home remedies to treat alcohal hangover

10 Best Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover

Hello readers, today I am gonna tell you few home remedies to treat alcohol hangover, these are few natural home remedies that can be easily followed with available ingredients in the kitchen. In case if you find yourself throbbing, headache, undesirable nausea, feel thirsty so on.

Usually, the human body absorbs a certain amount of alcohol every hour, it depends on your body mass, gender so on. According to the study of Dr. Coupet, when a person intakes alcohol it will enter into the bloodstream just in few minutes and it would be absorbed by the digestive system. Before it is processed by the liver it starts with the stomach, known as alcohol metabolism.

Home Remedies to treat alcohol hangover

Try out these tips to get rid of this hangover after the parties, in order to become normal and overcome a hangover. These tips are explained in the below sections

Have water to avoid dehydration

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - drink more water

The alcohol will often make you dehydrate which is a major cause for the symptom of a hangover. This makes you feel thirsty.

You need to avoid coffee, tea, and other fluids that will dehydrate your body instead have gallons and gallons of water so that it will flush out the toxins from your body.

The amount of water that you intake must be equal to the amount you lose. It is recommended to have little sips of water often and helps you to stay hydrated.

Restore Electrolytes

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - electrolytes

You will lose a lot of electrolytes during this process, so you need to restore this by consuming lemon, or tomato juice with sugar, salt, and pepper. Else you can simply sip water with sugar and salt in it. This is one of the best home remedies to treat alcohol hangover.

Having buttermilk with a pinch of pepper sprinkled will help you to stay hydrated. These electrolytes help you to restore potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Eat nutrient-rich food

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - nutrient rich food

Having nutrient-rich food helps your body’s metabolism. The sugar fructose and blood flow help you to break down the alcohol. It is better to have complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits.

Having bananas could help you much as it is rich in potassium that the alcohol can drain. It is said that a 7-inch banana has 422 milligrams of potassium. You can also try out the smoothie of coconut water and banana, adding honey instead of sugar will be recommended.

Ginger to Ease Nausea

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - ginger

Ginger helps you to have a speedy recovery from stomach upset, it helps to aid digestion. According to a study combining brown sugar and tangerine with ginger helps you to overcome hangover symptoms including nausea, vomiting.

Have a drink the next morning

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - another drink

Having a drink the next morning helps you lessen your hangover symptoms. After you drink alcohol, methanol is converted into formaldehyde, a toxic compound that could be the cause of some hangover symptoms. This methanol is then safely excreted from the body by taking in alcohol.

But this method is not recommended as it is unhealthy habits, as it leads to the development of unhealthy habits and dependencies.

Try to get some sleep

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - get sleep

The consumption of alcohol may affect your sleep time, you do not have good sleep. So you may feel uneasy and headache. This lack of sleep will not cause you a hangover but it will make it worse.

Fatigue, headache are symptoms of hangover that are due to lack of sleep. Getting a good sleep at night will help you to alleviate symptoms and make a hangover bearable.

Avoid medication that causes adverse effects with alcohol

Home Remedies to treat Alcohol Hangover - avoid certain medication

Some drugs will interact with alcohol and increase your hangover. Allergy medication can negatively interact with alcohol, as well. Some medications will interact with body ability and help to break down the alcohol but this may not reduce your hangover.


These are simple home remedies to treat alcohol hangover. All these hacks can be done with the available things in the simple kitchen. Try to have sound sleep, and nutrient food helps to prevent symptoms of a hangover.

It is better to be self-restraint in consuming alcohol and also choosing drinks that are low congeners helps you to prevent this hangover

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