unlock android phone without formatting

Unlock Android Phone Without Formatting – 100% Safe

With the advancements in the Android Operating system, the matters of being able to protect your mobile phones have become the first priority for many as nowadays our phones are not just mere devices to make a call but it houses a camera, your bank, your document vault and for some, it may also be their office.

Being in the age of Android phones being the center of our life, many times it may happen that you may find it difficult to open the lock of your phone and may have to unlock android phone without formatting.

Thus being able to bypass all the locks and gaining access to your phone without losing any vital data from your phone is a very technical job and many find it very intimidating, worry not we have gone through all the pain in researching for all the methods to unlock the phones without formatting it to keep your valuable data safe.

Following these steps will help you in saving time, money, and the most important thing to you your data.

Unlock Android Phone without Formatting

The following methods are technical and may require caution, taking precautionary steps for your device is recommended.

Here we will share the methods ranging from old phones to new ones.


Using Google Account Password:

If you are using the old android versions like ice cream sandwich or jellybean on your android phone you need not worry as Google has got you covered, to unlock the android phone without formatting.

For using this method you may have to follow the given steps:

  • To use this method enter the wrong pattern or password on your android smartphone.
  • After doing so you will find an option of “Forgot Password”.
  • Thus you will find the options to enter the email id and password for the Google account used to login to your phone.
  • Once logged in you will be asked to provide a new password.
  • Once provided with the new Password you will be automatically put into the home screen of your phone.

If you are using an android phone with the latest version then the following steps may help you to unlock android phone without formatting.


Using the Android SDK:

For using this method, you will have to go through the pain of having some of the technical knowledge and hence need you to be very careful while performing any of the steps and remain cautious.

For starting the task please download the Android SDK installable file.
Remember that USB debugging should be enabled on your phone before the phone got locked so we advise you to enable the USB debugging right now.

unlock android phone without formatting


  • Once downloaded install the Android SDK on your computer.
  • After installing connect your phone to the computer using the preferred type of cable (micro USB or type c cable).
  • Now navigate to the folder where you have installed on your computer.
  • Android SDK and click on platform-tools and placing your mouse on empty space in the folder
  • Press space+shift+right arrow key.
  • Select the option to “open the command window here”.
  • Check the connection between your phone and computer to enter the following command.
           ADB device
  • If you are up and running then enter the following commands.
  • Code to Reset Pattern:
  • Code To Reset PIN Password:
    ADB SHELL RM /DATA/SYSTEM/PASSWORD.KEYunlock android phone without formatting


After running the command, reboot your phone and check again.

If the above procedure does not help you, as many of you may not have enabled the USB debugging in that scenario you can use the next method to unlock the android phone without formatting.


Using Dr.fone:

The company Wondershare has come up with a great app called the Dr.fone app where you can unlock android phone without formatting.

For using this method you will have to download the Dr.fone application on your computer.

  • Open the application on your computer.
  • Connect the mobile phone and the computer using a USB cable of the preference.
  • After opening the app you will have the option “screen unlock” the phone to select it.
    unlock android phone without formatting
  • After that, you will have to manually provide the brand and phone model number, be careful while doing so.
  • In the next screen follow the steps to enable download mode on an android phone, this step may vary for different models or brands.
  • As soon as the phone goes into download mode, Dr.fone downloads the recovery package and starts to install the recovery package.
  • When the recovery package is downloaded and installed you can easily unlock android without formating.

However, this application is for now limited to only a few brands like Samsung and Motorola if you don’t find your brand in the list you can use the next method.


Using Aroma File Manager:

This process requires the use of an SD Card and hence will work only on the phone having the function to use the SD card in them.
It also includes the use of boot mode loading so be careful while performing these steps.

The following are the steps to perform the task.

  • Download the Aroma file manager .apk on your computer.
  • Now copy the .apk file and paste the file to your SD card and insert the card on your phone.
  • Now boot into your recovery mode with the following general steps:
    • Press and hold the power button and volume down button on your phone for a few seconds to load the android into recovery mode.
  • Some phones may have different configurations to boot into recovery mode so it would be better to first google it with your mobile model.
  • Now using the volume button to navigate chose the option to “install zip from sd card”.
  • Now select the aroma installer app and install it in the system.
  • When Aroma installer opens select the option Automount all devices on start in the settings option.
  • Now returning to the screen look for the following files “password.key” or “gesture.key” and delete these files.
  • Now reboot the phone and enter any lock to open the device.

Note: you must remember the new lock to unlock it again.


Using Recovery Mode:

This method requires no computer, internet, or third party app. To perform this task you only need is your phone and should have the knowledge of how to boot it into the recovery mode.

So far this is the best to unlock android phone without formatting.

To perform this method follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • Load your phone into recovery mode using the above-mentioned commands.
  • Once booted tap on “advanced” using the volume keys to navigate.
  • Now click on file manager and proceed.
  • Now go to the folders Data and in Data goto System.
  • Now search for the below-mentioned file names and delete them:


Once deleted reboot the System and you will be able to login in.


How to unlock Third-Party Screen Locks?

To unlock the third party screen locks boot your phone into safe mode and uninstall the app.

  • To boot into the safe mode press the power button to see the power off option.
  • Long press the power off option.
  • Now select yes when the safe boot option pops up.
  • Now navigate to setting and uninstall the application.

Thus there are more than one way to unlock android phone without formatting hence you are safe if you are locked out of your mobile.



There are many ways in which you can unlock android phones without formating as discussed in the above article, these include using:

  • Google Account recovery for old phones.
  • Dr.fone application.
  • Android SDK.
  • Aroma File Manager.
  • Recover mode option.

For third-party apps just booting into recovery mode and uninstalling the app will work fine.

Thus following the above steps may help you to unlock android phone without formatting.

When using smartphones safety is most important and if you need any help with that follow this link Google pin for 100% safety


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