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Female Led Relationship – What is it and Why do some men seek it?

Female Led Relationship – What is it actually? You may have heard its name or are maybe hearing it for the first time. I will cover this post on what is a female led realtionship (FLR) and why do some men like it and seek it. So let’s get straight into it.

Well, Female Led Relationship, as the name suggests that this kind of relationship is led or dominated by the female partner whereas the male in this case is the submissive one. The female generally takes all the important decisions, tells what to do and how to do, manages things while the male just works under the authority of the female partner.

Female Led Relationship is just another example that breaks the old sayings and trends like men are always the dominant ones and handle the household as well as work in any relationship.

There are many different kinds of female led relationship. All of them have various advantages and disadvantages. Let us go through them one by one and see what positives and negatives each one has.

Types of Female Led Relationship

Okay so let’s go through different types of female led realtionship.

Low-Level Control

This is a very normal kind of relationship. In a low-level controlled female led realtionship, most of the decisions are taken by the couple mutually and they discuss each and everything before doing anything. Sometimes, the female partner also seeks help or guidance from the male partner in getting things done.

So you see in this, there is very little control of the female over the male, and the female partner does make decisions on her own but also consults the same with her male partner.

Medium-Level Control

In this female led realtionship, the female partner has visible dominance over the male partner and she enjoys being dominant. The male partner also supports her and stays under the decisions and things, she makes in day-to-day life. The female partner feels confident and self-boosted in this FLR and her partner also enjoys the dominant character.

But as the name suggests, the medium-level control means that in situations, the female partner may set some restrictions on herself that how far she wants this dominance to go and let her man take control in some situations.

High-Level Control

High, as the name suggests, in this female led realtionship, the female partner has a high level of dominant character and she takes all the important decisions by herself. The male partner relies on the female for any support activity and deciding anything in the relationship.

This kind of relationship can be odd for some of you out there, but this is just an opposite side of most of the male-led relationships, and it’s completely normal if the female is taking over the control. Well, equality matters, and until the male partner is okay and happy under the female dominance, there is no harm in that relationship.

Extreme Control

In this female led relationship, the male partner is fully submissive to the female one. The male normally does not get involved in any decision-making and stays happily out of it and lets his female partner decide the things on her own. The female partner enjoys the freedom and liberty of her extreme dominant character and lets her man stay under the comfy blanket of her dominance.

The males who seek this kind of relationship are highly attracted by the dominant attitude of the female characters and wish to live their lives under the rules and dominance of their loved ones.

Okay, so these were some types of female led realtionship. Now I will talk about why do females or some men prefer or seek this kind of relationship. I am breaking it down into two parts, let’s begin with why some females do seek this female led relationship, and then we will talk about the males.

Why do some women seek this Female Led Relationship?

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Not all women like to stay in the shadow of their male partners. It’s not like they lack in love life or something, they just want to experience things like decision making, etc on their own. So here are some reasons that why do some women seek this Female Led Relationship.

  • They like to control things from kitchen work to the financial management of both herself and her partner.
  • They get control over their men and they let them know how they want their partners to be with them. They groom them, guide them and take important decisions for them. They enjoy every bit of these things.
  • There are generally fewer conflicts in this kind of relationship as the male lets the female control the things, so you know there is always a peace kind of thing as the male partner lets his partner do everything happily without interfering in her way.
  • In such relationships, the male partner is himself willing to be dominated. So never a situation comes likes this that female is being so much dominant and pressurizing over her partner.

Why do some men seek this Female Led Relationship?

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Okay so for women, it is something understandable like why they want to be the dominant one and why do they want this Female Led Relationship. But you might be wondering now that why do some men seek this Female Led Relationship? Do they like being submissive, do they enjoy being dominated by females, let’s go through these points.

  • Men can enjoy a lot of peace and calmness in such relationships as the women take mostly all the important decisions about household or outside world, so men have to worry a lot less about those things.
  • They can focus on some other things like career or business while their female partners do take care of other things and can live on their own decisions without interfering with each other.
  • They do not have to be the first person in the act of responsibility because they trust their female partners so well and let them handle the situation without any hesitation while they can stay in peace.
  • They get more time to find ways to love their partners and show them affection for being the most hard-working and supporting partners in their life, as they have to worry less about other things.

A few Negatives

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Not all relationships are perfect. Not even this Female Led Relationship. At some points, either of the partners can feel that something is not going okay which can be a bad turning point in the relationship. Let’s get them accumulated in the below points.

  • Sometimes the male partner may feel odd by the too much dominant character of his partner, but being submissive, he may be afraid to say or confess the same to her loved one. This can create a difference.
  • The female partner may sometimes make decisions that are not optimal for the relationship but the male partner being submissive hesitates to correct it or speak against it. It generally happens in high-level or extreme-level controlled female led relationship.
  • The most common issue these relationships face is social awkwardness and stigma. The old-fashioned views of most of the society can fade the spark in these relationships if the couple does not make themselves strong against these.

Summing Up

Let’s sum it up a little now. I guess you guys are now clear what is this Female Led Realtionship and why do some men or women seek it. It has its own advantages as well as some drawbacks and everything of these I have already mentioned above.

Be open in this society, do what you like. Until you and your partner are okay with each other, don’t let society decide how you should live or behave.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to connect individually with you guys. Thanks for reading till here. Stay safe and be happy.

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