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How to take Screenshot on Mac – 3 Best Ways

Apple being one of the best computer manufacturers on the planet brings many good functions in their products and having keyboard shortcuts is one of them, and to take a screenshot on a mac are not an exception, now we here discuss the methods to take screenshots on Mac OS and edit them.

Screenshots are very important on many factors like having the functions to share the screenshots of the errors or problems arising in your system, sharing designs being developed for the website without sharing the code and attaching snaps for the guides to be generated for documentation and how-to guides of an application, so we get the guide to take screenshot on mac.

What is Screenshot??

In simple words, a screenshot is still images captured of your current screen. While capturing a screenshot the images captured contain only the content of the screen and nothing else any application which is minimized or running in the background will not be captured and hence you capture exactly what you see on your screen.

It thus helps many to create an image of what many may find difficult to produce an image format for like .jpeg and .png or other image-based file formats.

Apart from these usages, it’s also useful when creating documentation or guide for an application you have developed or are working upon, as providing screenshots in the guide helps the users to understand the instructions better with the help of graphics.

Ways to take Screenshot on Mac:

Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

It’s a fast and best way to take screenshot on mac using a special series of keyboard commands and thus saving a lot of time and become the shortcut master.


This function allows us to capture the complete screen without any cropping function but can be edited later using another third-party application.

take screenshot on mac c3

The steps doing it are:

  • Press and hold Shift + Command + 3.
  • This allows you to capture the complete screen without any crops or edit.
  • While using this function if you see a thumbnail at the corner of the screen it can be used to edit the screenshot or the image will be saved on the desktop.

This function can come in handy when you want to take the screenshot in a hurry and require the compete screen and not a cropped area.


take screenshot on mac c4

Using this shortcut, we can capture just a portion of the screen instead of the complete screen. This can be helpful when you do not require the complete screen to capture but rather just a section of the page.

It comes in handy for capturing small images, patterns and the graphs that may take the time or are complex to be converted into the image.

We can do this by:

  • Press Shift+Command+4 together.
  • Now Drag the cross-hair and select the required area and to move the selection hold space while dragging.
  • To cancel taking the screenshot just hit the escape button.
  • You can click the menu key to exclude the window shadow while capturing.
  • You can also use the thumbnail to edit the image.

Using this shortcut, you can take screenshot on mac of only the required portion of the desktop and not the complete desktop itself.


To take screenshot for the mac with macOS Mojave or later, we can take the screenshot using the Screenshot app and hence to use the Screenshot app you can press Shift + Command and 5 to pop up the screenshot application.


If you are using the MacBook Pro 16” with a touch bar then there are some benefits of having the touch bar as you can take screenshot on mac using the shortcuts Shift+command+6 on your keyboard and hitting the screenshot option on the touch bar.


Note: The Tools we are mentioning here are our personal views and are not a part of any Promotion or Sponsorship.


Using the Preview App

Preview application can be used to open multiple file-formats from photos, PDF and many more, also using the preview app we can easily edit images and take screenshots.

To take Screenshot on mac using preview application, follow the below-mentioned process:

  • To open the preview app double, click on the app.
  • Once opened click on the File menu on the menu bar.
  • Then from the drop-down menu select the Take Screenshot.
  • Now according to your preference, you can take a complete screenshot or just a section of it.

This application is useful for the once who constantly forget the shortcuts and require an application to do so.

Using the Grab App

Grab is another native apple software that can be used to take screenshot on mac and also allows the flexibility of all the above-given shortcuts without remembering these shortcuts.

To this application follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Finder and locate the Grab application.
  • When launched select the capture option in the menu bar.
  • In the drop-down menu select the type of screenshot required
        1. Selection
        2. Screen
        3. Window
        4. Timed

In these options “window” takes the screenshot of the immediate window whereas the “Timed Screen” provides an option of 10 seconds before capture.

For the MacBook with touch bar 16″, the option of capturing a screenshot already exists on the touch bar in the form of a camera button to take screenshot on mac.

Apart from these native apps, there are also some third-party apps to take screenshot on mac.

List of Third-Party Apps


take screenshot on mac snappy

Snappy is free and easy to operate software generated to take snaps and organizing them into collections. For further development, it also has features to annotate, share sync with iCloud and encryption of the password.


take screenshot on mac cloud

It’s free for lifetime usage app (after the trial period) and also offers all the major functions required in day-to-day life and also some advanced features.


take screenshot on mac light

With the function to select the required section using the drag selection and also allows two storage options local and were it is publicly available.


take screenshot on mac lbolt

Another free app that allows annotation on the image just after they are captured and also provides the function to capture in multiple formats like jpg, png or export to third party app Gimp.

Where to Find and Edit your Screenshots?

When using the keyboard shortcuts, the screenshots are stored on the desktop and available for preview and edits. However, the timed screenshots take 10 seconds as it requires capture time and is also saved on the Desktop.

However, in case of using the Preview app, we have the advantage of selecting the required location to store the screenshot.

The computers running macOS Mojave and above are equipped with the organization and quick-edit tools Like all the screenshots do spread out in the borders of the screen that can be grouped using stack.

You can click the images on the screen or open with keynotes using the right-click, it may help to remove the background, add reflections, and other options whereas preview can be used to add shapes, change color composition, add text and many more things.

Where do screenshots go on a Mac?

Many people in having the doubt where to find the screenshot after you take a screenshot on mac as many think it has been designated a main file system for storing the screenshot, however, we know that the screenshots are stored in the desktop and are not given any special file source for the same.

Now this is mainly done so that finding the screenshots are much easier as compared to having a special dedicated file in the folder system.

The users mainly lack checking the desktop and hence also makes the point that there should be a special place or folder system for the Screenshot.

The system also provides the features that you can easily preview the screenshots on the desktop without getting into the file.

Why can’t I take a screenshot on my Mac?

Its a very common question that has been asked in many forums about why can’t I take a screenshot on mac, this statement is not at all true as you have seen in the above sections of the article.

This kind of confusion is generally generated because apple has not brought this function or the feature much more in its adds or even in the adds or other documents hence people find it very difficult to take a screenshot on mac thus people don’t find it hence come to the solution that Mac may not have the option to take a screenshot.

Errors which a mac user face during capturing a screenshot

Since capturing a screenshot on Mac is not easy hence many times people find it difficult and some common errors are:

Not knowing where to find the screenshots that are generally found on the desktop of your mac.

Not knowing the proper option for taking the appropriate screenshot, which can be found above where you can find screenshot options based on the requirement.

Lack of knowledge of documentation as users mainly doesn’t focus on the documentation of the computer its advised to kindly go through the documentation of your mac when you go across any problems.


Apple has some great screenshot functions with all means of shortcuts, native applications, and third-party applications.


  • Shift+Command+3: for complete screen capture.
  • Shift+Command+4: for capturing a small portion of screen.
  • Shift+Command+6: for capturing a delayed screenshot.

Native Application:

  • Preview Application.
  • Grab Application

Third-Party Application:

  • Snappy
  • CloudApp
  • Lightshot
  • Monosnap
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