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Google Pin for 100% Digital Safety

In the world we live right now, the biggest concern all times has been our digital privacy, stated by many cybersecurity personals of big tech giants been able to protect your self in the digital era has become tougher than ever.

In the past couple of years, we have come across several cases where the data of users have been leaked out of the company, these companies include big names like Facebook and even google for that matter, hence google has come up its Google Pin feature.

With the advancements in the tech world, we have come across devices that regularly track every moment of your life it can be your latest phone or the smartwatch you are wearing.

In the latest years, these devices have become the norm of our life, for example, many people cannot imagine their life without an apple smartwatch on their wrist or don’t prefer jogging without a Fitbit.

Many studies and individual experiments have shown that many of the smartphone devices always keep listening to you to grab data about you. Devices like Amazon Echo or the Apple Siri are always listening to you.

Some studies have also shown that apps like Facebook and youtube continuously listens to your conversations and daily talks so that it can show the advertisements of your interest.

But Google has come up with a way to keep you safe from the harm by online fraudsters and hacker by introducing its safety measure named “Google Pin”

Google Pin – What Is It?

google pin what is

As the majority of the mobile devices in the market run on android, an Operating System run by Google, there have many cases of a hacked phone or hacked account from many users across the globe.

Being able to have a secure and reliable online life is important for everyone out there as more and more people come closer to the internet, with better technology and cheaper markets.

When said about the internet, Google is the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind, this is because Google has been dominating the internet for decades and now it not only controls what you search but rather a person’s whole life. As this tech giant has control over the Android operating systems.

From every place, you visit and every food that you ordered can be tracked and hacked, feel scared, you uploading everything online has made the very meaning of privacy oblivious in nature.

But to keep its users from being exploited and used as bait for gains of some malicious hacker sitting across the continent in a different country or maybe the guy next door, google has come across a simple yet efficient security method.

Using the very simple method of Pincode a unique four-digit discreet pin that is only known to you and no one else.

This method of security allows all the google related apps and devices to have the best authentication, these services include apps like Gmail, Google Docs, and devices like Google Home smart speakers.

Once you understand the creation and setup of this method you can be least worried about your digital wellbeing.


Where can Google Pin be used?

google pin where use

Being a protective measure introduced by google itself Google Pin can be used in many circumstances related to the use of google apps and devices.

Speaking about the apps Google Pin can be used in-app purchases from google play store, making a money transaction from Google’s payment app Google Pay and while setting up Google TV or in the setup of the Roku box.


Being able to use a single pin for many platforms combined makes the use of google pin both easy and dangerous.

Being able to access many apps together if any one of the applications supporting google pin is compromised then there is a risk that the other related applications may also be affected by the same.

Whereas being able to maintain one single password for many applications makes the use of the pin much easier as it one less thing to remember.


Creating Google Pin for the first time

To be able to use the google pin function it is always mandatory to have a google account, this point must have been self-evident but, its our duty to remind the users with conditions.

It is generally the very first step for many google apps to provide the guide for creating a pin however if you have had any problem with that we have here the step by step guide to creating your Google Pin.

  • Search and open the pin section of the Account.
    Google Pin
  • Select the option to create the pin.
    Google Pin
  • Select a Strong Pin and Follow the instructions on the screen.

How to have a Strong Google Pin:

Before entering the pin on the google pin section you have come up with a selection of some strong pin, there are a few key points to keep in mind that may help us to be more secure with our pin selection.

  • Don’t choose your pin which is easy to be guessed like your date of birth, phone numbers, or the house number.
  • Don’t use the pin you have used somewhere else.
  • Don’t use any series of continuous numbers like 1234 or 3456.

Since you have now successfully created a Google pin that is secure and discreet, you are ready to use it for your needs as it may arrive.

Since we humans have always tended to write or store the password and pin codes in physical forms like on a notebook or notepad it is always on the verge of getting compromised so you have the process to change the Google pin at any given point of time.

Whenever the account holder is confused or notices any unauthorized behavior on the account they must immediately change the Google pin.

Changing Your Google Pin is also easy just follow the below-mentioned steps:


How to change Google Pin?

  • Login to your Google account.
    Google Pin
  • Search or navigate for the “Security” option.
    Google Pin
  • In the security search for the “Google Account Pin” option.
    Google Pin
  • You may need to sign in again.
  • Here choose the option to “CHANGE PIN”.
    Google Pin
  • Follow the steps on the screen and click save.

You can further verify the change by logging in again into the account.


Accessing Google Pin on an Android Phone.

Having an Andriod phone you may also have many options of security related to the Google pin and how the user uses it.

Google Pin
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash


On an Android phone, the Google pin acts as an authenticator to your google activities thus being able to monitor any changes in the absurd behavior in your account.

Before using the Google Admin App one thing should be kept in mind that it should be used in association with Google Gsuite and is used by an Organisation.

But using the Google pin is always an option to the user and never a compulsion, However, before using the Google Pin on your phone you should always keep some points in your mind.

  • Google Pin is not a password to log into accounts or manage the settings.
  • It is not the same as your device pin, you may have the same pin however it is not advised to do so.

Before using the Google Pin on an android phone we have to understand that the application is used in merge with the G suit and Google Admin App so you may need to install both of them.


How to choose whether to use Google Pin or not?

For being able to choose between using the option to use Google Pin on your mobile device you may have to go through the following steps:

  • Open your Google Admin App.
  • You may have to log in.
  • Select the menu setting.
  • And toggle the “Ask for Pin” option off/on.

Being able to use the Google Pin on your mobile device thus make life easier.

Similar to the web you can also create and change your Google Pin on your android mobile devices.


Create Google Pin on Android:

  • Open the Google Admin App on your phone.
  • You may have to login again.
  • Select the menu settings on the screen.
  • To create the Google Pin tap on “Set Pin”
  • To change the Google Pin tap on “Change Pin”

Being human beings and robots, forgetting a pin is always a possibility for us, hence there is also an option to recover your Google pin from your mobile devices as well.

Just follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the Google Admin App on your phone.
  • While on the Google Pin page, select the option “Forgot Pin”.
  • Now log in using an email password and follow the steps.

Thus your online security is in your hands and you should do the max to be secure when online using any app or website.

Using the Google Pin Security feature thus may keep you one step closer to security but we have a long way to go and its in our hands how the journey will be our Digital Journey.


How to change Google pin in Google Pay?

Google Pin

Google Pay is an online payment application running in India based on the UPI platform in collaboration with many state and private banks.

Using the Google Pay app for the transaction of money directly from your bank account should always have the best security against any attack, thus Google has integrated the option to use the feature of google Pin on your google pay app.

However, if you forget the pin can be recovered in the Google Pay app using the “Forgot PIN” option.

Google Pin



google pin conclusion

Being in the center of the digital era we are more prone to cyber-attacks than compared to any of our ancestors however it is in our hands how we keep ourselves safe.
Google has come forward in this race bringing Google pin as a next-generation Security feature.
This can be used for online purchase protection from google play or setting up a Roku box and in the Google Pay app.
Being able to set up and create a Google pin from the web following the above-mentioned steps and procedures.

The best part of using Google Pin is that it can be used and accessed from your android smartphone as well.
Thus using Google Pin can be the first step towards digital wellbeing.



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