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Google People Cards: The best way to add yourself to Google Search Results

You must have heard about visiting cards, business cards, etc but what is Google People Cards? Finding information about renowned personalities on the Internet is as simple as finding details of an ordinary product. You just need to enter their names in any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and you’ll find their information organized in the knowledge panels from the trusted sources.  

But finding people that are unknown or aren’t famed is as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack because there are many people in the network that may share the same name, place, occupations, and so on. Due to this, a person with an unknown personality takes lots of time in gaining name, fame, and establishing their businesses online in this Internet world.

To resolve the above-mentioned challenges faced by the people that are newbies to the Internet world, Google has announced a new feature called “Google People Cards” to create a public-profiles of new-users which includes their bio, job profile, links to their social media accounts, and many more which will appear directly into the Google search results.

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate the steps needed for creating Google People Cards, so that people novice to the Internet can make their online presence strong and influential and those who have initiated their business online may enhance it as soon as possible.

But before diving deeper into the steps of creating Google People Cards, let’s see first, what the Google People Cards are, and what its working principle is.

Google People Cards

what is google people cards

Google People Cards is the latest feature that Google India released on 11th August 2020. This system especially allows users from India to create their virtual visiting cards or a public-profile that will appear directly into the Google search results, whenever people search for that user by their name.

These cards are actually meant for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and influencers, but can also be used by anyone who wants to build their online status influenceable and stable.

If you’re a newbie and have just started your website or any social media profile then creating virtual visiting cards helps you in highlighting your websites, advancing your businesses online, or some other information about yourself that you want others to know. Because Google believes that more information about you helps others to easily get the search result for you and build trust in you.  

The primary goal of this feature is to offer professionals a way to store all their important information in one place and also help people to find useful and reliable information. This feature currently supports only one language i.e. English.

For maintaining the quality and authenticity of the information that is shared on Google People Cards and to control the misuse of this feature, the company has applied a variety of protection rules and mechanisms such as only one Google People Cards is allowed per Google account, a phone number is needed to authenticate the account, and so on.

Google India also empowers users to delete their Google People Cards at any time if they no longer want their details to come up in its search results.

Working Principle Used By Google People Cards

The Google People Cards feature launched by Google India uses the Knowledge Graphs of Google to display the information shared by users. These Knowledge graphs are similar to the graphs that Google and its services use to enhances its search engine results by collecting related information from different sources.

How to Create Google People Cards?

how to create google people cards

As we are now aware of the Google People Cards feature introduced by Google India that helps people to create their virtual visiting cards and public profile, so let’s move towards the steps needed to create them. 

Creating Google People Cards is as simple as login into the Google account. The steps for the same are mentioned below:

  1. First of all Sign-in to your Google account in which you believe that it contains all the information that you want to add to your Google People Cards. 
  2. Now search for “Add me to Search” in the browser.
  3. After that click on the prompt message that says “Add yourself to Google Search“.
  4. To complete the authentication process enter your mobile number.
  5. Now, enter the 6-digit verification code that is sent on to your mobile number.
  6. As of now, the verification process is completed, so start creating your profile on Google People Cards by adding the below-mentioned details:
    1. The image from your Google account
    2. Add your location
    3. Add a description of yourself
    4. Add your website link
    5. Links to social media accounts
    6. Phone number
    7. Email address
      Or, any other information that you want your searchers to know about yourself. It is up to you what all details you want to show on your Google People Cards.
  7. After that tap on the Save button.
  8. At last, Search for your profile name in the Google search engine, you’ll get all the details that you would have shared a few moments before.

To know about the requirements and the guidelines you need for creating Google People Cards click here.

How People Outside Of India Can Create Their Google People Cards?

Those people that reside outside of India can also manage to set up their own Google People Cards profile by visiting the mobile version of Google via a VPN service.

But one thing here that you need to keep in mind is that the profile created from outside of India by visiting the mobile version of Google through VPN will be visible only to the searchers in India.

How You’ll Find The Right Person Having Google People Cards?

google people cards right person

Whenever you’ll search for a people’s name having Google People Cards, you’ll find a module that contains their name, profession, and location. To see the complete card details you just required to click on that module.

And whenever you’ll search for those peoples who share the same name and also having Google People Cards then you’ll find multiple modules related to that name. In such cases, the extra details provided by the public profile users help searchers to find the right person by distinguishing each of them from one another.

Using Google People Cards Are Reliable Enough or Not?

google people cards reliability

As the giant Search Engine, Google has asserted that the information shared by the users through Google People Cards will be completely reliable and stable because it allows its users to raise a flag wherever they find any low-quality, offensive, impersonating, abusive, or spammed information.

And that’s why to maintain a cleaner environment with high-quality information Google has put a certain control or number of mechanisms to authenticate the new users before allowing them to create Google People Cards. 

Google People Cards profiles use mobile number for the verification process and allow to build only one Google People Cards per Google Account, so that creation of the fake profile gets controlled.


Google People Cards, a new feature launched by Google India only for the users of India, helps users to make their online presence strong or if they are business-person, influencers, freelancer, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, prospective employees, or anyone else, it helps them to enhance their businesses or to build an appealing and influential professional profile so that they can be discovered easily by the people across the world.

I hope this feature will help the world to find those people, who want themselves to get the top-most position in the search results.

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