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How To Make Telegram Stickers | Complete Guide In Just 2 Steps

Hello friends! Are you wondering how to make telegram stickers easily, then you are in the right place! Today I would like to familiarise you with how you can make telegram stickers. If you guys don’t have a Telegram Account then check out our previous blogs on How to create a Telegram Account? You will have real fun creating your stickers and using it, so without delay let us get into the topic.

How To Make Telegram Stickers?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging social media app where you can share text messages, files, videos, audios, stickers, images, and so on.

Telegram has several features apart for this like self destruct media, secret chat, large filesize limit, global message deletion and customization. You can also make your own stickers for communicating. Let us see how to make telegram stickers in just two steps:

Step1: Create/Design stickers

make telegram stickers create design

You need not be an expert in graphic design to create a sticker in telegram. If you are pro in graphic designing and know some best photo editing tools then that would be an added benefit, but do not let it go if you are not aware of it.

  • Find the image that you want to turn in to a sticker.
  • Make the background transparent by removing it.
  • Fit the image to 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Add white stroke and black shadow so that it will remove all the borders like a proper sticker and make the sticker visible better on chat background.
  • Each sticker must be a separate image file. Designing and uploading them is easy on the desktop than on mobile. Where you can use telegram for Windows or Mac or Web also.

You can also use sticker maker apps for designing the stickers in telegram such as Stickery, Stickergram where you can make customized stickers.

Stickers design requirements

  • The picture must be in .png format.
  • It should be 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Every picture should be a distinct file.
  • It must be sent as an attachment, not as a picture.

Be Copyright Aware

There is copyright infringement in designing the stickers so you need to be careful while designing it. You cannot use movie quotes for creating stickers as those are treated as copyright infringement. Your sticker pack will be removed from telegram if the copyright owner complains.

Step2: Upload Through Telegram Sticker Bot

make telegram stickers upload

Telegram Sticker Bot will help you to make telegram stickers packs from images. This can also give you some usage stats for your stickers. Telegram will store the bot sticker robots that offer the best sticker printing in the world. If you try uploading the images using the camera icon it will get rejected.

If you want to make your first sticker as the icon for the pack then type “/skip“, and add your first sticker. The telegram will provide you with the URL, which can be shared or can be used to add more stickers.

How To Find Telegram Sticker Bot

After designing the stickers, to roll out your stickers, you can find the telegram sticker bot in two ways. The first way is by using the link and the other way is to open telegram and type “stickers” into the search field. Click on the chat then you will see the list of commands that you can use.

How to Use the Telegram Sticker Bot

To use the telegram sticker bot, go to the left of the attachment icon, there you will get a box with a slash inside it. By tapping on that option you will saw everything you can do like adding a new pack, adding a new mask, adding new stickers, removing stickers from the pack, and so on.

If you want to add the one you memorized manually. You can do that by adding the first few letters of the option or by swiping up on the options that appear first.

Steps To Upload Stickers Through Sticker Bot

The sticker bot makes it easy to upload and publish your designs. To use it follow the below-described steps:

  • Type the command “/newpack” and hit enter.
  • Then the telegram sticker bot will ask you for the name of your pack. Enter the name and send it.
  • Click on the File icon to upload your first sticker. It is important to upload it as a file and not as a photo. Note that if you use the camera icon, the bot will reject that image.
  • The sticker bot will ask you to assign an emoji to your sticker. You have to choose an emoji that matches the sticker best and hit enter to send it. The telegram recommends not more than two emoji per sticker.
  • Repeat these steps for every telegram sticker you want to add.
  •  When it is done, type “/publish” command and sent it.
  • If you need to add an icon for your sticker pack, upload it in the same way as you did for the images that were uploaded earlier into the bot. If you don’t need an icon then sent the “/skip” command, in this case, the first sticker will become an icon for this pack.
  • At last, sent the bot a short name for your sticker pack to be used in the URL. For example “NiceDay”, so the URL will be like “”.

All sticker bot command

Once you find your telegram sticker bot, tap on the start button to see a list of commands that helps you in uploading and publishing your stickers.

Stickers and masks

  • /newpack – Used to create a new sticker pack.
  • /newmasks – Used to create a new pack of masks.
  • /addsticker – Used to add a sticker to an existing pack.
  • /editsticker – Used to change emojis or coordinates.
  • /ordersticker – Used to reorder stickers in a pack.
  • /delsticker – Used to remove a sticker from an existing pack.
  • /delpack – Used to delete a pack.


  • /stats – Used to get stats for a sticker.
  • /top – Used to get the top stickers.
  • /packstats – Used to get stats for a sticker pack.
  • /packtop – Used to get sticker packs top.
  • /topbypack – Used to get top stickers in a pack.
  • /packusagetop – Used to get usage stats for your packs.
  • /cancel – Used to cancel the current operation.

How to use and add stickers in Telegram

Telegram does not have a sticker store or other way for people to browse all existing stickers. It means that the pack will gather nothing till you and your friends start sending the stickers that you designed or created.

When you hit the pack URL, you will see two ways to start sharing your telegram stickers.

  • Share: This will forward the link of your pack to a Telegram contact or groups of your choice.
  • Add stickers: This will add the pack to your collection so that you can send individual stickers to your Telegram contacts. Your friends can then see and add the pack by tapping on the sticker you sent. This is how you can expand the use of stickers designed by you.


Sharing stickers instead of emojis and expressing your feeling and emotions is one of the best ways to communicate. Telegram has its advantages. By knowing how to make telegram stickers the users need not to install any other additional apps on their mobile that can take up your valuable storage.

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