High Effective Real Estate Advertisement - 7Search PPC
High Effective Real Estate Advertisement - 7Search PPC
Ad networks connect supplier sources that aggregate ad inventories with consumer resources looking for ad spots. The supply sources for a mobile ad network are frequently apps or websites from publishers and developers. Advertisers want their adverts to show up on websites that have demand sources.

Real Estate Ads

What are Ad networks?

A firm that links advertisers with websites looking to host advertisements is known as an online advertising network or ad network. Aggregating publisher ad supply and matching it with advertiser demand is the main task of an advertising network. Although the term "ad network" by itself is media-neutral ”there can be a "Television Ad Network" or a "Print Ad Network ”it is increasingly used to refer to an "online ad network" because the effect of aggregating publisher ad space and selling to advertisers is most frequently observed in the online space. Online ad networks differ fundamentally from traditional media ad networks in that they use a central ad server to deliver adverts to customers, enabling targeting.

Online ad networks differ fundamentally from traditional media ad networks in that they use a central ad server to distribute adverts to consumers, enabling targeting, tracking, and reporting of impressions in ways that are not possible with traditional media alternatives.

Internet advertising revenues are anticipated to increase from $135.42 billion in 2014 to $239.87 billion in 2019, making the advertising network market a sizable and expanding industry. Digital advertising revenue in the United States alone is anticipated to climb by 18.7% from 2017 to reach $107.30 billion in 2018. As a result of this expansion, there will be a considerable number of new competitors on the market, and it will be easier for larger businesses to enter or increase their market share to acquire ad networks. There are currently hundreds of ad networks available, and the market is constantly shifting.

Types of Ad Networks:-

Advertising networks can be categorized using a number of criteria. The company's business plan, the caliber of network traffic, and the amount of inventory available can all be used as a basis for categorization.

3 types of Ad Networks based on business strategies are listed below:-

1- Vertical Ad Networks

 They represent the periodicals in their portfolio while providing complete transparency to the advertiser on the placement of their adverts. Brand marketers frequently employ them to promote high-quality traffic at market rates. Revenue sharing is often the economic approach. Vertical Networks offer site-wide advertising alternatives or ROS (Run-Of-Site) advertising across particular Channels (such as auto or travel). They function similarly to Publisher Representation companies.

2 - Blind Ad Network

These businesses provide direct marketers with competitive pricing in exchange for giving up control over where their ads will appear. At the same time, some networks also offer a "site opt out" option. Run-Of-Network, or RON, campaigns are often run by the network. Blind networks obtain their low prices by purchasing residual inventory in huge quantities and combining those purchases with ad targeting and conversion optimization techniques.

3 - Targeted Ad Networks

These targeted ad networks, often known as "next generation" or "2.0" ad networks, concentrate on behavioral or contextual targeting technologies that have been integrated into ad servers. Targeted networks are experts at maximizing the value of the inventory they buy by utilizing consumer clickstream data. Social graph technologies, which aim to increase inventory value via connections in social networks, are additional specialized targeted networks.

Types of networks based on the number of clients and traffic quality:-

A further division of ad networks is into first-tier and second-tier networks. First-tier advertising networks sell ads and traffic to second-tier networks and have a sizable number of their own advertisers and publishers in addition to having high-quality traffic. First-tier networks include, for instance, the top search engines. Although some of the advertisers and publishers on second-tier ad networks may be their own, most of their income comes from syndicating ads from other ad networks.

Websites are sometimes divided into tiers, although these classifications can be deceptive because tier 1 and tier 2 networks may perform differently depending on several criteria, such as reach vs. impressions.

What is Real Estate Leads?

Any person or property that has expressed interest in purchasing from or selling to you or that has been recommended to you by another source or individual is considered a lead.

Leads are people worth phoning because they have a better chance of becoming customers than anyone you would cold call from the phone directory

Methods of generating Leads in Real Estate:-

1- Building Partnership:-

Team up with nearby companies to create relationships that will benefit both parties. Try tactics include sending presents to clients or leads, co-hosting happy hours, and building local relationships. Here are a few fields where real estate agents can collaborate effectively:

  • Insurance Companies

  • Personal Bankers

  • Commercial Leaders

  • Bakeries

  • Landscapers

  • Tile Companies

2- Use Linkedin to its peak:-

Make LinkedIn a source of leads. Join LinkedIn groups that you know contain members of your target market. That may be a community for first-time homebuyers or a network for nearby real estate investors. Before creating a polished pitch, find the groups in which your customers are active and participate in the discussion.

Once you've established a rapport, call prospective customers interested in learning more.

3- Make use of the internet to promote

Spend money on web advertising. Websites like 7Search PPC provide realtors with advertising alternatives, which is a logical move, given that. According to the National Association of Realtors, the percentage of house buyers who utilize the internet for hunting for property grew to an all-time high of 97% in 2020.

Some effective real estate agent online marketing strategies are listed below:

  • Run Facebook Ads

  • Use Google AdSense

  • Promote through Instagram

  • Hire influencers

  • Answer Real Estate questions at Quorahub

  • A blog for local and global real estate Websites

Get the best Leads from these Real Estate Ad Networks:

There are a number of Ad networks that promote real estate ads through their website. They also provide numerous services to generate leads for real estate agents through online advertisement. If you are a real estate agent or a real estate website owner, you must check out these best ad networks to generate leads. Some of the best ad networks for real estate lead generation are listed below:-

7Search PPC:-

7Search PPC is one of the best real estate ad networks, which provides numerous services to promote your real estate website through advertising. This website is the best option to choose for your lead generation through your real estate ads. They have an excellent team of professionals in the real estate business for your company's growth through online aspects. This website will help you to generate leads from different types of advertising, such as display ads, mobile ads, pay-per-click advertising, and more. 

They provide an updated and excellent dashboard to manage your ads through their integrated tools. 7Search PPC also provides traffic from direct publishers, advanced targeting, real-time detailed statics, and no financial transaction fees. They provide the best commercial real estate ads and location-based audience targeting to help you generate credible leads. You can also make your PPC ad campaigns or real estate ad campaigns a source of success with location-based targeting and real-time analytics. 

Propeller Ads:-

A sizable ad network called PropellerAds gives you access to 1 billion users and offers a variety of advertisements, including banners, sponsored links, and push notifications.

The self-serve platform is simple to use and contains a streamlined ad builder that makes it easy to launch campaigns. With a variety of targeting choices and real-time performance monitoring, your campaigns may be improved proactively.

Additionally, it has automated ad optimization, where AI adjusts your settings to give you the optimum conversion rate for each ad without needing manual work.

Through Propeller Ads, you can generate sizable leads by using your real estate ads. 


With the help of Infolinks, publishers may allegedly monetize their blogs and websites. For more than 100,000 online publishers globally, it produces considerable revenue.

Because Infolinks' ad units are relatively unobtrusive and lack traditional banner space, they are one of the more well-liked supplemental income sources. Instead, the advertisements are hidden or contained behind hyperlinks, and all users need to do to see the advertisements is to hover their mouse cursor over the hyperlinks.

The user experience is unaffected by Infolinks advertisements because they are native, free to use, and compatible with all other ad solutions. This is one of the best options for real estate advertising and generating leads.


By enabling publishers' inventory to meet high demand, Bidvertiser provides a monetization option. They support real estate advertising through the core for promotion and generating leads. 

The standard requirements apply if you have a website and want to join, such as not permitting adult websites or websites that sell illicit narcotics. If your website is still being built or has too much advertising already, you cannot join.

Though many have noted that there doesn't appear to be any restriction regarding traffic amount or language utilized, the approval procedure is quick and straightforward.


So in wrapping up this real estate lead generation topic, we must say that lead generation is not easy for any business. But you can achieve your lead generation goal easily by tieing up with these ad networks easily. Hope you have learned pretty enough about this best real estate ad network topic on lead generation. 


7Search PPC allows an Advertiser to promote his Real Estate business Site or APP. We provide the Real Estate advertisement platform for Real estate. 7Search PPC allows the Publisher to earn revenue from the blog if it is related to Real estate sites.

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