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Jitterbug Smartphone 2 – Best phone for 20th Century Senior Citizen

Worried about the senior of house, the elders when you are away?? GreatCall a US-based company has come up with the best smartphone for the 20th Century smart senior citizens.

A great gift for your parents or maybe your grandparents staying away or staying alone at home while you go to work.GreatCall’s Jitterbug Smartphone 2, brings the simplicity and advanced technology with speed healthcare dialing system in one place, making the best phone out there for the elderly.

Jitterbug Smartphone 2

jitterbug smartphone
Source – greatcall.com

What is GreatCall?

jitterbug smartphone
Source – greatcall.com

GreatCall is a brand based in San Diego, California which started its journey as a company to make the lifestyle easier for the seniors of our society. Regarding the age of the company its a very young company which is only 15 years old based in the USA.

The company started its program of a better lifestyle for senior citizen by introducing its smartphone range the jitterbug smartphone, labeled as the easy to use smartphone for the elderly.

Apart from this they also provide a senior citizen support service with live chat features with professional registered nurses and physicians, with a cellular medical alert system and emergency speed dial numbers.

The idea behind the Jitterbug Smartphone

As GreatCall has always been looking for ways to make the lives of the senior citizens easy, They came up with the idea of an elderly-friendly smartphone. With bigger screen more battery and easy dial features.

As a part of their initiative, they launched the first Jitterbug Smartphone in the market available at various stores and online portals like Amazon and BestBuy.

Looking forward to the response of the first venture they are now back with a more advanced and better than before smartphone for the seniors the Jitterbug Smartphone 2.

jitterbug smartphone
Source – greatcall.com

With the help of the integrated emergency calling system and mobile medical alerts, GreatCall has put so much thought on this smartphone, with easy to use setup the company has brought the complexity of a smartphone to a regular mobile device which is easy to use.

NOTE: This article is not a part of any promotion or paid advertising. These are purely our personal views and the information gained from the internet.

Components in the box

Like any other mobile phone in the market, the Jitterbug 2 comes with the basic components in the box.
The list includes:

  • GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2 prepaid smartphone
  • Wall charger
  • Lithium-ion battery(rechargeable)
  • USB cable
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide

Including only the important components and not the extra accessories allows the use of the Jitterbug Smartphone to be easy and also helps the providers to keep the cost of production and packaging to a minimum.

Features of Jitterbug Smartphone

As the phone is manufactured keeping the seniors as the main focus many features are devoted towards the easy to use and better functionality of the phone like bigger icons, single waterfall mode of menu setting and emergency call buttons.

The features of the phone are explained in detail in the below part if want to get all technical:

The Jitterbug Smartphone 2 comes with a 5.5” Display which makes it easy to handle as the size is perfect for one-handed use neither too big and nor too small.

Talking about the network and wireless it comes with GreatCall carrier which can be transferred to your existing phone number, along with network capabilities including 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, and CDMA2000.

It does includes android as the OS but rather contains GreatCall’s easy to use Proprietary easy to use theme, supported by a 1.5 Gigahertz 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal memory. Along with 10 hrs of Talktime and 7.5 hrs in standby time allowing you to run the phone for one day in a single charge with 3000 milliampere Lithium-ion battery.

Since the phone is marketed towards the seniors in society, having a decent camera does the work so the Jitterbug Smartphone 2 comes with 13 Megapixel rare facing camera.

Coming to the internet connectivity, the Jitterbug Smartphone 2 does allow the connecting to the internet on the phone and makes life, even more, easier with the functions of Google Voice Assistant integrated into the phone.

Talking about the dimensions and weight of the gadget it measures to be 6 inches x 3 inches x 0.3 inches in dimensions and 4.7 ounces in weight. To keep the services and post selling in check the company also provides a 1-year Manufacturers warranty over Parts and also 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty on labor.

Deal breakers for Jitterbug Smartphone

As the main focus of the Jitterbug Smartphone is the elderly the technical drawbacks may not be so important though some of the dealbreakers are:

Not Water resistant:

Being water-resistant is one of the most demanded features to think of for any age group in the market and allows the free use of phones around mildly wet areas of the house like the kitchen and the sink without being worried about getting it wet.

No Annual plan:

This is a point that can be viewed as a pro by some and con by the others, as many users tend to pay the subscriptions annually and relax about delay and reminder whereas many tend to plan every month and try different plans.

No option to change the carrier:

The cellphone carrier on the phone cannot be changed, so people having problems with network issues and carrier problems cannot switch to another carrier.

Where to buy Jitterbug Smartphones?

The GreatCall’s Jitterbug Smartphone 2 can be brought both online and offline markets thus making it one of the most readily available smartphones.

For purchasing it online, head over to GreatCalls official website or, Amazon, Best Buy, Rite Aid and Sears.

To buy the gadget offline you can grab one from a Walmart pharmacy, Best Buy, Sears and other brick and mortar locations.

How to Activate the Jitterbug Smartphone?

Activating the Jitterbug Smartphone is a piece of cake, but to make easier for you we have brought a complete step by step guide.

  1. Press and hold the power button to switch on the device.
  2. On the welcome page press, the “Tap Here to get started” button.
  3. Now you can choose from advanced android and the easy to use jitterbug options, select the second option.
    Press “Continue”
  4. Select the location you purchased the jitterbug from the option.
  5. Select “I don’t know” if you don’t know where you bought it from or if it was a gift.
  6. To activate you can either call the number 888-900-1368 or visit their site online at Activation.
  7. And provide your IMEI number.
  8. Once activated press and hold the power button.
  9. On the welcome page press, the “Tap Here to get started” button.
  10. And add the google account on the next step.

Now since your phone setup and ready to use we have the monthly plans for you to subscribe to use the Jitterbug Smartphone.

Monthly Plans for Jitterbug Smartphone by GreatCall

According to the usage, GreatCall provides 3 categories of packages Basic, Preferred and Ultimate.

Basic: Costing for about $19.99/month includes only basics like 5star call, health and wellness call, brain games and medication reminder.

Preferred: As the name suggests the most preferred package costing $24.99/month provides all functions of basic along with Urgent care live call with professional and caregiver monitoring.

Ultimate: Costing $34.99 includes all functions of preferred along with device replacement on lost and live personal operator assist.

jitterbug smartphone
Source – greatcall.com

How does the Jitterbug’s 5Star button work?

jitterbug smartphone
Source – greatcall.com

The 5star button is always on the display for the use of the user, Pressing the button connects you to an emergency response operator, Once connected confirm your location and soon the emergency personnel is dispatched from the 5star agents. it can be a roadside assist, a locksmith, or a family member for the aid.

The best part is the operator stays on the phone with you until the help arrives.



GreatCall’s Jitterbug Smartphone is ideal for senior members who want to have a phone for more than the function of the call.
Android and other hardware allow them to take pictures, browse the web, and stay connected to family members.
They can also enjoy online shopping and youtube videos.
Being an elderly focused phone has the features of medication reminders, emergency calls, and personal assist helps them stay safe.
Be connected and tension free when on work or staying alone from your parents or grandparents and know how they are doing.
It can be the best gift for the elders you care about.


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