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UI vs UX | What is the Actual Difference Between These?

Hey folks, I welcomed you all in this article. As you are already aware of the title that is we are going to discuss UI vs UX. Are they alike or the same? What are the needs of UI and UX? I am going to tell the answers to these questions and we also discuss various myths related to this topic.

So, first, we start with a little introduction. Both the terms related to the designing part. Whatever we create we need an interface or a front design through which users can interact with that system or software. We do a lot of coding and logical work to develop a software or system. You know for what reasons we do these things only to facilitate the user with the best facility or to enhance the user’s experience. A viewer or end-user doesn’t know the work at the back end, he will only know how good the system’s design is, so if you underestimate the design’s importance, then you may have to pay a big penalty.

All these actions or steps related to design comes under the topic of UI and UX. UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience. I hope if some of our viewers are new to this topic, they might get an idea of this topic. So, without wasting much time lets move to our main part i.e. UI vs UX

What are UI and UX?

ui vs ux what it it

As I above define that UX means user experience and UI means user interface. Now, I explain these both terms in more detailing. First, we start with UX, presently the rate of advancement in technology is so fast that it becomes so hard for laymen to understand its whole concept. And this will create a gap between developers and users, so in order to fill that gap, it becomes so important to improve user’s experience on top priority.

You know one thing about UX, many technologies have come and go but UX is still that one factor which will decide that your system or software gonna succeed or not. User experience comes with many questions, Is your website or software is easy to use for an end-user? Is your system is capable enough to handle manipulations done by the user? Is it rigid enough? Is it results reliable enough? All these questions come in the end-users mind. And if your system performs well in order to solve these questions, then it will lead to a good user experience.

If we try to understand this user experience in simple words, then it could be like if the user feels good while operating your software, then your software has a good UX factor otherwise you need to work more in order to improve it.

Now let’s move on to UI, it stands for the user interface. To deeply know about UI, first, you need to learn what actually an interface is? In general, an interface is a medium through which a user interacts with a system or software. With this statement, we can conclude one thing that is User Interface is the most critical and important part of a system. And your system’s interface will be responsible for user experience(UX).

So, what overall we learn that UX and UI are not two different things but UI is the inner part of UX. Both are interdependent with each other and responsible for the system’s failure and success.

UI contains graphics for interaction and communication like buttons, icons, audio, and video instructions, and other controls also. The user interface has covered a long journey if you remember many years back if you have to interact with the computer you need to enter commands for everything, which is called a command-line interface. There is no graphic user interface at that time, all you need is to enter a command of lines.

Later on, as updation and changes in technology start, new things have been adopted and commands are replaced by icons, mouse clicks, enter buttons, etc. This new interface makes the computer easily accessible in offices and homes. The other reasons for these changes are to increase the sale of computers. People will only buy computers if users can easily interact with computers.

Now in this article “UI vs UX”, we see the difference between these two terms.

Difference b\w User Interface and User Experience – UI vs UX

Yes, it is right that above I have said that User Interface is the inner part of User Experience. But another truth is User Experience is a broad term it not only includes user interface but many other factors that are also responsible for better user experience. In the present period, people will not wait long for results, still, you have a good user interface but they will leave your platform if you make them wait. So, timing is also a factor responsible for user experience.

Let’s take another example, you downloaded an OTT app and over that app, you are seeing the same content that is shown to every user. Will that enhance the user’s experience, no. Every viewer is a different viewer with different choices. Yes, they may have a good interface or an easy interface, but that interface will be marked zero if the viewer can’t find things of his/her choice. So, the better option will be to ask the user what are his/her favorite genres and only show things related to that genre along with some recommendations. So, content with proper placement of content is another factor responsible for user experience.

There are many other factors like user’s expectations, usability, etc. And According to Ken Norton, UI is focused on how a product’s surfaces look and function. So, UX is different and broader than UI.

The need for UI Design and UX Design: UI vs UX

ui vs ux need

As, I above said that UI and UX totally depend on the users, if your customers or users satisfied with your service, it will increase your business growth and profit also. And it is also for sure that every company wants to satisfy its customer at any cost. So, now you may realize the importance or need of good UI and UX design.

There is doubt that UX/UI design improves customer satisfaction, so you need to hire a creative or innovative UX/UI team for front end designing. We all are in a situation where we can’t only focus on one single thing or we can’t make our system static. With the passage of time, we need to make changes in your functioning, designs, interfaces because people have other alternatives also.

If we keep on providing the same things, then one-day people get diverted to other alternatives. So, not only we need good UX/UI design but we also need to keep changing it.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you have created an application, with 4-5 services in it. But you have made your interface so complex that users can’t find what more you also serve. This will result in the unusability of your application. And all this happens only by your bad UI/UX design. So, I am not saying that do all focus on UI/UX design but put equal efforts on UX/UI development also. So, you may present your application fully to your customers, not your work gets unused.

What are the ideal rules for UI and UX development?

ui vs ux rules

Now, I will tell you about the core of UX/UI developments or you can say things which should we followed during UX/UI development.

  • Easy Navigating Structure. This thing comes under the Informative Architecture. IA fully concentrate on how to create easy and simple navigation structure, so that user can easily travel inside the application.
  • Easy to Interact. Use graphics, icons, required instructions, so that user cannot face any problem during navigation
  • Worth full. Here worth full means is your designs or interface actually providing the right path for a new user, who comes to your service or platform for the first time.
  • Design structure according to the audience. You should always keep this thing in your mind that the interface should be according to the end user’s choice and requirement.
  • Don’t make things too complex, it will result in the audience loss. In most cases, simplicity is the best solution. Because we mess up things many times when we try to do extraordinary things.
  • Full equal efforts on both the designing and functioning parts. Not only try to make designs more appealing but it should be also working properly.
  • When you are design think from the user’s side not only from the designer’s perspective.

Famous tools for UI/UX Development and Design: UI vs UX

ui vs ux tools

1. Proto.io

According to Proto.io, Create fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes that look and work exactly as your app should. No coding required.

 2. Adobe XD

According to Adobe XD, It is a powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use platform that helps you and your team create designs for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more.

3. Axure

According to Axure, It is the most powerful way to plan, prototype, and handoff to developers, all without code.

4. Craft

According to Craft, It is a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop that revolutionizes your design process. Manage the plugins via Craft Manager for incredibly easy updating.

A Career in UI/UX Development: UI vs UX

Yes, currently there are many options for jobs in UI/UX field. But you also need to note this thing that if you want to create a career in UI/UX design, then you should make yourself strong in both creativity and technical skills. As this field is more concerned with humans and machines combine interaction so, creativity for humans and technical for machines. According to TimesOfIndia, some main skills which you need to develop in your self are:

  • Ability to understand what business expects from a design.
  • Good creative visualization.
  • Excellent command over relevant tools for wireframing and graphics design
  • Ability to think and critique the design like an end user

The requirement of UI/UX designer is in such technology field:

  • Artificial Intelligence Personalities
  • Information Visualization
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Automotive UX
  • Internet of Things

Another main thing here is, if you also know coding and programming then you can easily see hikes. And you have more advantages as compare to others who do not know coding or any programming language. So, if you are lacking in some points prepare yourself and make your career in UI/UX designing field.


So, here we come to sum up this article which is based on UI vs UX. We start with the intro of UX and UI, after that, we discuss how these both terms are different from each other, also we learnt that UX is a broad term whereas UI is a factor responsible for UX. But not only the factor there are many other factors also.

We also see the needs of UI and UX development. It also shown few tools related to the development of UI and UX. In the end, we are concluding this article with the section related to a career in UI/UX design.

I hope this article succeeds in fulfilling some knowledge in your life. Any doubt? just type in the comment section. Tada!

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