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10 Best Flight Simulator Games For PC | Free and Paid Version Games

Almost all of us in their childhood had once thought to be a pilot and fly in the skies all around the world making the most of their life and having the best talent in so, but then adulthood happened with schools and college and still, we have many young brains who want to experience what it is like to be in the cockpit, and hence we have the flight simulator games.

To make your older or even the newly made dreams come true and also to have something good to play in the time that your takeaways from the “Work From Home” session, we have brought the list of some of the awesome flight simulator games for the PC both free and paid so that you have something to both enjoy and learn.

To start we will have the free once and then we will move on to the paid once.

So starting here is the list of the free awesome flight simulator games.

List Of The Free Awesome Flight Simulator Games.

1942: The Pacific Air War

For the people who are into war games already and want to explore more about the flight simulator games then here is the one for you, as evident from the name you would have already guessed that the game is completely based on the war, this is The Pacific War between Japan and the United States that took place in the year 1942.

The game was released in the year 1995 and a sequel was released in the year 1998. However, Tommo purchased the rights to the game in 1942 and republished it in 2015, and from then it has been one of the best free to download flight simulator games for PC.

The retro feel and complexity of the game at every new point brings forward the nostalgia that we had joined ourselves with the earlier versions of the console games like that of Sega and Gameboy.

This makes the game one of the best and a must-try.

World of WarPlanes

Another game based on the warplanes was a recent addition to the lot being published in the year 2017 has some of the best gameplay and proves to be a very tough contender in the market of the flight simulator games for PC.

Being very new and proving a tough competition, it has all the major components of a great game including great gameplay and also includes the multimedia inputs making the game the best options to be enjoyed with your gamer friends or have a fun weekend party playing these games.

Space Combat

If you are the fan of the famous SciFi movie franchise then you would surely like this game, released in the year 2004, it became one of the best free flight simulator games with the best theme of the spaceship keeping the next generation gamers in mind.

In 2020 this game may look like it has not the very best graphics or the game sense but if you look like a good game enthusiast, you will notice that the physics involved in the games makes the game one of the best and also the movements on the game completely reasonable.

The research and development of the game around the physics of the game make the game one of the best flight simulator games available.

Microsoft Flight

Looking at the popularity of the flight simulator games the famous IT company Microsoft also came into the game and launched a series of flight simulator games making the gaming much more fun for all the gaming community.

Early in the stage, the Games were completely made using the basic concepts of arcade gaming making the games very lagging and having the retro feel and hence Microsoft came up with a great flight simulator game series in the market making the games more and more enjoyable than ever before.

Earlier the game was completely based on money-making but latter the Microsoft released the game in the free app market making it one of the most reliable games over in the market from a huge confidence worthy company.

Making this game free was the best option selected by Microsoft for making the game one of the best flight simulator games in the market.

With such a great company having the best gaming is the only thing you will need if you are very considered about compatibility or security.

Falcon 4.0

Similar to the other games named above we have this one of the best flight simulator games named, falcon 4.0 that makes the best of the simulator category and hence one of the best gameplay and is based on the models of a real plane.

The game has been made using the realistic simulation of the Block 50/52 F-16 Fighter Jet and has the best in class simulation for that matter makes the game more engaging than the other games.

Having the simulator being based on the real planes makes the player think that the game is real and makes them feel as if they are really in the cockpit of a famous F-16 Fighter Jet Plane.

The simple resemblance of the game makes the game one of the best fight simulator games.

Since we have already named and explained some of the free flight simulator games you may like be interested in some of the paid version games, these games are for the people who are hardcore gamers and never mind buying some games for better quality gameplay and graphics for a few bucks and also have the security that the game they are buying is genuine and safe to use rather than the regular free games available at shady downloadable sites.

So let’s get to know those paid games which may help you if you want to make it big in the streaming world making the best out of those games.

These paid games are one of the best in the market and are worth every penny you pay for the games.

List of Great Paid Flight Simulator Games

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft in the last few years have become the company that has gained popularity in making some of the best in class flight simulator games and the hence in the year 2020 the company came out with one of the best flight simulator game named the famous Microsoft flight simulator 2020.

This game is developed in modern times has some of the best graphics making the game one of the best graphics along with the best in the class gameplay. The company Microsoft has maintained the level of gaming at the peak makes gaming the best of all the companies making these games in general.

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants in the game, and therefore, is also one of the most reliable companies to have any application or the game from. The past has also shown that this company can provide some of the best flight simulator games and hence is the most reliable out of all the choices.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Again a Microsoft gem game to be provided in the list, this game in the recent times have made the greatest impact in the gaming market as one of the best flight simulator games of all times, making the game one of the widely accepted and even the best for the latest trend of game streaming over the famous internet websites like that of the youtube, and twitch.

Not everyone in the modern gaming circle likes the trend of the war games and looks for some other fields of the game that differ from the genre of the war and battlefield so for that, we have a famous game named the “Microsoft Flight Simulator X”.

Being made from the best company in the world makes the game the most trustworthy and hence one of the best flight simulator games.

Microsoft so far has been the biggest giant in making some of the best flight simulator games of all time making all the games coming from them worth the money that users paid.


In the list of some of the war based games, this is one of the best flight simulator games. The reason for this game being the best is the way the game is designed to look and behave and the graphics on this game are one of the best and hence making the gameplay even more interesting than other games.

The game shows some of the best water movements liquid transitions, animation, and player ease making the game addictive with every new stage, the addiction of the game take upon you as you immerse yourself in the game playing the game feeling as a flight captain indulged in the war and save your country from the enemies. The maximum effort made in making the game look the best, makes the game stay in the list of top games on the chart.

The Game also has some great collection of fighter air crafts making it even more awesome. If you have a computer that has decent graphics then this game is a must-try.


Since many of the flight simulator games are in dog fight mode where you are fighting with the other plane but here its more focused on the war mode where you can destroy the tanks, army bunkers, and other targets making the game more and more engaging as a player.

The game also has a multiplayer mode. If you want to make a change in-game to play with your pals and have the fun weekend then you can switch to multiplayer mode and thus you may get the best time of your life.

Having such great games make it the best of choice in recent times with the best in class graphics and also the great gameplay makes it one of the best flight simulator games.


We ave saved the best for the last, when it comes to the point of best flight simulator games we have the most famous player in the game and name is Xplane one of the best flight simulators to be ever developed, many claims that it may however have the best physics graphics and even the control management of the panel.

This game is also being used to manage the train the upcoming new generations of pilots before they step into the cockpit hence making the game worth a try, and also worth every penny.

The game is a paid product but can be also enjoyed for the trial version on all the major PC platforms like Mac, Linux, and windows, so it is advisable to give it a try at least once.


The common dream of all the child now and in the past has been to be a pilot at some point of time and hence there have been many games in the market that have brought the dream come true, giving you the experience of flying a real plane in the form of flight simulator games, so here is the list of some of the games.

Free Flight Simulator Games:

  • 1942: The Pacific Air War
  • World of WarPlanes
  • Space Combat
  • Microsoft Flight
  • Falcon 4.0

Paid Flight Simulator Games:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • ARMA 3
  • Xplane

Hope these game be worth your time and money and you enjoy gaming. If you liked this article and want to read more then do checkout Socialmirror.

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