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How to Control Phone from PC – 2023 Best Complete Guide

Trouble handling your phone with the PC? We have brought you a complete guide about how to control phone from PC and vice-versa. Get all the information here and work smartly.

How to Control Phone from PC:

At times, you might have fallen in a situation where you are busy working something important with your PC and suddenly, you get an important call or a text, or simply you just need some data from your phone.

There may be the case when your phone is not just beside you, or it is discharged but you need it urgently. In all these scenarios, you either end up losing focus on your work or simply wasting your time.

What if, I say there are ways to save you from these situations and make your life easier? You heard it right! With all the advancements in technology, it’s possible to do so. Let’s find out the various ways to fulfill this idea.

Various applications give you this facility. Also, you have some other ways like- using wired as well as wireless media through which you can achieve this. Let’s have a look.

Before starting the massive list of applications we would like to mention that none of the reviews is paid and the list is curated purely based on our reviews.

Various Applications that help to Control Phone from PC

These applications help you get various mind-blowing experiences like- playing android games on a bigger screen, transferring large files from mobile phones and managing them, accessing phone’s camera, taking screenshots and what-not.

Listing out some of the best applications to control phone from PC for different purposes:

  1. Scrcpy
  2. Vysor
  3. AirDroid
  4. Airmore
  5. Xender

We will be covering the below-mentioned details about these applications:

• Short description of the app functionality

• Key features

• How to use

• Download link


Scrcpy, probably the short form of “Screen Copy”, is an app that enables you to mirror an Android screen in a window (Windows/ macOS or Linux) i.e. you can see your phone’s screen right there on your PC.

Not only this, but you can even interact with your phone from your computer using a keyboard and mouse, using this app. Sounds cool, isn’t it? It’s a great app to control phone from PC.

This app can attract the Android app developers too, helping them test, debug, install .apk files from the desktop for use and much more. With so many features, this app comes free of cost, adding a plus point to use it.

control phone from pc scrcpy

Bundling up the key features of Scrcpy:

• Open source.

• High resolution mirroring of phone’s screen.

• High performance.

• Low latency.

• Fast start-up.

• Real-time interaction.

• Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

• Handy for Android app developers.

How to use:

Note:- Make sure you are using at least Android 5.0

1. Download Android SDK tool and set it up in the root directory of your computer.

2. Enable the “Developer option” from your phone’s Settings under “System” option.

3. Enable the USB debugging option.

4. Plug your phone into your system using USB.

5. Download the zip file for Scrcpy from Github (Link mentioned below) and extract it.

6. Set up the ADB access for your PC.

7. Open command prompt/terminal inside the extracted folder.

8. Write “scrcpy” and hit the Enter button.

9. For any help regarding command-line arguments, run “scrcpy –help” command.

Program will run until the phone is connected to your PC.

Get the Link HERE!


Vysor is one of the most popular tools that helps you to control phone from PC. There are two ways to use Vysor. One is “by using chrome” and the other is “As a dedicated desktop app”.

As chrome is available on almost every OS, using it on a PC, Mac, ChromeOS, etc becomes so handy. But if you’re not so interested to use it through chrome, the desktop app is just for you.

Vysor is available both free as well as a paid edition. With paid Vysor edition, you get a lot more features and better performance than the free one. For instance, you can use wireless support only in the paid edition.

control phone from pc vysor

Bundling up the key features:

• One of the most popular tools for handling android from PC.

• Can be used in two ways- As a desktop app and using chrome.

• Paid as well as free editions.

• Provides full-screen mode.

• High quality mirroring.

• Ability to share a single android device with multiple users.

• Works pretty fast.

How to use:

For using through browser:

• Go to the developer option in your phone

• Enable USB debugging option there.

• Download ADB for Windows.

• Get Vysor for Google Chrome (link given below).

• Launch the program Click OK to allow the connection.

• Plug-in the USB cable.

• Select the device and start mirroring.

For using as a Desktop App:

It’s pretty simple and easy to use this as an app.

• Download the app for desktop-like Windows/Mac/Linux (Link is given below).

• Install it.

• Open and connect with the device.

Get the link HERE!


AirDroid is an almost free and fast android app that helps to manage your phone from your computer remotely. It comes with a lot of features which makes it popular in this field. It’s a good app to control phone from PC.

Like Vysor, AirDroid can also be used in two ways. One as a chrome extension while the other as a dedicated desktop app making it more versatile for use.

Although a lot of functionality here is free, you need to pay some amount of money to get full access to the properties in the app and removing ads. Don’t let your heart sink as the cost for this is way less than the other apps.

control phone from pc airdroid

Bundling up the key features:

• Paid as well as free (based on properties).

• Available as a chrome extension as well as a desktop app.

• File transfer limits up to 30mb.

• Can mirror the screen, keyboard, and mouse.

• Can send notifications for the incoming calls and messages.

• Can upload files through a control panel.

• Can find the phone if you lose it by enabling Find phone feature.

How to use:

• Download the AirDroid app from the link given below.

• Install it.

• Or simply visit “” on your PC.

• Sign in to your AirDroid account and start using it.

• Add your phone to your AirDroid account.

Get the link HERE!


The next name which comes in the list is “AirMore”. AirMore is an app that helps mainly to transfer the different files like videos, photos, music, etc between mobile devices and a PC, wirelessly.

The app supports Android as well as iOS. It enables organizing the images day or month-wise making it easy to find, download and delete them.

AirMore enables us to manage contacts, send multiple messages at once and even make a call to the contacts. The one drawback you will find here is that you cannot end the call directly from the computer.

control phone from pc airmore

Bundling up the key features:

• Easy transfer of different files between phone and computer.

• Supports both Android as well as iOS.

• Organizes images day and month-wise.

• Manages contacts.

• Manages files both in phone memory as well as SD card.

How to use:

Note: Make sure both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. There are several other ways too for the connection but we are mentioning the simplest one here.

• Get the app on your phone and open it. (link is given below)

• Visit to the website “” on the browser.

• Click on “Radar” to use the radar method

• Choose the “Accept” button to establish the connection.

• Allow the app by clicking the device to which you need to connect.

Apple Store Link HERE!

Google Play Store Link HERE!


Among all the apps mentioned above, I think “Xender” is the most familiar name. It’s a great app with a wide range of features extending the boundaries.

Xender does almost everything for you, which you would need to control phone from PC (only basic tasks like checking messages and gallery of phone). Talking about the features, it can transfer almost everything varying from files, photos, music, videos to the different apps.

The transfer can be between two androids or from android to different other devices like a PC, Mac or iOS-devices. To connect to a PC, you need to allow Connect PC mode that will help you see every file from your phone storage.

control phone from pc xender

Bundling up the key features:

• Very common

• Wide range of features.

• Can transfer data between Androids and from Android to PC.

• Costs no data usage for transferring between two phones.

• Can create a group of up to 4-devices for transferring.

• Can easily replicate a phone.

How to use:

• Open “” on your PC and select your device type.(get the link below).

• Download and open the app on your phone.

• Click on “Transfer” Select the device to which you want to transfer or connect.

• If transferring to a device other than android, choose QR code on your phone to scan.

• Now scan the code on your PC and connect.

Get the Link HERE!

There are so many other apps available for this purpose like TeamViewer QuickSupport, Connect Me, Tasker etc, which you can go for.

How to Control PC from Phone

Now you know everything how to control phone from PC. But can we go other way round and control PC from phone? Yes! We can.

Just think about a situation when your PC is not with you and you immediately need to access a file. Or when you’re lying on your bed and wish there was remote to control your PC just like you could do with your television.

Well, you can do all this through remote control. You can do anything with your PC, irrespective of its operating system, just through your mobile phone.

Similar to the process to control phone from PC, we can control PC from phone either by installing various applications or by using wired and unwired media.

Let’s have a detailed look at these applications and wired or unwired media used to control PC from phone.


Various Applications that help to Control PC from Phone

These applications provide remote control to your PC just by using your mobile phone. And the best thing is that remote control feature is available for all the operating systems, whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac.

We have listed below various applications used to control PC from the phone.

1. Google Chrome Remote Desktop

2. TeamViewer

3. Unified Remote

4. Splashtop

5. PC Remote

We will be covering the below-mentioned details about these applications:

• Short description of the app functionality

• Key features

• How to use

• Download link

Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

Launched by Google, it is probably one of the most widely used applications for remote control.

Using this application, you can view and control your PC from your mobile, laptop or any other PC. Once you install it in your system, you can access its corresponding app on your phone and control your PC.

Bundling up the key features:

• Free and open-source application.

• Can remotely control all operating system – Windows, Linux, and Mac.

• Is compatible with both Android and ios.

• Allows accessing everything from your PC, whether a simple file or administrative tool.

• Very fast application.

• Setup process is very easy.

• Has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

• Allows live screen sharing feature.

• Allows you to access your PC even from other laptops or desktops.

How to use:

• Go to the link provided below for the Chrome Remote Desktop website and click on the download arrow button at the bottom right corner of ‘Set up remote access’ pane.

control phone from pc google remote

• A new ‘Chrome Web Store’ window will appear. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

control phone from pc

• A new confirmation window will appear. Click on the ‘Add Extension’ button and wait for the extension to be installed successfully.

control phone from pc conf

• Go to the ‘Chrome Store’ and click on ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’.

• Then it’ll ask you to download and install the Windows package installer for the application. Just do as asked.

• Now, it will ask you for the desktop name. Enter the desktop name and click on ‘Next’ button

control phone from pc name

• Now choose a pin for your application and confirm it. Then click on the ‘Start’ button.

control phone from pc pin

• A pop up will appear asking you to allow the application to make changes to your application. Click on the ‘Yes’ button.

• Now, you need to install the Chrome Desktop application on your mobile phone. Link for both Android and ios has been given below.

• After the application is launched properly on your mobile, you can see your desktop name there. Select it and enter your pin and click ‘Connect’.

control phone from pc phone

• And you’ll be able to access your desktop now.

• To terminate the session, just click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ button.

Get The Links Here:

Download Chrome Remote Desktop here!

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for Android here!

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS here!



This is the most popular application in the field of remote control. It can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Like Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer too remotely controls your desktop through your mobile, laptop or any other desktop.

Let’s look at some great features of this application.

Bundling up the key features:

• Free in case of personal use but for commercial use, you need to pay

• Can remotely control all operating system – Windows, Linux, and Mac

• Is compatible with both Android and ios

• Great in terms of features and technology

• Enables file and data transfer

• Secured due to 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange

• Can access your system from anywhere in the world

How to use:

• Download and install TeamViewer application from the link provided below

• During setup, it will ask you about the type of installation you want. Choose accordingly and click ‘Accept-Finish’ button

control phone from pc tv

• TeamViewer will provide with default Id and password. But this Id is useful when you have your system with you.


• But here you have to access your system when you are far away from that. For that, you need an account and have to connect your computer to it.

• For that, click on ‘Computers and Contacts’ and click on ‘Sign Up’.

control phone from pc tv3

• Now, in the dialog box fill up the details and click on ‘Next’ button.

• In the complete wizard dialog box, click on ‘Finish’ button.

• Now, download TeamViewer application for your Android or ios from links provided below and launch the application.

• In the mobile application, click on ‘Computers’ button at the bottom.

control phone from pc tv4

• Now, login into the TeamViewer account

control phone from pc tvs 5

• Click on ‘My Computers’ where a list of all desktops will be shown connected to your account.

control phone from pc tv6

• Select your desired desktop name.

• Select the method by which you want to remotely access your system and you are all set to go.

control phone from pc tv7

Get The Links Here:

Download TeamViewer Application here!

Download TeamViewer for Android here!

Download TeamViewer for iOS here!

Unified Remote:

This application uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to remotely control your PC. But the major problem is that Chrome books or Chrome OS are not currently supported by it.

Though this app can be used for free you need to buy a paid version for more advanced features.

Bundling up the key features:

• Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.

• Compatible with Windows, Android or ios phone.

• Supports more than 90 programs by default.

• Has Wake-on-LAN support to wake up your PC remotely.

• Has built-in features for voice commands, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yun, infrared and NFC tools and many more.

• Has built-in control for using many music applications.

• Has features for screen sharing and file management.

• In the paid version, it gives features like control your PC while using other apps, widget support, voice commands, etc.

How to use:

• Download the application in your mobile through the link given below. It’s available for all – Windows, Android and ios.

• Now to download the server on your system, click the link below.

• Download the server setup.

• Open the downloaded setup and press the ‘Run’ button.

• Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

• After the successful installation, the server will start automatically.

• Now open the application in your mobile and it will guide you through the steps of connecting to your system.

• Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network or paired through Bluetooth.

Get the links here:

Download Unified Remote Server for Desktop here!

Download Unified Remote for Android here!

Download Unified Remote for iOS here!


Previously known as Splashtop remote, it is another popularly used application for the remote control to control PC from mobile and laptops.

Just like TeamViewer, this too allows both free and paid versions. It has a lot of amazing features which makes it so popular in remote control world.

Bundling up the key features:

• Can be used for free

• Has an amazing screen refresh rate.

• Has great audio and video capabilities.

• Can be used for personal, business and enterprise use.

• Has a special feature to bring the classroom alive for the education industry.

• For business purpose, a monthly subscription is available, unlike TeamViewer where only yearly subscription is possible.

• Compatible with all – Android, ios and Windows phone.

• Supported in Windows, Linux, and Mac and Chromebooks operating systems.

• Secured due to encrypted session with TLS and 256-bit AES.

• With Splashtop personal, maximum of 5 computers can be accessed remotely.

How to use:

The installation process of Splashtop is very easy and can be done in just three easy steps.

• Download the Splashtop personal app in your mobile device from the link given below

• Now download the Splashtop Streamer for Windows or Mac PC operating system you want to gain access to

• Now, create a Splashtop account in your PC

• From the same account, log in into both the places

• Once logged in, you can easily access your PC from your logged-in mobile device

Get the links here:

Download the Splashtop Personal and Streamer app here!

PC Remote:

This application is used for remote control in Windows operating system. It uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity to take remote control to your PC.

Let’s look at some amazing features of this application which makes it so popular to be used for remote control in Windows

Bundling up the key features:

• Easy to install and connect

• Free and open-source application

• Lightweight application as its server-side desktop program is of 31 MB

• ‘Remote Desktop’ feature helps in viewing screen in real-time and take control

• All important features like the mouse, keyboard, Microsoft Office is available

• Has an in-built FTP server called ‘Data cable’ to access files from your PC to Phone

• Allows you to access all drives of your system

• Has much classic game in the console which can be launched on PC and played using a game controller in this app

• Has several layouts for gamepads which allows you to make your own game

• Compatible with both Android and ios

How to use:

Firstly, you need to enable remote connection on your Windows

• In the control panel, go to ‘System and Security’

• Then click on the ‘System’ tab

• In the left pane of the Windows, click on ‘Advanced System Settings’

• In the System properties, click on ‘Remote’ tab

• Under the “Remote Desktop” section, check the ‘Allow Remote Connections to this computer’ option button.

• Now check the ‘Allow Connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication’ checkbox

• Click on ‘OK’ button

• Then click on the ‘Apply’ button

• Finally click on ‘OK’ button

• To enable remote desktop, go to ‘Settings’, and click on ‘System’

• Now, go to ‘Remote Desktop’ and turn on ‘Enable Remote Desktop’

• Click on ‘Confirm’ in the dialog box

• Under ‘How to connect to this PC’, note down the PC name carefully

To connect to your PC remotely, follow the below steps

• Download PC Remote application in your mobile through the link given below

• On your desktop, search for ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ and select ‘Remote Desktop Connection’

• Now type the name of the PC (in the previous step) and click the ‘Connect’ button

• On your mobile, launch the application

• Again, type the name of your PC and add it

• Select the remote PC name you added

• Now, you will be connected to your PC within few minutes

Get the links here:

Download PC Remote for Android here!

Download PC Remote for iOS here!

We just gave you a glimpse of a few applications used to control PC from the phone and to control phone from PC as well. There are many more such applications in the remote control world for this purpose.

Advantages to Control Phone from PC and vice-versa:

This feature to control phone from PC remotely has made our lives so easier, especially in the case of business purposes.

• It saves time as well as money as an alternative of getting the data in person.

• Makes the business a more agile way.

• Easy access to data whenever and wherever needed.

Security risks to Control Phone from PC and vice-versa:

With all the advantages of accessing the system remotely, there are some risks too which we should know and keep in mind so that we can do the measures to avoid them.

• Accessing permissions is a tough job especially for small companies while remote use of your device.

• Outdate web Protection can be a measure issue for cyber attacks.

• While sharing your device access, you have no control over the data which can be accessed during remote access.


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