habits to increase confidence

5 Daily Habits to increase confidence

Hello Everyone! Today we are gonna talk about the habits which will help you to “increase confidence”.

As we know that, Confidence comes from belief in your own experience, skills, and ability .”Can I do this? ” to “I can do this” there is an exchange of words only but these lines can show your confidence level. In this world, There were fewer people only who were born with confidence. Confidence is not a fixed characteristic, it’s an ability which is needed to be developed by yourself and improved over time.

In Today’s generation, Whether it’s your private life or professional life, to be advance in both lifestyles, you need to be and feel confident. Confidence is not an easy thing to achieve immediately, it needs to come from within which takes practice and it means changes in your daily life habits and behaviors. There are a lot of ways to build confidence. One of these ways is to adopt the right set of daily habits. If you are interested in learning about daily habits that help to increase confidence, read on!

The following  daily habits can easily be absorbed into your daily routine and they’ll help you to increase confidence

5 Habits that can help to increase Confidence :

Get more sleep

habits to increase confidence - sleep

Sleep is an important part of our daily life routine. As we know that a good sleep will make you feel active for the whole day. The only time we give our brain to relax is in sleep hours which helps us to concentrate and focus on our daily lives. Getting enough sleep helps not only in increasing confidence but also in health and fitness. some studies conclude a person should sleep at least 7- 8 hours.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” We have heard these lines since childhood. So if you want to increase confidence, first of all, you have to bring changes in your sleeping habits. Better sleep, better mood, sharper mind, and greater confidence.


habits to increase confidence - meditation

As we know that the biggest confidence killers are your stress and anxiety problems. Meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety, resting heart rates, and lowering blood pressure.
After meditation the mind becomes fresh. It cleanses and nourishes you within and calms you whenever you feel unstable. Meditation also helps in better memory and retention, which increases your confidence level and you can put your words without hesitation of being wrong.

Benefits of Regular Meditation:

  • Keeps you stress-free
  • Reduces aging
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves metabolism and help in losing weight
  • Improves functioning of your brain
  • Makes you happy
  • Increase your attention span.

The best way to get all these benefits of meditation if you practice 20 minutes every day regularly. once you involved meditation in the daily routine, it becomes the best part of your day.

Try to learn new skills

habits to increase confidence - learn new skills

Learning every day is a life-changing habit. Learning a new skill helps you learn things faster over time. Your new skills help you to become a more interesting and confident person which attracts the other person’s attention to yourself. Learning helps you become more open to change.

When we were born, from that moment we start learning by experiencing new things. we use our senses to explore those new experiences.

When you want to achieve your career goals, learning can be extremely beneficial at that time. It helps to keep our brain active, progress our career path. Whether you are learning a new computer system, a language, any new things, research suggests that keeping an active brain is as important as keeping an active body so that you can keep performing for longer.

If you want to be confident then you must have at least knowledge in your field. if in other new things, it would be very good for you.


habits to increase confidence - exercise

Exercise is good for the body and mind. Regular exercise makes your body stronger and boosts your confidence. It helps to control weight and makes you fit physically or mentally.

Exercise helps in building confidence by improving your body image. The results of your regular exercises will feel you better about the way you look.
Exercise makes you smarter. After exercise, you will feel more focused, alert, and confident.
By adding into daily routine, It helps you look good, feel strong, and have a positive attitude.

Posture and smile

habits to increase confidence - posture and smile

Proper posture keeps all your body parts supported and balanced. By practicing proper posture, it helps in preventing muscle aches and back pain.
Good posture can also help in generating positive thoughts and increase your energy level.
when you stand up straight not only you look confident, you feel more confident. Practice regularly to make good posture, after all, practice makes perfect.

A smile makes you look adorable and confident. you have to smile with your whole face, not just with your mouth. It makes your impression good on others, they will approach you without hesitation.

“Good Posture” + “Smile” = “Bigger Confidence”.

The above ways help you to improve your self-confidence that will drive real, long-lasting change in your life.


The right commitment and small changes in your daily routine will improve you and boost your self-esteem. As you continue your routine, the results from this one change can be incredible.

Hi, I'm Rafat Nasim - Working in Wipro Technologies as UAM, currently pursuing M.Tech through the Distance Learning Program at BITS Pilani University.