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Cybersecurity Scholarships To Brighten Up Your Career – Educational Guide For Students 2023

Cybersecurity is a field that has been in the growth of being the most developed over the years. Along with the advancements and modifications the interest in the field of cybersecurity has gained the maximum and has become exponentially over time. Hence cybersecurity scholarships have become one of the best ways to learn it.

The news of cyber attacks and cyberbullying have become some of the most common news over the internet, and all the social media sites and hence people become more interested in the field of cybersecurity not only to know what it is,  how it happens, and the minors but also how to safeguard ourselves from such attacks.

In the age of this advanced development of the internet and the coming of the new internet-related devices in the market like IoT devices, it is very mandatory to learn how the internet works and how to safeguard ourselves on the largest playground of the world.

Are you searching for Scholarships in cybersecurity? What scholarships are available for cybersecurity students, working professionals, and Women too? Do you fit for that scholarship? What makes you get qualified for a scholarship?  To find the answers please go through this article.

The demand for Cybersecurity is growing day by day, businesses are willing to spend more in this field and so, many scholarships are awaiting. There are many companies nowadays like Facebook and even Google who are recruiting the personals with the interest of Cybersecurity to make the internet company a giant success in cybersecurity and become the best in the game.

The following are some of the opportunities for cybersecurity scholarships around the world.

Some Of The Well-Known US Scholarship Websites

cybersecurity scholarships america


    Getting a Scholarship is not very easy or the scenario everyone can handle. Even being a bright mind may not be the only reason to get scholarships from many institutes and colleges. However, we have this great website

    The highlight of the site is that it allows everybody and anybody to gain the advantage of having a scholarship without having discrimination of any form. Anyone from any background and any path of education can go and look for a scholarship here.

    The ease of use of this website is one of the best, it is as easy as enrolling with a free account. You just need to enroll and then the site would create a list of scholarship that gives the maximum benefit to you based on your knowledge.

    The universities here are also great and you would surely like to have scholarships from universities like San Diago State University and the University of Denver.


    Unlike the other sites, this site makes the clear advantages of making contact between you and the colleges providing the scholarships to you. It acts like a communicator or a mediator between the students and the university. If the information provided by you is best suited, you can get a chance to get the cybersecurity scholarship from the given website and a reputed university.

    Apart from being very helpful, they are very reliable and have been featured in the news like that of CNN, today, and ABC News.


    This is quite a good website if you are a student and are looking for a scholarship in The United States of America. This website makes the student directly connect to the colleges and hence leaves the financial problems just a minuscule part for getting educated.

    As very much evident from the name, it is mainly focused on the likes of students more than the other strata of the population and makes the future of most of those students bright who want to make something big in their future and financial problem is the only thing stopping them.


    Heaven for international students looking for scholarships in the United State of America, is the best website for you. This website allows the students to make use of scholarships from online courses as well.

    So people have the benefits of being a good student and make the maximum advantage of the website.


    This website allows people to manage the type of scholarships and can even be used to get education loans from American universities and loan companies depending upon matching the eligibility through the profile you have created.

Apart from these websites, there are many others but these are well-known and trusted sites. You need to create an account to use these sites.

How To Get Qualified For Such Scholarships

One cannot get the scholarships so easily. All scholarships have some criteria to choose a qualified person. Some scholarships are used to encourage talented people from low-income backgrounds. It is better to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not, some may consider your percentage, ethnicity, location so on. If you are looking for scholarships in these areas but you don’t meet the eligibility then you can just move on.

Beyond the basic requirements for eligibility, you will also be judged subjectively competing with other candidates who applied for scholarships. You can also include extracurricular activities that you have done to show your commitment to cybersecurity or technology.

UK and Europe Degree Apprenticeships

cybersecurity scholarships europe


    Contrary to the common sites, this website allows the users not only to find the appropriate scholarship but also provides the option to find the jobs with the appropriate qualification. This is an overall human resources website for all kinds of work and general-purpose work like job hunting, internship search, Scholarships, and college comparisons.


    This is also among one of the great websites that allow people to select from many options. The other option that this site allows is having advice on careers, look for jobs, scholarships, and also with internships on the site. These types of websites are more common in the UK where overall membership is about overall development rather than just looking for the scholarship.

  • Gov.Uk/apply-apprenticeship

    This website is more often used for complete European apprenticeship and by this method, people are allowed to look for opportunities for making the effort for finding the scholarships in Uk as well as some other countries.

It provides you a balance between full-time work and part-time schooling and gives you a chance to earn while learning.

Cybersecurity Scholarships For Graduate And Undergraduate Students

To help you we have listed some of the links for scholarships for graduate and undergraduate people offered by some institutions and government.

cybersecurity scholarships all around

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program

This navel research enterprise internship program is available for graduates who seek a degree in fields like cybersecurity, Information Technology, Computer Networking, or related field of study. Students will study and work in the department of the navy during the summer months of the program. They will be introduced to new technologies and career opportunities with the US Navy. The deadline is November 1st and the award would be $11000, the number of awards will be 733.

Graduate Information Security Scholarship

Harmony tech is providing the graduate information security scholarship. The award is $10,000 for students enrolled in cybersecurity programs and information assurance.

Cybersecurity Public Service Grant

This cybersecurity public service grant is available for the people of Virginia who are majoring in cybersecurity and the field of technology. The deadline varies, The award would be 20000$. For more information follow this link –

New Zealand Scholarships For International Students

The University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University New Zealand are providing scholarships. Undergraduate, Ph.D., Bachelor, Masters, Postgraduate are eligible for this scholarship. For more information visit this site-

Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

This program is provided by ESET and is applicable for graduates and undergraduate women who are pursuing a Cybersecurity course or others related to the technology field. The award would be 5000$ and the deadline for this would be APRIL 15th.

Cybercorp Scholarship For Service

Cybercorp is a scholarship offered by the United States government. This scholarship is merit-based and the criteria at each school vary. So you are advised to contact the coordinator early on to establish your qualification. For more information, you can follow  Guide to the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service. The award amount would be 25,000$ for undergraduates and 34,000$ for graduates, plus 6000$ for professional allowance.

Department of Defence smart scholarship

This program will provide tuition fees, stipends, book allowance, and summer internships. The award money may vary. The applicant must be 18 years old, a citizen of the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. The applicant must be currently enrolled at an accredited school. The applicant should submit a recent transcript, resume, and application essay. For more information follow this link –

ISSA Education Foundation Scholarships

This program offers an award amount of 2000$ – 3500$. The applicant must be enrolled full-time in an information security-related program at an accredited university. Check this link for further information

(ISC) Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships

The women’s cybersecurity scholarships are designed for women looking to enter the field. The scholarship offers up to 40,000$ for graduate and undergraduate women pursuing a degree. The eligibility criteria are similar to other scholarships.


In today’s world, we see many network and cyber attacks for a long time on the internet and people for the same reason have gained an interest in learning more and more about cybersecurity and threats related to internet security.

So now we have brought to you the links and specialty of sites that allow the people to get cybersecurity scholarships within your location or based on your experience.

For the US we have:


Now for the people living in the UK and Europe too, we have got covered:

  • Gov.Uk/apply-apprenticeship

Apart from these, we have some other kinds of sites where we have options for people who belong to different geographical areas or belong to different kinds of backgrounds.

Here we have.

  • Naval Research Enterprise Internship program
  • Graduate Information Security scholarship
  • Cybersecurity Public Service Grant
  • New Zealand Scholarships for International students
  • Women in cybersecurity scholarship
  • Cybercorp scholarship for service
  • Department of Defence smart scholarship
  • ISSA Education Foundation Scholarships
  • (ISC) Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships

These sites and programs provide the privilege of cybersecurity scholarship with the ease of money control and thus make the problem of learning Cybersecurity easier.

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