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What’s good and new in the iOS 14? – WWDC 2020

WWDC 2020 has brought many new updates in the Apple world. With all the OS’s from Apple having a major update, any OS from Apple that you can name has been changed, some of the major changes have been seen in the iOS 14, iPad OS and watchOS.

With the latest update around a few months prior to WWDC 2020, the Apple iOS 14 has brought many new features to the game and has listened to the complaints of all the users related to the customization of iOS homepage and background, and introduced many new applications in the market of iOS applications.

Many did assume that in the midst of the hard times like Corona and also in the situation of worldwide lockdown, Apple will surely delay the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), but they kept the assumptions aside and made the event live steam and available to everybody, irrespective of them being the developer or not, to encourage more developers in general.

The event started with a great message stating how Apple as an organization stands against racism and what it does to help the black and the brown community in general.

Now coming back to the advancements in the new iOS 14, the company has again raised the bars and proved why this smartphone manufacturer is the best in the market.

Talking about the changes lets start with the new customization features in the iOS home screen.

iOS 14 And The New Homescreen

iOS 14 App Library

From the start of the Apple iOS, the home screen has been the main focus as iOS lacks an active app drawer in the last versions. This has been changed now and now Apple has brought the feature of advanced, to tackle all the other problems.

Since the apps in the modern world increasing with the time and we have many social media apps and also a million apps to do the same thing, the application on our phone tends to clutter up. The worst thing for iOS was that it had all the new applications tend to get jam-packed on the home screen, making it more and more difficult to navigate every time an application gets installed in it.

To tackle this problem the new iOS 14 comes with a new feature called the “App Library”. The new use of the space at the end of the home screen makes the best use of the application management that automatically detects and organizes all the application based on the categories which are far easier to manage and find out, rather than the unwanted stretch of the home screen to many pages.

The “App Library” features make the best use of the inbuilt mobile AI for managing all the applications, making it the best way to navigate the applications in the iOS 14.

The need for this feature arrived as keeping more and more apps made the navigation difficult and any normal human being tends to remember only the first two pages of the home screen making the whole procedure of app navigation a very daunting task.

Now, this feature can be activated using what Apple calls the “jiggle mode”, where we can find all the home screen app layouts and make the selection of the screens that you may want to have, and hiding all the others and make the use of the App library making it much easier.

Alongside this, iOS 14 also made the navigation of the applications in the App Library even easier than ever before. Using the search bar to find the applications, on top of the already grouped applications, and also provided with a suggestions folder.

The Suggestions folder of the App library in the iOS 14 makes the use of the application usage pattern and advises the application that the user is most likely to use, saving much more of the valuable time.

Also sometimes the recently added application doesn’t see the sunlight of the day as they tend to be at the last and hence the App Library has also been provided with a new “Recent Apps” folder making the room for all the newly added applications on your iPhone.

To make it even easier the apps mostly used in the category are at the top and can be accessed using a single tap.

The New Widgets in iOS 14

iOS 14 widget

Up until now the widgets on the iOS tend to be in the sidebar and not in the main screen, which changes now with the introduction of the new widget themes and placing methods all over the home screen making them one of the best features to be introduced in the new iOS 14.

Keeping in mind the small screen being used in the apple watch and the huge amount of information being provided on such a small screen Apple has come up with some great widgets for iOS 14.

The widgets are available at the today view and can be put on the home screen using a long tap and then placing it on the screen. The applications on the screen automatically shift away to make the place for the widget and make the best out of it.

The widget also comes in many varying sizes making the choices even more for the perfect fit that matches your aesthetics.

The widget gallery also gives many new suggestions and the recommendations alongside selecting the application widget in the gallery bring forward the different sizes of the application.

The best function among the widget is the new widget named as the “Smart Stack”, a single widget that can be used as many new stacks and can be used in place of many other widgets covering the home screen.

However this is not it, the smart stack also tracks the movement throughout the day and can automatically change according to the time and frequency of the app being used. Apart from this the widget also allows the user to select among the group which widget to use.

Using The New Picture In Picture Mode

The new OS comes with the best new feature to enjoy entertainment while using the other apps and making the best of both entertainment and the productivity side of life.

Using the picture in picture mode brings a ton of features in itself as well. The best is the viewing of the videos while using any other application and also the resizing feature of the PIP feature- according to the need for the content the window size can be easily changed.

It also brings the feature, where sliding the window on either side of the screen will hide the video and only the audio will be running in the background and make the maximum use of the content consumption, and if not needed then clicking the cross on the right-hand corner will close the video all in general.


The new iOS 14 also brings a change in SIRI where Siri is now better and more productivity friendly.

Siri from the beginning has been consuming the complete screen while it is been activated and the problems with that are that the required information may be hidden in the screen while it is been activated and thus may affect the productivity problems in general.

Now similar to the aesthetics of google assistant, Siri tends to take much lesser space on the bottom and also gives the result of all the queries in the text as well to help those having problems with the auditory function.

Now Siri has much more information from that compared to the past and allows the people to have much more complex questions to Siri and have their queries answered.

The other feature that has been provided is the part where people are allowed to send the voice messages using Siri and make the most of this function and hence make the use of Siri in situations where they are unable to use their phone.

Similar to Siri the Voice dictation feature is been shared by both keyboard and Siri thus also allowing the voice message using the keyboard.

Using Translate For Communication Worldwide

The new iOS also makes the maximum use of the word detection or the natural language processing that helps in the process of recognizing the language and working over it, this function is now being used to make the most out of it by introducing the Translate application.

The Application right now supports only a handful of languages but is believed to grow with the passing time.

The application uses language processing to translate the language from one to another and back, it also provides the function of having the split-screen to make the process easier and let the speaker know where to look while talking to the phone to know what the other person wants to say.

The brand new Conversations

Conversations have become one of the most used features of contacting for a long time, now the conversation has seen many updates that provide many great accessibilities in it.

The new features that been added to the Conversation are the capability to add a better and more interesting Group logo, including the emojis and other images to the group, now this is not the simple Conversation that has got many more things added to it.

The other features are that now you can see the important people to you at top and not go wandering in the list for a long time, the feature has been enabled using the feature named pin where you can pin the conversation at the top and make the most of it.

If chatting in a group and have many people in the group the feature of having the images of every member on the top, and neat looking group logo on the top makes it much more accessible and more intuitive to use, apart from these the use of more improved Memoji makes it even better.

Using The NFC In The New iOS 14

iOS 14 NFC

The NFC has made a new game-changing update in the upcoming iOS 14 now with the help of the NFC you can not only try to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi or make payments but with the upcoming partnership with automobile companies like BMW. Now you can open the car doors just using your iPhone with the help of the NFC and hence this makes one thing less to carry.

With the growing technology, people want to make the amount of stuff they carry on them less and less day by day and thus introduction to this feature is more than welcomed.

Using Tiny Apps On The New iOS 14

Like Android’s Instant Apps, now Apple has come up with a new feature known as the Tiny Apps. These Applications allows the user to install the application for the very moment without being saved permanently on the phone.

This acts as the trial for the application as the application does not need to be completely installed on the phone rather only installed for a small amount of time, and for this reason the apple has come up with the new QR code system that can be scanned directly to use the install the tiny apps.

All of these features made together make the new iOS 14 one of the most feature-rich OS to be introduced to date.


The WWDC event of 2020 has been conducted online and streamed live on youtube for many people and has brought many of a long time wanted features in the new iOS 14 and making the new OS way better than ever before.

To start we have-

The new home screen where you get the functions that can be used with the new app library in the form of new places to find all the apps and make the maximum use of the app gallery.

The next feature comes as the new widget that comes out of the sidebar and directly on the home screen with variable sizes and also the new feature of having stack where many widgets can be accessed with only one of the widgets that may be changed or can automatically change over the time.

Using the new Picture and Picture method to use videos while using any other application and thus having the content and entertainment together.

Among other features, Siri has also seen some of the beauty modification and also the change in the way it interprets with the user alongside the new data being added in Siri for making the search much easier.

Apart from this, Apple also wants to make international communication easier with the introduction of the new Translate App.

Also, the new technology like that of NFC and tiny apps have been enabled here where you can open the door of your new BMW using your iPhone and use the application without permanently installing it.

These are some of the best features we have seen that make the best OS ever.

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