.

Top 10 best self care apps

As in this 21st century, the usage of gadgets and phones is one of the easiest ways to relax. So many self care apps have been developed for user convenience.

Headspace App

self care apps - Headspace App

You can find this app in the google play store. Most people may feel stressed due to work from home, people who are working for a long time like to have a break. The Headspace app guides them to get relaxed from their work with meditation or another set of activities.

This app also allows kids to get in to practice meditation for ages five and under, six to eight, and nine to twelve. This app helps you to stay positive and mindful. It is the most extremely used apps.

Inner hour App

self care apps - Inner hour App

It is common for people to feel sad or low when they fail to reach their goals or when their plans get ruined. This inner hour app helps you to bring your spirits back and make you feel elite.

According to psychologists when one starts to love his self and accept the way he/she is will always help you to be happy. This inner app provides six therapies for depression, anxiety, sleep, stress, anger, happiness.

Calm App

self care apps - Calm App

This clam app helps the users easily deal with anxiety, stress, and so on. Helps you to give restful sleep with meditation, breathing programs, bedtime stories, pleasant music, and many.

These meditation sessions are of length from 3 to 25 mins, users can choose anything comfortable. To get many benefits from this app then you get paid subscriptions.

Happify App

self care apps - Happify App

This App allows you to relax by playing games, This is designed to build your self-confidence levels and improve internal happiness with help of a few activities and tasks. 

They designed science-based activities and games to overcome negative thoughts and build greater resilience with effective tools and programs to make their users emotionally strong.

Fooducate App

self care apps - Fooducate App

Staying fit and healthy is important too, this app allows users with calorie counter, diet plan, exercise tracker, and so on. 

Their latest training also includes Zumba, yoga, martial arts, and so on. This app helps you to keep track of your food habits and helps you to stay healthy.


self care apps - Shleep

Sleep is very much important for a person to stay healthy, a person must sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day.

This app allows users to monitor their sleeping hours based on their convenience. This helps their users to get better sleep with ease patterns.

Nike training club App

self care apps - Nike training club App

In the current situation, it is not recommended to go to the gym, this app provides you a better way to work out at home and stay fit. They provide the workout plan without equipment or with minimum.

It helps you to boost your mind, provide some yoga training, it helps you to stay active at home. It helps you to stay flexible and healthy.

Loop Habit Tracker App

self care apps - Loop Habit Tracker App

This app is designed to be user-friendly and it provides a good interaction even for the new users. This app also supports the older versions. 

The repetition of habits makes it stronger and when missed it will be weaker. It helps you to maintain complex schedules thrice a week or almost every day. You can also set reminders for your habits so you will not miss them.

Chiku App

self care apps - Chiku App

This Chiku app helps you to focus on track of mood and monitor your daily events. It acts as a personal diary where you can write about your feelings where you can store your memories for a lifetime.

This app provides you mental health score, which helps you to stay elevated. This app also motivates users to achieve great things in life.

Sparkle App

self care apps - Sparkle App

This Sparkle app acts as a journal for your self-care activities. It allows users to create a checklist for all the things that makes one happy. It helps you to track and maintain your habits.

It helps you to take care of your mental health, motivates you with daily quotes, also allows you to set reminders for your work. It allows users to maintain a journal where they can record happy moments.

All these self care apps help you to stay healthy and find inner peace. These apps make you feel peaceful and relieved from your stress and anxiety. This apps helps you to find happiness in your life.

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