how to recover deleted photos from iCloud

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iCloud? – 5 best methods


Photos are the time machine that takes you to the time and place where the photo was taken, bringing back all the memories and the emotions, the happiness, or the sadness you felt when the photo was being clicked.

As the world advanced in technology the way we store our photos has also changed, gone are the days when we used to have big old photo albums but rather we have gone back to the digital equivalent of albums the online storage like Google Drive or the famous iCloud, but knowing how to recover deleted photos from iCloud is very important.

Being digitally saved in cloud storage these photos are on more danger of being lost by mistakenly deleting or maybe a hardware malfunction, so here we have brought you some methods on how to recover deleted photos from iCloud.


How to Recover Deleted Photos from iCloud?

The following steps we are going to discuss all will be applicable for any iPhone above iPhone4.

Using the Photos App on your Phone.

iPhones being very famous for their camera line up have a great gallery app and all the captured photos are saved on the photos app, if the photos are however deleted due to some mistakes and you want to recover it then the photos app must be the place you should look for.

Follow these steps to know how to recover deleted photos from iCloud using your photos app:

  • On your go-to “Home” menu.
  • Select and open the “Photos” app, opening the application will show you a number of albums and photos on your device.
  • Navigating the app you will find the folder named “Recently Deleted”.how to recover deleted photos from iCloud
  • This folder contains all the photos you have deleted and remain in the gallery for about 40 days before permanently deleting.
  • Here you will find the list of all the deleted photos, you can click to select the photo or select photos in bulk and then click the option “Recover Photo” appearing on the to recover deleted photos from iCloud
  • Once recovered the photos will automatically appear on the gallery from where it was deleted.

This was the method where you saw how to recover deleted photos from iCloud using photos app you have to also remember that the above method will only work within 40 days of temporary deletion or else the photos are permanently deleted from your phone as well.

The upcoming methods will provide more in-depth knowledge about how to recover photos from iCloud using macOS or Windows.


Using Backup to Recover Photos:

In the latest versions of macOS, the finder is the one taking care of the backups for the iPhone, recovering the files using finder is quite easy and the following are the steps on how to recover photos from iCloud using Backup.

  • Connect your phone with your computer.
  • Launch “Finder” 
  • On the left side from the list of files, the location selects your iPhone.
  • In General, tab clicks on the option of “Restore iPhone”.
  • Before restoring the computer will backup your device.
  • After that click on the “restore” button to restore from an old date.

If you have in chance not found the photos on your phones then the files may be found on the iCloud storage and find them for the restoration.
Then follow the next step to bring it back.


Using iCloud Backup:

Being able to backup images using iCloud is a good choice when the photo cannot be found on the phone is a must hence in that measure is the iCloud backup.

Following the below-mentioned steps, you can recover the deleted photos from iCloud.

  • Opening this site allows you to access your Apple cloud services.
  • You can log in using the username and password.
  • When logged in you will be shown many options you can choose the option for the “photos”
  • Now on the left-hand side navigation to the albums and choose the option “Recently Deleted”how to recover deleted photos from iCloud
  • From the list of deleted photos choose the once to recover and press the “Recover” button on the top right corner.

Knowing about the easy steps on how to recover deleted photos from iCloud if the above procedures don’t work then you may have to use some big machines and thus we bring two big machines for you in the upcoming section with two methods one for apple and one for windows.


How to Recover Deleted Photos from iCloud using the Photo Recovery Software.

Being able to recover photos when deleted is one of the most searched terms and hence many companies have up with a number of apps to bring recover deleted photos, but we have brought two major applications one for Apple iPhones and one for windows.

Disk Drill:

  • Download and install the Disk drill app on your laptop.
  • Now connect your phone with your computer when prompted if the iPhone is trusted click “yes” and enter the code.
  • It’s advised to close all the related applications that may connect to your iPhone including iTunes.
  • Open the software and let it run and now when the application starts you will be able to view a number of drives on your to recover deleted photos from iCloud
  • Now select the drive named as your iPhone and click on the option “recover”.
  • The computer will ask for an encryption code and wait for the drive to recover, please try not to use the phone in this period of time for minimum interaction with the phone.
    how to recover deleted photos from iCloud
  • Once done with the recovery review and update the file, this includes all the apps.
  • Now you can mount the recovered information in “finder”.

If you don’t have an Apple laptop worry not, follow the below-mentioned process to complete the recovery using a windows pc.

Now let’s discuss how to recover deleted photos from iCloud using windows.



Wondershare has also come up with the software to recover the deleted photos follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download and install Dr.fone on your computer.
  • Now connect the phone and computer using the lightning cable.
  • Now after setup choose the option to recover your iOS Data option.
  • From the list of selections choose Camera roll and choose the list of photos to be recovered.

Following these steps thus allows you to recover the deleted photos from the iCloud.



Here we have come across the steps and actions to recover the deleted photos from the iCloud.

These include:

  • Using the photos app on your iPhone.
  • Using macOS backup.
  • Using iCloud backup.

Apart from this, we have third party apps

  • Disk drill 
  • Dr.fone

Thus making you more aware of the methods on how to recover deleted photos from iCloud.

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