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Top Tech Trends and Apps that we came to see in this COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi Folks! I hope you all are doing good and practicing safety measures in these hard times of the COVID-19. This pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons as well as given a chance to so many geeks to come up with their brilliant and innovative ideas for the welfare of the nation and its people.

We see that except for a few portions of the world’s population, all are united and doing well in this pandemic and enjoying their Work From Home Routine. But there were many concerns about this so-called ‘LockDown’. One of them was the Decline in the Economy. Yes, that seems very legit. Obviously, if the world suddenly has stopped and everyone is sitting in their homes, the economy will decline for sure. 

To overcome this situation, many sectors like Education, Entertainment, Technology came forward and handled the situation like a pro. We all are aware of the ‘Work From Home’ culture of many companies. They are doing well and good and helping in stabilizing the economy that was declining at a faster pace. But we also should not forget that many of us lost our jobs due to this pandemic and that is really very unfortunate.

Now we will talk on some Tech Trends and Apps developed by companies and people in these hard times to overcome the trauma of Lockdown and to help in improving the economy. So let’s start.

Tech Trends and Apps:

Health and Safety Related Applications

tech trends and apps health

The hard times of the Coronavirus brought many safety and health-related applications for the people. It is not possible for me to name them all, I am writing some of the applications down there which are most trending and popular these days.


It is a global community application developed by the CEO of Pinterest and some of the company people. This app is used by people to self-report their symptoms daily like cough, cold, etc. The symptoms data is used by the doctors as well as scientists to trace this fight against the virus. To know more about this application, check this HowWeFeel!

NHS Contact Tracing App by UK:

To overcome the restrictions of Lockdown and resume the daily activities of the country as normal, the UK government came up with an application called ‘NHS Contact Tracing App’. This App is made so that the users can know if they are or were in close contact with a person who was later reported positive for Coronavirus or COVID-19.

The application uses Bluetooth signals to find the results and tell the information to the users. If you want to know more about this app, refer here – NHS Contact Tracing App Working!

Aarogya Setu App by India:

This app was developed by the National Informatics Centre, Govt of India. The main purpose of this application is to spread awareness about COVID-19 among the people of India. It also uses the device’s GPS and Bluetooth service to track the Coronavirus Cases within your area. The features like User Status, Self Assess, COVID-19 Updates, and E-Pass have helped many Indians in this corona pandemic. Read more about this app here – Aarogya Setu App!

Google/Apple Based Contact-Tracing App: 

The tech giants Apple and Google are also battling against the COVID-19 Outbreak and in the partnership with CDC they have developed COVID-19 App that provides the latest updates about the virus from the trusted resources. You can read more about it here – Google/Apple Based Contact-Tracing App!

Rt COVID-19 (USA):

This app keeps track of how fast the Coronavirus is spreading in each state of the United States. It helps in knowing which state has been infected the most and the number of active cases there. You can read more about this app here – Rt COVID-19 (USA)


Work and Shopping Related Applications

tech trends and apps work and shopping

Most of the population is working from home now. To make the work easy and safe, the companies came up with many ideas and apps that secured their data and made work-from-home easy for the employees. Also, many apps were developed and released to overcome the trauma of Lockdown and spend some good time at their homes.

Talking about the shopping and daily needs of the people, there came many apps from where users can easily know what’s happening outside their houses and which store is open for what time.

This enabled them to go out and collect their needy things without the hassle and in a short period of time. So let’s check out some of the work and shopping-related apps that came to trend in this pandemic.

Takeout COVID (USA and Canada):

This app is developed by to let people order takeouts and deliveries from their favorite restaurants and bars. The Takeout COVID application gives the latest updates about what is going on outside with the restaurants and the bars and provides the list of services available in those places. To read more about it, check out Takeout COVID (USA and Canada)!


It is a website that provides its users with a simple database of many other websites where people can answer surveys, do product testing, and review. By doing this survey and product testing stuff, people can earn money by just sitting from home. Isn’t that awesome? You can spend your boring time here and can get some good rewards in return. To know more about this website, check this CoronaTasks!


Most of you must have heard of this application and those who haven’t, this is a video-calling application used by most businesses and companies for their meetings. In this pandemic as most of the workforce was working from home, the trend of video-calling apps for office meetings came into existence. Despite many allegations on Data Leak on the Zoom, it still remains trending in various business sectors as well as for personal use.


Entertainment Related Applications

tech trends and apps entertainment

The life in this Lockdown has become very dull and boring. The outside world is dangerous and the inside world is dull. What can we do now? Well, there are some geeks who want to make this inside-home-life interesting by many activities through their applications. I am listing some of those applications which came into trend in this pandemic and connected people even more than they were actually before.

Netflix Party:

Netflix Party is an extension that is developed to watch your favorite Netflix Series or Movies with your friends remotely. This extension lets you watch the movie and chat at the same time. Many people can use Netflix Party at the same time and watch the movie and do group chat sitting remotely from each other. It is definitely an awesome idea to spend your quarantine watching Netflix and chatting with friends at the same time. To know more about it, check Netflix Party!

Quarantine Book Club:

The Quarantine Book Club is an awesome idea for the book geeks who love to read and want to exchange their views with the public and the authors of the books. The book lovers can chat with their favorite book authors through Zoom video call and discuss some bookish topics to overcome their boredom in this quarantine. To know more about it, check this Quarantine Book Club!


Education and Learning Related Applications

tech trends and apps education and learning

Well, the quarantine is not just about laying down on the bed, watching Netflix, and all. You should do some learning too so that when this quarantine gets over, you can compete with the outside world. Here are some applications you can try this quarantine. 


EDX is a learning platform where people can do online courses offered by Harvard, MIT, and more. There are 2500+ online courses available from 140 institutions and cover the latest topics like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and others. For those who don’t want to waste their quarantine by just laying on the bed can utilize this special opportunity of learning by going through these courses. To know more about it, check this EDX!


What about enjoying this quarantine learning new languages of the world so that you can travel easily to different parts of the world after lockdown? Well, then Duolingo is the best companion for you. It is a self-language-learning platform where you can learn and practice foreign languages. To know more about it, check this Duolingo!


Udemy is another platform for getting online courses and learning. There are thousands of courses available on Udemy which you can learn in this quarantine because of a lot of free time. After doing the courses, you can get certificates that you can showcase on your digital profile. To know more about it, check this Udemy!


Social Media Related Applications

tech trends and apps social media

Hmm, this section is a bit tricky to cover. As we all know that we all are surrounded by social media apps even before the quarantine, so there is no difference in the present situation on which I can say that you can use this app. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, all of them we are using for a very long time and are still using them in this quarantine. I will tell you what extras you can try in this lockdown.


Houseparty is a video-calling application. It is not just a simple video-call application but you can also play games on the call with your friends and family. It allows eight members at once to join the call and play games like Quick Draw!, Chips and Guac and many more. To know more about this application, check this Houseparty!


It is an application that allows people to join chat rooms and can listen to each other’s audios. People can join others in numerous unlabelled chat rooms. But as of now, there is no app download available. Let’s see when it ends up in the public and how it can break our quarantine boredom.To know more about this application, check this Clubhouse!



So what we conclude that due to this Corona Pandemic, the world faced economic crises and major losses but also there are many positive sides to it. In our quarantine, we got time to upgrade ourselves, to know ourselves better, to know how tiny we are in this world owned by nature. 

A little virus that originated from Wuhan, China has now taken over the whole globe. This shows how little things if not taken care of properly can cause this much damage that we see today. 

Leaving all of this aside, we are still evolving in technology, health, and educational fields. The geeks are trying daily to find solutions to make our life better. In this pandemic time, we get to see some unique and new tech trends and applications that can help us to remove our boredom of quarantine and keep track of our health and wellness. So let’s recap once all the applications we discussed above.

For Health and Safety Related Apps, we saw: 


NHS Contact Tracing App (UK)

Aarogya Setu App (India)

Google/Apple Based Contact-Tracing App

Rt COVID-19 (USA).

For Work and Shopping Related Apps, we saw:

Takeout COVID (USA and Canada)



For Entertainment Related Applications, we saw:

Netflix Party

Quarantine Book Club

For Education and Learning Related Apps, we saw:




For Social Media Related Apps, we saw:



So these were some of the tech trends and applications that we came to see in this COVID-19 Pandemic. Let me know in the comments down below what you all are doing in this quarantine and from these which apps you are using. For now, Stay Safe and Stay Home!

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