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Google Nest Hub And Nest Hub Max – 2 Best Google Home Devices For Video or Voice Calls

Google nest is the named Google home, initially acts as a smart speaker, developed by Google corporation under the Google Nest brand. Google Nest Hub or Google Nest Hub Max are devices which enable users to interact and give voice commands to Google assistant and avail the services of them.

Google now is able to establish two-way conversations with users, allows the users to give voice commands to control the devices, and interact with them. Some of such supporting devices are Google play music, Netflix, Play Store, youtube, Google photos for videos and photos.

The Google nest hub and nest hub max offer great features to the users such as allowing users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, receive all updates through voice, etc.

The first Google Home was released in November 2016 in the United States. It is one of the simplest ways to set up voice and video calls by using the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

The nest hub max is the next version of the home hub/nest hub, it was released on 9th September 2019. It has a 10-inch display and integrated camera, which is used for video calling, face recognition, large speaker with rear-facing subwoofer.

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Google Home

Google Home is a great helper for its users, it will always be there to help their users. You can ask it to perform some tasks, and ask any questions and a lot more.

You can also use your voice to get updates on the latest news, sports so on. It allows you to control thousands of lights, speakers, cameras, and many more.

You can give voice commands like lights on, lights off, call home, media, broadcast, thermostat, cameras, wifi so on. But to work with all these commands the appliances should be smart.

Google Home includes a Home Automation System, which allows users to control all the devices with their voice command. It acts as a central hub to control all devices. For example, some of the devices include chrome cast digital media player and products from nest, smart things, Philips hue.

Users can group multiple speakers to synchronize them and listen to music in every room. This Google Home can recognize up to six different voices and fetch information from different accounts based on voice who’s talking.

It also has access to all user’s calendars for adding remainders or appointments verbally. Google announced that users can pair their Google Home devices with Bluetooth speakers without using Chromecast streamers.

Google home is not a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a Google cast device and if you want to play audio on Google Home, you need to have Google cast button. It retains all the messages sent to Google Home with itself, it does not interact with the mobile.

You can also set predefined tasks recorded in Google such as remainders for birthdays, appointments, important dates so on. Google home has been collaborated with Disney to provide books for reading.

In Google Nest, Google Home, Chromecast, and other smart home, devices are listed by room. You just need to tap on them to open the controls for the device. In your home, devices that are part of your home, but are not currently assigned to any room will be listed in this option. Tap on the device to open control for the device, where you will be able to assign them to a room.

Speaker groups of your local wifi network will appear in the “Speaker groups” option. To open controls for the speaker of the group tap on the group. Other cast devices- the devices that are connected to your local wifi network, but aren’t added to your home will appear in the other cast devices.

Device Controls

In Google Home tap on the devices to control them and to access their settings. Different devices have different controls.

google nest hub

  • Google Nest and Home Speaker are used to control the speaker’s volume. You can also play, pause, forward, backward, skip, and stop the song. You can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  • You can turn on and off the smart lights and also adjust the brightness of them(If supported).
  • Chromecast display is used to control the display volume or access controls, You can also play, pause, forward, backward, skip and stop a video or movie and stop casting
  • Cameras are used to stream and view the data
  • The thermostat is used to adjust the thermostat set point, and to see the atmosphere temperature.
  • Smart plugs are used to On and Off the smart plug
  • The Speaker group is used to control the volume of all devices in the speaker group. You can also play, pause, forward, backward, skip, and stop the song. You can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

The feed tab is used to give alerts and reminders about important device activities.

  • Priority events, it is used to show highlights for the past 30 days
  • Discover, learns new features, supported queries, and all the updates available for your devices
  • You can also get an overview of your device events for the past 48 hours.
Home Settings

Home information used to manage the home names and addresses. A household is used to manage members of the home. Rooms and devices are used to view existing rooms and devices.


Using the notifications feature you can check which app notifications you are able to see. The Digital well-being feature is used to manage your settings of digital wellbeing. You can manage the routines of your device,  Nest Wifi network, and settings. Nest aware is used to manage subscriptions and features.


Video is used to set your preferred photo and video providers. You can also choose popular music providers to listen to music. There is also an option to access preferred radio services. Live TV is used to provide Live TV services.

Voice and video calls are the services where you can manage and view your shopping lists. It is also used to link and manage your works with Google services.

How To Setup Google Nest Hub And Nest Hub Max For Video Calls?

Google nest hub or nest hub max can be used for video calls and voice calls. To make video calls you have to use google duo. One more thing to be noted is that, while making the video call you can see the person to whom you are calling but the person on the other end will not be able to see you as there is no camera on Google nest hub.

Google Nest Hub image

To set up the Google nest hub and nest hub max for video calls, follow these instructions

  • Open the Google Home app on your smartphone
  • Find your device and click on it.
  • Go to the settings icon present on the top right.
  • Scroll down and tap on Google Duo video-calling under more sections.
  • Walk up to Nest Hub Max or Google Assistant-enabled smart screen
  • Say OK Google Video Call “person name”.
  • Carry on with your video call and once you are done, then end the call or say “OK Google, Disconnect Call”.

The Google duo is one of the efficient video calling app with fun filters and effects. It is also an end to end encrypted app.

How To Make Video And Voice Call Using Google Nest Hub And Nest Hub Max?

As said before, to make a video call you need to set up Google Duo first. To make video calls on Google Duo, the other person must also be a Google Duo user. If you are not sure that the other person is a Google duo user or not, you can check it on your smartphone.

Open the Google Duo app and check their name in the contact list. One more way is to check the contacts without Duo under the Invite to Due section.

It is possible to open check the list from the Google Home app too. Open Google Home app → settings icon → click voice and video calls → search a phone number on top.
If everything is set up then you can make a video call through Google nest hub or nest hub max.

Now, it is very simple to make a video call. Just say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” followed by “Video Call” and name of the contact to whom you want to make a video call.
To disconnect the call tap on end call or else try saying “Hey Google” followed by “End Call”, Disconnect the Call, Hang Up or Stop.

How To Make A Device To Device Video Calls In Your Home?

You can also message person to person in your home with Google assistant. Try saying “OK Google, call (person name)” or “Hey Google, video call (person name), as long as all Google assistant persons are named and set up in the Google assistant home app.

The Google assistant has been featured similar to the Amazon Echo devices in another regard, with these also you can send a message to all the persons in the home.

Google Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max Setup For Voice Calls

All Google Home speakers can be used for voice calls. Your Google speakers can make calls in three ways but it varies from one country to another, based on what features are available there.

Google Nest Hub image

The Google duo allows us to make a video, audio call to any person who has an account in Duo. It works all over the world, allows calls between persons and these calls are free also.
Google allows free calls to mobiles, landlines, business phone numbers, and these services are applicable only in the US, UK, Canada.

The third option is mobile calling, which allows users to link their phones with speakers with the help of a mobile criteria plan, but we can’t receive the calls. This service is available only in some parts of the US and Australia.
To set up your Google Home speaker with the duo for calling follow these steps:

    • Open the Google Home app
    • Click on the Settings icon
    • Scroll down to voice and video call
    • Tap on “voice and video apps”
    • Tap on Google duo and follow these steps to setup

Making Calls In Google Nest Hub Or Nest Hub Max

Once the setup is done, it is very easy to make calls. The touchscreen will give some additional options in comparison to Google home devices. To initiate the call just say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” followed by call person name(eg. Joe). When you are done with the call you can tap on end call on the screen else try saying “Hey Google” followed by “End Call”, Disconnect a call, Hang Up or Stop.

How To Hide Your Phone Number When Calling From A Google Home speaker

If you don’t want to show your mobile number on the screen then you can follow the below steps to enable this feature.

  • Open Google Home app
  • Tap on the account icon on the top right corner
  • Check the Google account shown there which is linked to your Google nest hub or Google home
  • Go to Home and tap Settings
  • Scroll down to voice or video call under Google account service section
  • Tap mobile calling
  • Tap on your own number
  • Click on the unlisted number

Data Storage And Security Methods

To use these Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Nest devices, you first need to register and sync with Google home mobile app. In the app, the Settings allows the user to teach Google assistants with their voice.

A mobile device can be found, unlocked and data can be extracted with the help of the suspect’s voice file, “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” can be used to wake up the device. The device will tell you whether it gets connected with any other device or not, which is used to find the stored data.


The Google nest hub or nest hub max is one of the best video and voice calling app, where users can use filters, and so on. It is also end-to-end encryption and has a secured network that makes you feel safe.

Apart from video or voice calling it has so many features like, it offers a centralized visual interface for controlling the smart home devices. This device is available for users in different colors like light grey, dark grey, pink, aqua blue.

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