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How to Master Mobile Photography in 2023

Being the always available means of photography and medium of recording our dear mobile phones have become the best means of mobile/portable photography. In recent times the advancements in the hardware and software of mobile phone cameras give them the best quality generating machine.

Being the quality machine not only the newcomers but also many advanced photographers have moved on to having a good mobile camera in their arsenal and proudly declare the tips and tricks in mobile photography and gain the DSLR quality photos through the mobile.

The quality of the mobile camera has gone so far that famous directors like Steven Soderbergh have proven how a complete movie like “High Flying Bird” can be shot on phone and as close to 10 days thus reducing the amount high-grade cameras and time saving both time and money.

Being the best in class the mobile cameras have now moved on a higher place where we now see cameras like 108 megapixels in some flagships and also some mid-range phones good quality cameras are now accessible to everyone.

Being clear on the point of how the mobile cameras have made a marvellous advancement we now move on to some tips and tricks for having great photos from your mobile no matter what brand it belongs unless it is an average mid-range or flagship mobiles you are good to go.

What is Mobile Photography?

DSLR and mirrorless cameras being both expensive and hard to maintain devices many people tend to look for an option that is cheap, easy to maintain and portable and here comes in mobile cameras. In the early 2000s having a camera on a feature-phone was just a novelty, as time went social media sites like Facebook and Instagram grew and brought more and more people on to the internet, where everyone shared all things happening in their life.

To accommodate this demand to capture every moment of a person’s life from the birth of your child, to coming first in the exam, going to a concert or having a happy meal mobile companies started adding good quality cameras in their phone. Many brands started a chain of smartphones based mainly on camera. As this became more prominent many amateur photographers opted for having a mobile with a great camera and hence began the trend of mobile photography. Now if you look into Instagram you can find many who have found their interest and passion in the section of mobile photography.

Is Mobile Photography a thing?

Yes, in the last couple of years mobile photography has become pretty much a thing more of a side hustle hobby for many. New photography aspirants have found their calling in mobile photography and have become great in it. Mobiles have become a powerful photo engine with the camera having the capacity of 108 megapixels and also pack a great software, Phones like the new iPhones and google pixels are well known for their cameras and the camera software they pack with, so much so that many people tend to download Gcam mode for their phones.

Now mobile photography is the best way to gain knowledge and start exploring it as an amateur photographer.



Its 2021 and still many people don’t understand the fact that the megapixel of your phone doesn’t matter, as provident from many reputed mobile brands like Apple and other still having a camera with simple 12mega pixel cameras when we have come across cameras with a whopping capability of 108 megapixels.

You may think what makes it the best camera phone can have with the capability of 12 megapixels, the answer is simple the software and the way the cameras are integrated into the phones.

A pixel in short term is the smallest part of the image saving the data similarly a 12-megapixel camera creates a photo with a size of 12000 pixels 4000pixels wide and 3000 pixels tall, so how does your 12-megapixel camera doesn’t capture the same quality of the image. The answer can as simple as an average software or poor-quality sensor on your phone.

To make you better in mobile photography we bring you with some tips in hand to crush your INSTA game.


No camera can capture a good quality photo if the lens has the oil of the menu you have been gulping the whole day or the fabric of your jeans. The first thing that can be done to have a good quality is just cleaning the lens of your camera. You can be all OCD and carry all those fancy microfiber cloths or your t-shirt will as well.

Consider it as your eye being covered in all dirt and filth how pretty maybe the scene in front you may never see it until you clean your eyes, similarly clean your phone’s eyes and make them have their fair share of a good view of this world.

Believe us doing this simple step will bring a great change in the quality of your photos.


The camera software’s on your mobile also matters in creating a marvel from those cameras. Understanding these software’s and going through all the options and making yourself familiar with the software will help your mobile photography game in another level as it allows you to know the type photos you can take from your phone and what settings are unique to your phone and what options to toggle at a given particular time of day or for a particular lighting condition.

Being familiar with the software helps you being fast and well equipped so you don’t miss out on important moments adjusting your camera settings.


Many times, installing third-party software may also result in having a great photo as photo rendering said in earlier parts of the article are greatly affected by the software of your mobile. Many times, it has been found that installing apps like Gcam and 360camera may help in creating a photo as they follow the algorithms created to have a great photo and gain the maximum of your phone.

Many professional photographers’ advice to have a third-party camera being installed on your phone and having it calibrated, you can switch between cameras and find out which one suits you the most as your preferences may change based on your phone and type of photos being clicked.


Being able to capture in manual gives you an added advantage, as shooting in manual allows you to have a full 100% control over the type and properties of the image you want to capture.

Having the control of the image like the exposure and white balance allows you to have control over the quality of the image provide you with the image quality similar to that of a DSLR.


With some of the apps coming up in the play store and Appstore like the lightroom allows you to capture the images in raw format, Benefits of shooting raw over the jpeg is that a raw captured image allows you to have complete control over the colors and the exposure in the post edit and creates a large spectrum of edits and controls you can have over the quality of the image in post edit.


Being placed on the edges of the body of mobile the phone in your hand some times changing the perspective of the image and capturing the same image from various points may further help in having a changed point of view.

Many times, its seen that having a changed point of view creates for the best photos of all times and thus makes you a champion in mobile photography.

Having a changed point of view also broadens your vision as a photographer.


Many world-class photographers always advise us to shoot the images based on some of the compositions that have been laid out by the photographers by time.

We list some of these compositions but remember the photos you take should the one you like so you are welcomed to break some of the rules or create your own.


Capturing the image of rule thirds is mentioned as splitting the frames into 3 parts horizontally and 3 parts vertically with the help of grids, you can, however, enable these features in your phone browsing through your setting in your camera app.

Now to obey the rule of thirds the subject of your image should be on any of the four intersecting points of your frame, however, you should remember that major part of the frame should be the one faced by the subject.

This composition thus allows to bring a wider frame and also brings more mystery in the photo, if taking a portrait image following the rule of thirds allows you to have a better image relatability.

third mobile photography


The human brain is developed in such a way that having an odd number of objects in a photo makes it more attractive and hence it’s advised to have an odd number of objects in the frame.

This type of imagery is generally accepted to be better in food photography or object photography.


To glorify your subject in the image or the frame the subject can always be placed at a point where some lines meet these providing a guideline for your eyes to focus on the subject.

These types of images a common in model photography and calendar photoshoots, these images have the subject in bold and lines guiding you to the subject.


These types of Images are better for the photoshoots of the old monuments. This composition is achieved when the subject is captured in between a frame or through a frame like a door or a window, a hole in the wall or through the leaf and other forms of objects which may create the perception of a frame within a frame.

These types of images capture both the subject and the amazing surroundings of the image.

frame mobile photography


These are the most common way of photography in amateur photographers, where the subject is positioned in the dead center of the image.

These are great for headshots and capturing facial expressions and emotions of a subject thus proving to be used most commonly is one of the most overrated compositions captured hence changing into another form brings a better photo.

center mobile photography


Capturing the best photo may be your only aim but enjoying your surroundings, and being in the moment is also an important part of being a great photographer. Some photographers do agree that they don’t share all their photos and keep some for themselves hence enjoying the moment is the first and most crucial part of being a good photographer.

If you’re not able to enjoy the moment you can’t be a good photographer as you have to know what is important and valuable at that moment and hence be in the moment.

enjoy mobile photography

How can I learn about Mobile Photography?

Apart from these above-listed points and guide you can also follow several sources available on the internet from YouTube to Udemy and other sources, if interested can follow influencers like Peter McKinnon(@petermckinnon) and James Thomas(@allsortofskies), Chris Hua(@thechrishua) and many more on Instagram and also join small communities on Facebook and Instagram to expand what you know and also gain knowledge from others.

Which Mobile is Best for Mobile Photography?

Since now you know the tips and tricks to make the click the perfect picture following the Mobile Photography Tips above, you also come across the point that taking  a good photo can be done using any good quality phone but we have also came to know that camera software also matter so we have brought you the list of some great mobile photography phones

  • iPhone 11Pro and 11Pro Max:

With the standard 12-megapixel camera the new iPhone also comes with the 12-megapixel telephoto and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens with the best camera software so far on a mobile device.

  • Huawei P30 Pro:

Known for its camera performance and immensely perfect camera setup makes it one of the best camera smartphones in the market right now. It holds a 40Megapixel f/1.6 Main camera along with an 8Megapixel f/3.4 telephoto lens and a 20Megapixel f/2.2 Ultra-wide lens with the ToF technology for perfect focus and depth sensing.

  • Google Pixel 4:

Most know as the best camera on an Android phone along with great specs and durability Google phones have the best camera software with the best algorithms and hardware. It has 12.2Megapixel f/1.7 Main camera with 16Megapixel f/2.4 Telephoto lens and has Optical Image Stabilization.

If you are interested to know more about the best mobile photography phone you can check this article where we have mentioned more about the best camera smartphones Best Camera Phones in 2021


So, what does it take to be a champion in mobile photography?

  • Understanding megapixels doesn’t matter.
  • Cleaning the god damn camera lens.
  • Understanding the camera software on your phone.
  • Trying a third-party software.
  • Shooting in raw.
  • Changing your perspective.
  • Following rules of composition like the rule of thirds and frame in frame.
  • And most important enjoying the moment.
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