High Potential Crypto to Buy in 2021

High Potential Crypto to Buy in 2023 | Described Completely with Past Performance

Hey folks, we are back with this most interesting topic buzzing all over the world, yes you read right, we are gonna discuss some cryptocurrencies and their strong fudamentals. So, if you are looking for “Which crypto to buy in 2021”, then this article might help you.

But before you jump into the main content, I personally urge you to just read these points, as this article is not fun but investing money is a serious concern. So, don’t do your crypto investments by someone’s influence or research. Be your own mentor and analyze how things are working.

We will mention many cryptocurrencies here only on the basis of the strong fundamentals they have but we personally directly or indirectly are not promoting these cryptocurrencies. This article cannot be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research before putting your money into such stuff.

Things you should know before thinking about which crypto to buy in 2021:

Things you should know before thinking for which crypto to buy

  • You must hear from many people that, don’t go for cryptos they will make you lose all your saving or any other negative things. See, what we need to understand is crypto has the same amount of risk and profit that other financial services have. But the thing you need with crypto is the same amount of research, patience, and hold as you put in the stock market or gold, or any other stuff.
  • Currently, you must have seen a few people’s statements manipulating the price of crypto. But that effect is very limited or for a shorter period. You can use that period to invest more as the crypto facing a dip. Most of the time these dips help in getting your favorite crypto at a lesser price.
  • The next point is don’t consider anyone’s personal research to decide what crypto you should buy. Same with this article only consider this article to enhance your research.
  • Here in this article, we will only talk about the past performance, crypto’s future predictability and on these factors, we have brought crypto coins for your considerations.

We have divided these cryptocurrencies into the following categories. And these are like the first category where we have big heads of crypto’s, in the second we have those coins who are new but have strong potential to run far in the good return game. So, let’s move to the main part which is “What are the top Crypto to Buy in 2021”

Top Crypto to buy in 2021: High-Profit Probability

    1. Bitcoin:

Crypto to buy - Bitcoin BTC

Yes, it’s true that still if we talk about cryptocurrency anywhere in the world, we must hear the name of Bitcoin. And it is justified that if we also consider Bitcoin as the origin of cryptocurrency. At present, the total market value of Bitcoin is $670,695,791,164, and in April 2021 it crosses the per Bitcoin price of over $60000. That is really huge!

You must have heard that story, many years back a person gives 10,000 bitcoin for just two pizzas. And now people facing difficulty to buy some decimal amount of one Bitcoin. And that just happen because of its largest user network.

At present, all financial and capital hold is supervised by some governmental organizations, and to avoid this invention an anonymous person named him or herself “Satoshi Nakamoto”  and published a solution as a peer-to-peer transaction system and this system gave birth to Bitcoin, if you have more curiosity to know about Bitcoin, you can refer to this Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page.

Points that will make you buy Bitcoin in 2021:

  • Bitcoin still has a high and rapid successive rate after facing many dips. In Dec 2020 its the price was $20000 and in Feb 2021 it crossed $50,000.
  • Currently, the whole world is facing this pandemic crisis and as of results many people affecting, so if you have some fun money ( money that doesn’t affect your living), then you can invest here so you might get some got return at the end of this year.
  • Bitcoin has faced many dropdowns for many years, but people don’t analyze this dropdown properly. See whenever a drop-down held, it will raise the demand also, that’s why if Bitcoin faces a dip, then it will also increase its demand and as of result, its price goes more after a dip.
  • Another reason is it has the trust of its current users and Bitcoin is still in trend after so many years.
  • The supply of Bitcoin is limited, that’s why it is inflation-proof. Only 21 Lac, Bitcoin can be mined.
  • If you are thinking, it is too late to buy Bitcoin, then just think this way, in last year when Bitcoin was at $20,000 people at that time also thought that it is now too late but in just 4 months Bitcoin crossed the mark of $60,000 which is more than double return.

Things on which you should be conscious before buying Bitcoin in 2021:

  • If you are someone who is thinking to invest in the shorter term, then Bitcoin in this case is highly volatile. As its, price is going up and down very rapidly.
  • Still, after 12 years of Bitcoin, many experts believe that crypto is not a usable currency or a commodity, as of Gold and Silver.

    2. Ethereum:

Crypto to buy - Ethereum ETH

If Bitcoin is considered as Gold, then Ethereum grabs the position of Silver. So, basically, Ethereum offers a public database that actually stores a permanent record of digital transactions. Transactions that are not regulated or maintained by any authority or governmental organization. If you want to study how it works, you can refer to this article on How Ethereum Works.

See, as an investor or trader of crypto, you don’t need to know the depth of its working, you just need an idea of it, that’s why I don’t want to confuse you with a lot of technicalities. But instead of this, we can see its statical-based Infos. As of now, its total market value is $287,612,051,559 and its price is $2,375.69 (May 2021).

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, currently, his net worth is $14 billion. At the age of 27, he became the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.

Points that will make you buy Ethereum in 2021:

  • Ethereum has a wide area of usability just like other big crypto’s. So, as you know this fact that if the demand and supply of any crypto will rise, its price will also go up. Same with Ethereum.
  • Right now, Ethereum ranked 2nd in the list of market value, just after Bitcoin. So, it has that quality to be in buzz.
  • Growing in a stable manner, just like an actual currency. And this stability was seen in the past during various dips.
  • It is not just a limited blockchain technology for cryptocurrency, but it is developed in such a way that it can use be used in various app developments. So, that Ethereum should always in a shifting mode.
  • Ethereum’s unregulated finance system named Defi(decentralized finance) is gaining new plus every day which eventually a good sign for the long growth of Ethereum.

     3. Litecoin:

Crypto to buy - Litecoin LTC

According to Litecoin.org,

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Litecoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.

The current market capital of Litecoin is $12,200,346,937 and the price as of June 2021 is $182.73 and these stats make him stand third on our list. If we talk about the age of Litecoin, it is one of the oldest coins in the crypto world. Litecoin bears many things the same as Bitcoin does like both Bitcoin and Litecoin has fixed supply and Litecoin also have that block reward system. Proof of work is also found in both coins.

Points that will make you buy Litecoin in 2021:

  • Litecoin is getting more firmed and rigid as the developers regularly doing activities in it. It has the digital scarcity feature which increases the LTC’s futuristic value.
  • Now, Litecoin has high network stats as, it has 100,000+ active addresses, and is processing nearly 40,000 transactions every 24 hours.
  • After that Lee’s case with Litecoin results it’s a major breakdown. Litecoin is still stood back, which means public sentiments are reverting back and at a gradual pace it also gaining social mentions. And these are positive signs for its growth.
  • If you can hold your stocks in Litecoin for a minimum of 4 to 5 years, then the chances of massive returns are possible. But see this is still a prediction, so took is responsible. My main point is Litecoin only be profitable if you can hold on to it, otherwise, it wouldn’t reward you that much in a short period.

     4. BNBBinance Coin:

Crypto to buy - Binance Coin BNB

You must have heard of the Binance exchange, this BNBBinance Coin is the native token of this exchange. This token coin becomes so popular because the Binance exchange is the world’s biggest crypto exchange. The current market capitalization of the BNBBinance Coin is $52,995,862,214 and the price is $346.02(June 2021).

Points that will make you buy BNBBinance Coin in 2021:

  • The strongest point to trust in BNBBinance Coin is that it is backed with the world’s biggest crypto exchange, so the probability of profit rise here.
  • This coin is not just limited to single-use. When it is launched, Binance had continuously added other useful features, to attract more users, and with a number of new ones being added.
  • BNBBinance uses a special feature to raise its value and this feature is Quarterly token burn. According to coinisseur.com, In short, every quarter 20% of profits are spent to buy back and subsequently burn the tokens (send them to an address that cannot be accessed). It’s a mechanism often used to increase the value of each coin by decreasing supply. 
  • In the last year 2020, Binance also had introduced a card named Binance Card, you can use this card for your regular payments plus much more. It works the same as your debit card, so now you don’t need to worry about your financial expenses, as now you can use your crypto investments for your regular payments.
  • To make BNBBinance coin a strong contender, Binance has used it as collateral for a decentralized finance (Defi) platform named KAVA offering collateralized loans.

Top Crypto to buy in 2021: Low Price and High Growth Probability

      1. Cardano:

Crypto to buy - Cardano ADA

Now, we are in the second category of this article “Which crypto to buy in 2021”.

This crypto coin is a result of a decentralized community in which many scientists, engineers, and thought leaders have contributed to creating Cardano. These people have united with a common goal to create a platform that will process a high number of transactions at a low cost.

And this results, that it gains new investors very rapidly. It also has an interesting fact and it is like Cardano is one of the few cryptos which is used by some government organizations. The current market capitalization of Cardano is $53,449,601,458 and its price is $1.67(June 2021).

Points that will make you buy Cardano Coin in 2021:

  • This Cardano coin helps in authenticating and validating the origin of product supply. So, it helps to identify fake products. And it is believed that it will increase its demand and if demand goes up, then the price will also go up.
  • It has many staking options.
  • It also assists in your credential approval, so it has a wide use case.

     2. Polygon Matic:

Crypto to buy - Polygon MATIC

Right now it is one of the buzzing crypto topics. In the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, they charge high transaction fees due to the congestion effect. So, to tackle this problem Polygon Matic act as a sidechain and help these cryptos to reduce their transaction fees. The current market capitalization of Polygon Matic is $11,607,727,381 and its price is $1.84(June 2021).

Just understand this concept by this point, that Polygon provides an extra platform to reduce the extra load on main cryptocurrency’s transactions. The concept of Polygon Matic has got a great applaud because of its unique and effective concept. This concept allows you to get rewards from mainstream cryptos with a low transaction fee.

Points that will make you buy Polygon Matic in 2021:

  • Supported by many big enterprises by its great potential.
  • Its sidechain role recognized as much profit in the future, as many companies will acquire this concept.

   3. Vechain:

Crypto to buy - Vechain VET

This is the last coin of the list named under “Which crypto to buy in 2021”.

Vechain is actually a very old project, started late in 2007, but when they start succeeding in their project they launched its coin. Vechain got the limelight in the year 2017 when Vechain got the 22nd position in the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies. The current market capitalization of Vechain is $7,826,068,928 and its price is $0.1218(June 2021).

To facilitate the physical-world industrial, Sunny Lu and DJ Qian started Vechain where they used the blockchain-based solution for industrial-based problems. If we further divide the industrial solutions, then its primary focus is on supply chain solutions.

Points that will make you buy Vechain in 2021:

  • Recently, awarded as a 5-Star Blockchain Service Provider by a government-trusted certification company named TÜV Saarland.
  • It has high usability cases in such an earlier stage.
  • Its working project has more diversity and potential and yet the price is low.

Conclusion: Crypto to Buy in 2021

So, ya it’s wrapping time now. I am pretty much sure that you must be thinking of a pinpoint conclusion. Like, I am going to point on a crypto coin, which has high chances to revert you with high profit, but no, I can’t. I can’t be fully conclusive on one thing and this is because the crypto market has performed unpredictably in the past and nobody really knows how it will act in the future.

It’s to your benefit if you do your own research and even you can contact some kind of financial advisor before putting your money in cryptocurrency. I hope you liked this article as we try to solve this puzzle on “What Crypto to Buy in 2021”. At SocialMirror, we always try to bring something new and socially interesting, the purpose is just to put some value in your day-to-day life.

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