6 Common Causes of Depression in Women [Explained]
6 Common Causes of Depression in Women [Explained]
Check out 6 leading causes of depression in women. While depression is a common mental health problem, women, by the very nature of their lifestyle, are more at risk of getting it.

We all are aware of the word ‘depression’, right?

We know it is a very common mood disorder anyone can face at some point in life. 

Through various studies, we know that depression is more common in women than in men.

Yes, you read it correctly. 

You know what? Being depressed is not only about feeling sad, helpless, or down. 

It might be challenging to deal with depression on your own at times.

We also can't let it go untreated. It has the potential to have a very negative impact on your life. 

The elements of depression are quite complex to understand. It's not uncommon for women to deal with depression and find it difficult to feel better.

Depression makes females feel hopeless and worthless. 

Moreover, its symptoms can vary from person to person due to different factors. But what are the various reasons for depression in women? 

So, people, to know more about the common causes of depression in women, go through this blog.

Let’s start…


What are the Causes of Depression in Women? [6 Reasons]

Women get depressed due to many different factors as we mentioned above. 

These factors could be biological or psychological. It can be a major life event also. 

Let’s see what are some possible causes of depression in women:

#1. Hormonal Changes

Women often feel emotional and overwhelmed due to changes in hormones. It is one of the causes of depression in women. 

Some cases in which these changes occur include childbirth, menopause, or thyroid problems. 

If there will be the question of what is the main cause of depression in women, then changes in hormones is the most probable answer. These hormonal changes occur in females throughout their life. 

#2. Depression in Genes

It can also be inherited from your family members. 

It is possible if there is a family history of depression, you may also suffer from it once in your life. 

Yes, it is genetic in some cases as it passes through the genes. 

#3. Physical and Mental Abuse

This can be a big factor of depression in a female. Most of the women are being physically or emotionally abused by friends, family, a stranger, or a partner. 

It becomes a very disturbing and unusual thing for anyone. 

So, it may lead them to depression. In most cases, it seems that females who get tortured and abused are depressed. 

#4. Traumatic Life Events

People can become depressed after seeing or being a victim of terrible life-threatening occurrences. 

Depression can be triggered by the death of a loved one, the termination of an intimate relationship, or financial difficulties. 

In addition, terrible life events, such as witnessing a crime, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack can lead to depression.

#5. Seasonal Patterns

In winters mostly, due to the short days and lack of daylight, people become lethargic, tired, and lazy very often. 

This is a seasonal affective disorder, but it can be healed easily once the days get longer. 

The symptom of this depression is: you feel lazy all the time and lose interest in doing your daily activities.

#6. Biochemical Changes

There can be changes in your brain that may cause depression. 

Obviously, you can notice it as it starts and occurs in the brain.

Some neurotransmitters of the brain are responsible for the feelings within you. 

It affects the feelings of happiness and pleasure too. It’s not clear how, but it affects brain functions and may lead to depression. 


Final Words

In this blog, we discussed the 6 common causes of depression in women. 

We know very well women are extraordinary creatures as they can create life. Similarly, they must deal with remarkable events and thoughts in their lives, which can lead to sadness. 

Most of the time it happens because of lifestyle changes or being stressed out for some reason. 

Try to change your lifestyle and seek a doctor so that they will prescribe you medicines as per your mental health needs. 

Medicines will improve hormonal imbalance, which causes depression. 

You should take the help of medical expertise so that you can continue your day-to-day activities with vigor.

We hope this article was informative for you.

Enjoy a good and healthy life free from the clutches of depression!

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