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Master Digital Marketing through Google Ads Certification


With the fast-moving life, everything is changing so fast, and to be in the race everyone needs to upgrade themselves with the time and requirements. One such need is to upgrade with the changing technology to catch its pace. Since everything is now shifting to digital form, reaching out to so many things has become just a matter of some clicks over the internet.

If we talk about upgrading with the technology itself, the Internet has made learning various courses and getting certified by many famous organizations for them, so easier. Many organizations today offer great courses and certifications along with that which can help you build up your career and knowledge.

Today we are gonna talk about one such very interesting and in-demand certification course that will let you reach another mile in your digital learning- The Google Ads Certification.

What is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads Certification What

Before jumping directly to the main topic, let’s just know first what a Google Ad is and if it is important.

Google Ads are basically the digital advertisements of the products that Google posts on its different pages, sites, in between the contents, etc for various companies and organizations to reach out to the large volume of customers and compete with other companies for their products in the market.

These ads are very important and play a crucial role in marketing strategies to increase product demand and expand any business. The companies pay Google for showing their product ads online and further google pay the different site owners to allow showing those ads at their pages.

Since these advertisements are for attracting people and influencing them to buy their products, the companies are very choosy to hire such persons who can create impressive and influencing ads and are the best at their job.

Google Ads Certification, previously known as Google Adwords Certification is a professional certification offered by Google for taking Google’s online training program in online advertisement. This certification mainly includes the content about Google ads, ranging from basic to the advanced level.

Google offers an online training platform to learn these courses known as Skillshop, where different online courses are available and people can learn them by using different tools and solutions provided by Google.

Previously this certification cost some busks but now it is available free. Anyone can access this platform at any time and place, just by signing up here but there’s only one pre-requisite that a person must be using the following Google products (Source:-

  • Analytical academy
  • Android
  • Authorized Buyers
  • Google Ads
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google AdMob
  • Google Digital Academy
  • Google for Education
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google My Business
  • Waze, etc

This platform does not only contains the courses but also lets you test your knowledge based on your taken course through the assessments. You can choose any learning path and enroll for that. On completing the courses, you need to take the assessment clearing which, you get the certification for that.

So if you are interested in this field and want to pursue it as your career, this certification is a must-have for you.

Types Of Google Ads Certification

Google Ads CertificationTypes

There are basically four Google ads certification available now including – Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, and Shopping ads Certification. These certifications are given to the persons for showing their excellence in different areas of online advertisements.

To understand their criteria based on which these certifications have been categorized, let’s have a look at all these four certifications in detail.

1. Google Ads Search Certification

This Google Ad Certification is the most basic and given to the individuals mainly for demonstrating their ability in building and optimizing the google search campaigns for the specific marketing objectives that include automated solutions such as Smart Bidding, Audience Solutions, etc.

In simple words, this certification is all about being master in the ads appearing on the Google Search Results. For instance, if you search for anything on Google, the most relevant result appears on the SERP. The main aim of the Ads search is to be on the top results of those search result lists.

These are mainly the text media and to achieve the required aim, many tools and ways are applied like bidding, adding various extensions.

2. Google Ads Display Certification

This Google Ad Certification is given to the individuals for showing their potential and mastery in Display Advertisements. Display advertisements are basically the Ads shown on Google Display Network i.e Blogs, Gmail, Google partnered websites through AdSense.

The person must have the ability to develop effective display strategies and campaigns to achieve better marketing goals for the clients.

3. Google Ads Video Certification

Similar to the previous ones, this Google Ad Certification can also be kept under display ads comes is given to the individuals for showing their expertise in Video Advertisements especially for YouTube and Google videos. The person must be able to develop creative and effective advertisement content so that he/she can attract potential customers and can engage and influence them over purchasing those things.

4. Shopping Ads Certification

Very much evident from the name itself, this Google Ad Certification is given for showing mastery in shopping ads optimization. These individuals must be able to use their knowledge and create shopping campaigns in order to maximize their reach to the customer and influence them.

These Google Ads Certifications are available in 20+ languages such as English, Japnese, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, etc, and hence is available for people from almost all over the world in their own language to learn and get certified.

How To Get Google Ads Certification?

Since Google Ads Certification is crucial for getting even an entry-level search marketing role in any organization, everyone who wants to pursue their career in the field of Digital Marketing surely tries to get it. 

But due to the lack of guidance about how to achieve it, they are unable to get it. So, here I’m gonna tell you how to get Google Ads Certification, step-by-step.

  1. Create a Google account or select an existing one, that you want to use for your certification. It is advisable to create a new one so that whenever you will work for a company or an agency, you need to use your work mail address.   
  2. After selecting the Google account that you are going to use for certification, log out of other accounts so that no confusion will be there.
  3. To join the Academy for Ads, go to the Google secret program webpage, Skillshop, or “”.
  4. Click on the “Get Started” button. Now it will present you with the terms of services and acceptance of required permissions.
  5. Select “Yes”, if you want to affiliate your Google account with the Google Partners Company account otherwise select “No” and skip steps 6-8.
  6. In the previous step, if you have selected “Yes”, then click on the “My Profile” icon available on the top right corner.
  7. Now fill all the mandatory details such as company email which is affiliated by the administrator of Google Partners Account.
  8. Next to that, you need to go through a quick email verification process.
  9. After completing all these steps, the exam preparation time comes. For preparation, Google provides you basic educational info along with extensive academy content.
  10. You will get all the training and assessment contents under the “Google Ads” tab in the dashboard of Academy For Ads.
  11. Now comes the exam time. You need to pass two exams one of which is a Fundamental exam and another one is an additional exam of your choice in which you want to get the Google Ads Certification.
  12. The options available for the additional product exam are search, display, video, mobile, shopping. But the search and display certification exams are preferred because most of the advertisements pushed by Google are video and YouTube advertising. 

So these were some simple steps to be followed to apply and get the Google Ads Certification. Till now we were discussing how to get, now comes the question of why exactly should one get this Google Ads Certification, and What are its benefits.

Why Get Google Ads Certification-The Benefits

Google Ads Certification Benefits

  • Helps in adding weight to the digital profile
    The Google Ads Certification, adds a remarkable imprint on your resume and digital profile. It shows that you are a Certified Advertising Professional by one of the best tech giants i.e. Google and hence making you stand out for getting hired since employers search for the candidates with the Google Ads certification.
  • Helps in Getting Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge
    Not only that but this certification also lets a Google ads product based company earn, the Google Partner badge, or Premier Google Partner Badge for them since it is mandatory to have at least one affiliated member of the company to have Google Ad Certification for getting the badge.
  • Helps to learn about Online advertisement
    Besides helping an individual to get hired or a company to get the badges, the Google Ads Certification gives a way to learn a lot about online advertisements and adding knowledge to a person’s profile.


Google Ads are the digital advertisements of the products by various companies and organizations on Google to reach out to the larger volume of customers and hence compete in the market for their products.

Google Ads Certification is an online certification provided by Google for demonstrating excellent skills in creating different types of online advertisements such as shopping ads, Video ads, etc. The various types of certification include mainly-

  • Google Ads Search Certification
    Mainly focuses on optimizing the google search campaigns for the specific marketing objectives.
  • Google Ads Display Certification
    Mainly focuses on creating effective Display Advertisements.
  • Google Ads Video Certification
    Mainly focuses on developing ads that can attract larger customers through YouTube and Google Videos.
  • Shopping ads Certification
    Mainly focuses on developing effective and influencing shopping advertisements.

These certifications are must-haves for individuals for better career growth. It lets you learn and develop different skills. It is interesting, easy to get, and moreover free of cost. So get certified and benefited before Google changes its plan and make it paid.

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