How to send a voice message

How to send a voice message | 3 Easy steps for Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook

Hello Folks, Welcome to this article. Yes again we come with an article based on Internet things and the title is “How to send a voice message“. Basically, we gonna talk about how you can send voice messages on apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

In this article, I’m gonna cover the steps needed to implement this feature and also will add the videos of those steps to it. In case you face any difficulty, you can also watch the video for knowing “How to send a voice message”.

The voice message is a kind of revolutionary thing from my perspective as it’s too easy to apply. And yes when you feel you need to send somebody a long message quickly then you can use this feature to record your message and send it because it saves lots of your time too.

Some guys who don’t like to talk over calls, then they can send voice messages. And there are so many interesting reasons to send voice messages instead of text messages.

Now, without wasting much time let’s pick up a social media platform from the Table of content and check the steps of “sending voice messages” for that particular platform.

How to send a voice message on Telegram

  • So, start these steps by opening the Telegram App on your mobile device. In case, if you were not a Telegram user, then you should try using Telegram at least once because it is one of the best social media platforms and creating an account on Telegram is very simple and easy.
  • Then, pick a person from your Telegram Contact list.
  • Now, there is a twist here. The twist is, in Telegram, there is a commonplace for the icon of video message and audio message. I mean both features are placed in one place.
how to send a voice message
how to send a voice message
  • You just have to tap on the icon to change it. So, whenever you open the chat box of any particular person, the default icon is of video recording( it might be changed in the next update), so all you need to do is to tap on it and it will be converted into an audio message icon.
  • Now do a long press on the audio icon and it will start recording. Also, you can lock the recording by just sliding the icon upward, so that you don’t have to hold it for so long.
  • And when your recording gets completed, just send it. That’s it, your first audio message has been sent to your friend successfully.

How to send a voice message on Whatsapp

  • So, yes open your Whatsapp app on your mobile device or you can also your Whatsapp Web.
  • Pick a contact member and open its chatbox.
  • In Whatsapp, it is so easy to find an audio message icon. It is just next to the message text box.
  • The process is simple just hold the icon and it will start recording. And if you slide that icon in an upward direction, it will lock the recording, so that you don’t need to hold it for so long.
  • And when your recording gets completed, just send it. That’s it, your first audio message has been sent to your friend successfully.

How to send a voice message on Instagram

  • Quickly open your Instagram App. Actually, Instagram is a fun and worthy platform, because it actually helps many people to earn money also. A large community is building their career on Instagram by earning money from Instagram.
  • Now, let’s move back to our topic. So, open your Instagram inbox and open the chatbox of your friend.
  • The audio record icon is on the left side of your message textbox. The process is still the same just hold the icon to record and lift it up to lock the recording.

How to send a voice message on Facebook Messenger

  • Open your Facebook messenger app and tap on the conversation in which you want to send a voice message or an audio recording.
  • Now, to the left of the message entry textbox, you will find the audio record icon. If that icon is not there, then on the extreme left of the message entry textbox you will see an icon of bracket shape. Click on that icon to open the menu, where you will get the audio recording icon.
  • To record voice messages hold the icon until you finish the recording. And when you finished just leave the icon, it will automatically send your audio message to the recipient.
  • In case, while recording you feel that you don’t want to send this audio message, then just slide the icon upward to point X and when the recording waves turn red, take your finger back from that icon.


So, now it’s time to wrap up the article. As I mentioned in the title, I’m gonna tell you “how to send a voice message” through various social media platforms. So yes, I have fulfilled my commitment, and also to make this process more convenient I’m gonna add the video for the same.

I hope this article will help you. And if yes then it’s time for the return favor. It’s very easy to just share this article with your friends or on social media. If you have any issues or feedback, just write it down in the comment box.

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