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How to fix Google Play Store Download Pending Problem – 2023 Update

Have been very much into new applications and the trend of new upcoming social media applications and the awesome games that come in the market every day. Trying these apps out requires them to be downloaded from a good and reliable source.

Also in the advent of new games coming in the market the size of the games has gone from a mere few MBs to a whopping 2 to 3GB in the last few years. Download and installation of these games have also become a very dredging problem.

It’s been many times now that I have been in the place where I have started the download of a game and the Google Play Store Download Pending problem arises for hours and has been the case many times.

After these problems coming up regularly on my phone, I went asking my friends to see whether they have the same problem and soon found that its a common problem, and people are facing the problem of Google Play Store Download Pending.

Now let’s see what are the problems and how the problems can be solved to have a better download experience on the play store.

Causes of this Problem and Resolutions for them

Poor Internet Connection

Google Play store Download Pending poor connection

If you are having the internet connection problem of getting the Google play store stuck on download pending, then it is like the same way your average download hangs around when the internet is cut off.

Many people face this problem when traveling as the reception of the mobile signals get affected based on the location you are on.

While it’s always suggested downloading the applications from the play store at a place where you may find constant good quality network reception as to minimize the problem of Google play store stuck on download pending.

But sometimes when downloading the bigger applications on the move the problem may arise as the play store on your phone may have been set to download bigger files over the wifi and wait for wifi to be connected and then download the game.

Now to come out of this situation you can stop the option to download and update the apps over wifi and use your mobile data instead leading to having the option to download the application when not over a wifi connection.


Enabling the mobile data on your phone, this is the option that may help you download the application and free your problem of Google Play Store Download Pending.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Go to settings and look for Connection or Network and Internet.
  • Now select Mobile Network.
  • Now you can switch on the Mobile Data and Roaming.
  • And now enable data from the Quick Settings.

Huge Load on Mobile Phone

Google Play store Download Pending load

Using the phone for long term brings the load on your phone from the other applications and hardware specs get affected by it, this is when the phone starts to slow down, and however if you don’t give your phone a break the problem of google play store stuck on download pending.

So to come out of the problem we need to provide the phone with a break.


The solution to this problem is to restart your mobile devices on a weekly basis or twice a month this allows the phone to have a resting period and makes the phone go through a cool-down period. What it does is that it allows the mobile device to switch off all the hardware and thus deletes the temporary and cache files.

When the cache files are deleted on your phone they allow the system to restart and in the process, the phone becomes faster and more optimized.

Check Date and Time

Google Play store Download Pending datetime

Sometimes having the change in time and date of your phone may affect the applications of your device. If due to some settings changes in the date or time of your phone doesn’t match the time zone of your place, this may be due to the use of VPN or maybe resettings of the phone.

To avoid the problem of Google Play Store Download Pending due to the problem of time and date you can follow the below-given solution and thus provide a solution to the problems.

If you are using a VPN it’s advised to switch off your VPN services before downloading the application from the google play store.

And if you are not using any VPN services you can try to do the following.

Follow the steps for problems related to date and time

  • Open the settings of your Phone.
  • Find the option named Date and Time.
  • Here check for the option Automatic Time zone and switch on the Toggle option.

Filled up Storage in your phone

Google Play store Download Pending storage

Since you have been installing every other application on your phone and have the unwanted memes from all the social media apps and WhatsApp that you have been saving to send to your friend but have never shared it, now may be the time to get rid of them.

Since installing and downloading the applications on your phone requires an adequate amount of space for installing the application to be free on your device, hence you should look for freeing up space.

If you delete some files and make space for the app to be installed the problem of download pending in google play store will be resolved, but if your space is about to be full anytime soon you must look for other memory options.

All the smartphones nowadays come with the options of the storage manager, which allows the user to view the complete data about the files and what files occupy how much space.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Locate and choose the option storage
  • Now you can view the type of files taking the maximum space.
  • Delete unwanted files.
  • Try to restart the download option.

The other great option that has been provided by Google is using the famous Google files Application that very precisely provides the information about the file to be deleted from the phone, junk memory, and the memory related issue solutions. This app has many great features such as included in the notification of overfilled memory, regular updates on memory usability, recommendations to delete some of the non required photos, videos, and memes.

Along with this it also recognizes similar photos, duplicate videos, and also the unused components, it is smart to file management appliaction along with being the best to manage the storage of your phone.


Huge Cache and Temp Files

Google Play store Download Pending storage

When the cache files or the temporary files of the play store keeps on increasing the problems related to the Google Play Store Download Pending.

These data sometimes don’t allow the phone to download the apps as they take the more memory in the cache and also bring the problem in finding the new application on the play store as well.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Open the settings on your phone.
  • In settings try to find apps option.
  • Now try navigating for the option for the Google play store application.
  • Now click on the clear data.
  • And then select yes.

Marked Account

Google Play store Download Pending accounts

Sometimes the problem is with the account and also many times the account may be signed in another mobile or the computer and thus it makes the account as some times the marked account and thus generates the problem with download pending in google play store.

Having a marked account leads to the problem when it seems as spam for Google and thus the problem arises.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Open the settings on your phone.
  • Select clouds and accounts.
  • Select accounts
  • Then select google accounts.
  • Now logout.
  • Login to the google account.

Auto Update Messing Up

Google Play store Download Pending updates

Sometimes having the auto-update function of the play store on maybe the cause of problems like google play store stuck on download pending.

This may be the reason that the update may have started before the downloading of the application and make the problem of download speed and queuing.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Go to the settings and choose the option of the application.
  • The application opens.
  • Find the hamburger menu on the right top corner.
  • Choose to remove the auto-update option.

Permissions not Allowed

Google Play store Download Pending permission

With the new update of the Android update, the os allows us to have the permissions of the applications to be changed.

However, if you have not provided the proper permissions for the play store the problem of download pending in google play store may arise on your mobile phone.

However to avoid such problems and harassment from the play store you can try to provide the play store with proper permissions as play store is a reputed google application and would bring any risk on your mobile phone.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Open the settings on your mobile devices.
  • Select apps and notifications
  • Now click on the app info
  • Find google play store.
  • And look for permissions
  • Grant all the permissions required for the same.

After providing the permissions there are chances that all the required criteria for downloading the application will be met and you will be able to download the application.

Parental Control

Google Play store Download Pending parental

Many mobile phones have parental control already been enabled in your settings and this may be the reason for the download to be slow or maybe that the download has been stopped.

If you want to be away from the problem of Google Play Store Download Pending it is advised that you check whether the parental control is checked or enabled in the mobile and you can disable the parental control options and allow the download to complete.

You can follow the below-given steps for the solution

  • Open settings apps.
  • Search for Digital Wellbeing & parental Control or just Parental Control.
  • Click on Setup Parental Control
  • And choose to stop the Parental Control.

Parental control is however recommended for the people with a child at home who has access to the mobile device, to safeguard them from any problem with the depths of the internet.


The Google play store has been the most reliable source for downloading the android applications for android mobile phones as the rule for updating the mobile application in the Google play store is very difficult and the steps to download and make the thing more difficult.

The problem Google Play Store Download Pending can be due to many reasons and these problems can be solved using several tactics that have been mentioned in the article above.

Poor Internet Connection

Having poor net connection or trying to download applications in a roaming affected area the download speed becomes very slow and many times even not start.

To come up with the solution to the problem is that you enable mobile data and downloading the application using roaming data in case you are away from your home station.

Load forced on Mobile Phone

Sometimes the load on the phone increase due to the overuse and not being given proper rest the same can be taken in the matter on your hand and you can provide the mobile device some rest.

To allow your phone get rested restart your phone every week or once in two weeks for better performance in general and not making the application in play store stop from being downloaded.

Check Date and Time

Date and time, if changed from the network zone, may affect the downloading of applications and make the download slower and even stopped, one of the reasons can using VPN on your mobile devices.

To solve this problem you can switch off the VPN and enable the automatic time and date function on your phone to make the best option.

Filled up Storage in your phone

When the storage of the phone is completely filled or even left with very little then the application download will become much harder to find what to delete what not making the procedure of freeing up space much tougher than it may sound.

For this, you can go to settings and check the storage pane and become easier to find what consumes the most space.

Playstore Data reset

Restoring play store data will refresh all the old data and make more space for new apps and files thus providing better downloads and easy access.

Remove and SignIn Google Account

If the registered google account is marked or accessed in another device the download can be paused so logging out and then again logging in can be the solution to this problem as well.

Stoping the option of auto-update

When auto-updates are stopped the internet can be used directly for the download of the application and avoid the Google Play Store Download Pending.

Allowing Permissions to play store

When some permissions are not given to the play store it may cause the delay in download and make the pending much longer and in some cases endless.

Checking for Parental Control

By default the parental control is generally activated in the android settings sometimes you may find it and disable it to download the applications required.

Following the above steps and methods the problem of Google Play Store Download Pending will definitely be solved and if you found this article interesting then check out SocialMirror for such interesting Articles.



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