What is a Digital Tasbeeh Counter?
What is a Digital Tasbeeh Counter?
A digital tasbeeh counter is an electronic counting device that can be programmed to count the number of prayers or rakats you've performed while in prayer.

What is a Digital Tasbeeh Counter?

A digital tasbeeh counter is an electronic counting device that can be programmed to count the number of prayers or rakats you've performed while in prayer. Digital tasbeeh counters are very useful devices, as they allow you to perform certain prayers without having to rely on someone else to keep track of how many times you've turned around or how many sujuds you've performed because these devices will tell you the exact number with just the press of a button!


What is a Digital Tasbeeh

Digital tasbeeh counters are used for counting prayers. The most common way to use them is to press a button each time you make a prayer, but they can also be configured with other actions like nodding your head or striking your chest. They're particularly useful if you want to keep track of how many times you pray per day, week, or month. 


How does it Work

A digital tasbeeh counter consists of one or more counters, commonly 7, 13, 19, or 25. Each number represents a recitation of Allah's name in Arabic. These counters are usually combined with an LCD screen that displays numbers and current prayer time based on your location via GPS. To get started, all you have to do is input your desired prayer schedule and set it near your washroom area, so you know when it's time for prayer. It'll beep at times to remind you and warn others if they happen to be near regarding shared facilities such as restrooms.


Benefits of Digital Tasbeeh Over Manual Ones

In many ways, digital tasbeeh counters have become more popular than manual ones. Manual tasbeeh counters can get worn out over time, and they're very limited in size and type. Digital tasbeeh counters offer freedom from those two issues. They also make it easier to take your tasbeehs with you. A digital counter syncs your prayer data to your phone or computer, making it easy to track how well you're doing in your supplications. For example, if one of your goals is 100 rakats per day on weekdays, a digital counter will keep track of you and show you how close or far away you are from achieving that goal on any given day.


How does the Digital Counter work

The Quran verse counter display shows you how many times a certain verse has been recited. How do they work? Essentially, digital counters work by keeping track of every time a person recites regarding that specific tasbeeha. For example, if someone was to recite 10 verses, those 10 verses would all be added up together and then multiplied by ten. This simple act of hitting the same tasbeeha multiple times results in multiplying its value because it has been repeatedly recited. This is exactly how digital counters work. The best part about digital counters is that there's no worrying about whether or not you've performed your salaah correctly and forgotten to hit your tasbeeha!


Types of Digital Tasbeer

There are many different types of digital tasbeer available, including ones that flash numbers and ones that show words in either Arabic or English. The types of lights vary from product to product, but there are some general differences between lights used for numbers and those used for counting prayers. For example, with tasbees used to count prayers, you often get multiple types of lights--white, red, yellow, and green—which correspond to whether you have prayed a fard (obligatory) prayer or supererogatory prayer. In contrast, most electronic counter boards will only indicate one color per number: white when your number goes up by one; red when it drops by one; etc.

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