how to connect xbox 360 controller to pc

How to connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC – Easy Steps Guide

Hello readers, are you wondering how to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC? Then you are in the right place! Let us understand first what Xbox is and it’s working before getting into the topic.

Most gamers use traditional tools such as a keyboard and a mouse for gaming purposes which would be a waste of money. Instead, they can use the Xbox controller. So what is Xbox 360 and how does it help? Let us dig deeper into the topic without any further delay before knowing how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc.

What is Xbox?

Xbox is a video game console that can be played at home, developed by Microsoft. Officially announced on May 12, 2005. Xbox 360 is the successor version of the Xbox series. The Xbox allows users to play games online, download a few games, game demo, and so on.

Step by step guide for setting up Xbox 360

how to connect xbox 360 controller to pc full setup

In the next section of the article on how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc let’s know the steps for easy setup of the Xbox 360. You need not be worried about the Xbox 360 gaming console version, as you can set up any.

Tools that you need:

  • Xbox 360
  • PC or monitor
  • Active internet connection with high-speed data(in case you need to connect your gaming console to the internet)

Ubox / Placement: 

Choose an environment where you can place your Xbox and make sure that it does not get overheated.

Power Supply:

Connect the power supply to the console, power cord, power cable into the wall outlet. Connect your PC and Xbox with cable, start up the console. The ring around the power button should turn green and see that Xbox 360 starts up.

How to connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC – Easy Steps Guide

This setup can be done in two ways using a wired controller and a wireless controller.

Using Wired Controller

How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc using a wired controller?

To connect Xbox using a wireless controller you may need to buy HDE wireless receiver or a Komodo wireless gaming receiver, you can buy them at Amazon. Once you got this wireless receiver follow these steps to connect to the PC.

  • Plug the wireless receiver into the available USB port. After completing this step the PC will install few drivers, but still, you need to follow a few steps to complete the process.
  • Visit and download the latest drivers for Xbox 360 controller PC.
  • Install the driver on the PC.
  • Go to Device Manager, right-click on the unknown device under the other device header and then click on update driver software.
  • Select the “Browse my computer for driver software” option.
  • Then pick the opt driver from your computer.
  • Scroll down and choose Xbox 360 peripherals and choose the next button.
  • Choose the latest version of the Xbox 360 controller. Sometimes you may get a warning message that the driver is not recommended. Ignore and continue the next option.
  • Hit the pair button on the receiver and simultaneously hitting the small pairing button.
  • Press the Xbox guide button and wait for the top-right light.
  • Now you can launch the game and enjoy it.

Using Wireless controller

How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc using a wireless controller? Follow these simple steps to install Xbox 360 wired controller on your device.

  • Plug Xbox 360 controller into the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port in the computer.
  • Windows will install all the required drivers. So there is no need of installing additional software except for the updates.
  • You will get a pop-up message that the drivers have been installed successfully. Then you can use the controller.
  • Open a game or Xbox app and test your controller by pressing a button or trigger and move the stick on the controller.

In case the Xbox 360 wired controller has not detected, try out all the USB ports and test it. If the problem continues then check if the windows are completely updated or not. Try to update the windows and then check again. Refer to the documentation and find out how to configure Xbox 360 controller for a specific game.

Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft live gold service allows users to play multiplayer games online. You may need to pay $10/month or $60/year for a subscription. It allows users to play free games every month and discounts on some digital games.

You can also play competitive multiplayer games online with a group of people who are strangers to you. It allows users to access party games and voice chat.

Reasons for using Xbox 360

While we are talking about how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc, let’s know about the reasons why it is a hot topic among gamers. The Xbox 360 has been used, sold out in the market like cupcakes. Here are few reasons why one have to choose Xbox 360 over PlayStation 3

  • Xbox is more secure than PS3 
  • The Xbox 360 controller is better, especially for shooters
  • Better exclusive if you like shooters
  • Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3
  • In the US your friends are more likely to have an Xbox 360
  • Integration with windows and windows 8

how to connect xbox 360 controller to pc pros and cons

Pros of Xbox 360

Of course, just knowing what Xbox 360 is and how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc is not enough, we should always have a reason to choose them. Let’s get through the pros and cons to decide the same.

  • The graphics of box 360 is superior when compared to other users
  • It offers live online gaming with multiple users
  • This service provides a wide variety of downloads for free, along with music videos to some movie trailers.
  • If you like first-person-third-shooter games, it provides you huge benefits.
  • It is a powerful gaming system, that has super computer like performance, PS3 is the most advanced game, in terms of graphics.

All the networks have security concerns, the Xbox 360 is better than PlayStation 3. But the Xbox 360 live has never seen any hacks. This Xbox 360 fits much better into the shape of the human hand and it will be comfortable for the users. 

Games like Skyrim will have game-breaking bugs in PlayStation. This issue is not faced in Xbox 360. Xbox 360 has more players to play the game online in the cross-platform. 

Cons of Xbox 360

  • One of the major drawbacks of the Xbox 360 is casual gamers do not like to spend more money on this expensive toy.
  • It will be more costly when you still decide to buy an HD-DVD drive as well.
  • This game is quite loud when it is turned on.
  • The Xbox 360 console gaming could cause overheat.

Hope you have got a clear idea of how to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc. Now, I would like to conclude that instead of using olden-day devices, we can use Xbox 360 connector for better performance and usage. This helps you utilize resources to the maximum extent. But you can enjoy all these features only after subscription. In the end, you are the one who chooses what is best for you based on the satisfaction levels apart from the price.

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