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How to Get the Best Music for Podcast for FREE?


The spread of the internet has created so many opportunities for people to share information all over the world in a much faster and easier way than ever before, and the podcast has been one of the best ways to do that. However, being able to produce a podcast brings lots of challenges and one of them is music for podcast.

The pain to obtain free music for the podcast has been of the most painstaking work for many of the new podcasters who want to get big in the game. Getting music for the podcast can be a challenge and also may cost a big chunk of money even before the podcast gains its popularity, making it one of the most costly purchases for the podcast.

Many new podcasters look for cheaper and more pocket-friendly options for making the music, for their podcast and if you are the lucky ones who know how to play an instrument then you may even make your jingle without paying any money for that.

Now for the unlucky ones who want to make or get the music for podcasts for free we have some solutions for you.

But before knowing about the resources and how to obtain them, let’s look at what is a podcast for the people who are new to the podcast world or the people who have been living under the rock for the last couple of years.

What Is A Podcast?

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The podcast is the new way of sharing information in the world of the internet, and people are gaining the leverage of the new source of information in the most beautiful way.

A podcast is a way of knowledge transfer using the medium of audio and streaming it over the internet many new brands have played the key role in bringing up this new form of knowledge transferring platform like Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify and even Amazon Audible.

The advantage of having audible information transfer is that people can access them while they are busy in other work like driving, cooking, commuting, and other daily chores of the day thus making the process of information gaining much easier and faster than any other form of knowledge transfer.

Since the outburst of the podcast, many podcasters have started their own methods of making the podcast where it may contain the interviews, reviews, and also one person giving talks about the regular niche of the podcast.

Since podcasts are done on a series and not as one big audio file, the engagement of the podcasts is more, as they interact and provide content on a regular basis.

Gaining the audience in the podcasting world is much easier and better as people tend to come back to the particular podcast if they follow their niche.

Thus if you are an expert in your niche you may start a podcast and become successful, and if the niche is very different and comparatively new in the market you may be lucky enough to become one the famous ones out there and gain lots of popularity.

Why Music For Podcasts Is Important?

To understand the importance of music for podcasts, let’s understand the very basics of the Podcast Running Culture.

Podcasts are generally audio-based information sharing where only a few high-quality content creators create podcasts both in audio and video formats for youtube and other video streaming websites. This is because producing an only audio podcast is more efficient and also cheaper with no cost for cameras and also the hassle of editing and post-editing.

This massive backlog of not having a video makes it difficult for all the podcasts to stand unique and special. Thus the selection of the audio for the introductory jingles or the background sounds is more important.

You may think as if the music for podcasts is as important as the introduction track in a youtube video or you may also mark it as the intro sequence of the leading actor in the movie.

The importance of music for podcasts is hence been presented here, let’s also look at some problems that the new podcasters have to face to add music for podcasts.

Problems In Adding Music For Podcast

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Since the music industry is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, having to get the permissions to have music from an artist or a label makes the task very tough and sometimes even to the verge of getting exhaustive. Creating new music is not an easy task to accomplish and maintain the finances for that, is much more donating task in general.

These problems thus make the situation much more problematic for the podcasters to produce and generate music for jiggles or the background music in general. Thus, getting a piece of unique and distinct music for podcasts is among the most important jab jobs.

Places To Get Music For Podcasts For Free

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Since we have already presented all the information about the problems the new podcasters face when looking for new music for podcasts, now the question arises where can we get the music for free?

If you are a new podcaster looking for music production of your podcast then fear not we have got you covered. We have brought a list of sites that allows the music for free allowing the application of music for podcast.

Google Podcast – Royalty Free Music For Commercials

Starting with the most reliable source of music for podcasts, we have Google Podcast with the option to provide Royalty-Free Music for podcasts or commercial purposes.

The only thing that you need to do is to have the free subscription on the Google Podcast with the specific channel and then download the audios for the commercial uses.

Google has always tried to make the lives of content creators easier on its platforms like Youtube and similarly on the Podcast. In this form, the content creators have been provided with free high quality and best formated of audios for both the Youtube videos and also for the Podcasts made by the best musical groups.

Since this is provided by the best company like Google, having some other options and choosing other companies is one of the stupidest things to do, but I bet that many may like to have other links as well to have more options available for the music work of your podcast.


Next comes the Site Icompetech which is made with the sole motivation to make the music for podcasts and other media like youtube or maybe the Instagram videos, much easier than ever before.

The music has become the most common point of failure for many podcasts and the way the podcasts designing process, where sometimes the valuable content of the podcast is ready but the music isn’t and thus making the process elongated in the longer run.

Thus keeping that in mind Icompetech has come up with several musical pieces for the content creators of all platforms making the lives of these people much easier.

But since it’s very well known that for all the musical pieces the rights are with the creator of the music lines, providing credits is one of the most important tasks to do here, and for any reason, if you are not willing to provide the credits then the small licensing fees can be paid to not provide the credits.

Silverman Sound Studios

From the list of some of the best music composers, we have Silverman Sound Studios. Like Icompetech Silverman also provides some great sound compositions for the content creators online with the stability and greatest sound quality.

The function or the quality that makes Silverman standout is the function to find the perfect toned and compositions you would want and make the best out of your search.

Silverman uses the tags as a filtration method to find the best soothing and matching tone for your podcast or the videos, these are also free for commercial use similar to the other websites.

Also similar to the other website is the use of credits as the currency. As the music is free but composers tend to find it better if they are given the credits, if not wanting to provide the credits the non-attribution fees can be bought at a very low price.

 Free Music Archive

Very evident from the name, the music available here are “FREE” and safe to use. It was also among the sites that were made with the sole motive to make the lives of the content creators much easier and hustle free in nature.

The main motive here is to provide the music for the content creators and also provide the musicians and players their fair chance to grow and become the better ones out in the market.

They wanted to make the life of content creators and musicians easier by increasing the reach of each person in the exchange of due credits and make the best out of it.

The new podcasters have the best opportunities for making the best use of this website in finding music for podcast.

Purple Planet

Apart from a very cute name, this is a very useful website for the people who are planning to make more than one season of the podcast along with varying intro music or different background music for different seasons making the audio experience of your Podcast more enriching and engaging.

Since we have spoken about the multiple seasons in the above section, the site provides a wide range of audio tracks and loops but from that, the site is also very well known for its bundle mix where a list of similar-sounding audio are bundled to form the complete package for multi seasoned podcasting experience.

Very similar to the above-listed websites all the music are absolutely free with the exchange of the credits.


Another heaven for the new podcasters who want to make it big in the podcasting industry and want music for podcast.

One of the most organized and well-managed sites that provide a collection of the best music for podcast and other online content. It is the best site for any content creator looking for music for intros or the background.


The pain of the new age podcasters has been very hard as the best means to provide knowledge on the internet faces the crises of some good quality music for the introduction and background melodies.

The production and release of these podcasts thus face the extended delays and sometimes also never show up as it is very difficult to find good quality free or even simple cheap music scores for the podcast.

The music in the podcast is therefore one of the most important aspects as it makes the podcast stand out and make the difference.

Since the creation of music and licensing is done on the musicians or the artist favor, gaining the license to such musical pieces makes the process of podcasting much more cost heavier in general thus, increasing the motivation of the podcasters.

To fight this problem many websites have come up with the idea of providing Royalty-free music for the content creators in general thus making the process of podcast making and also making other content much easier.

The only deal with these sites is that they require you to provide proper credits and not make the artist suffer for the credits as the artist on these sites only make the tracks for credits and not money, and for any reason, if you are not interested in providing proper credits then you may buy the licenses for these websites at a very minimal amount.

Now if you are planning to make a new podcasting series for yourself and become the new podcaster fear not, the music for podcast is available on these sites and are ready to use.

Below is the list of websites we have discussed in the above sections of the article.

  • Google Podcast – Royalty Free Music For Commercials
  • Icompetech
  • Silverman Sound Studios
  • Free Music Archive
  • Purple Planet
  • Zapsplat

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