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What is Web Hosting? Know the best about Web Hosting in 2023

In the modern developing world, many people are waiting to bring their business online by creating a stunning eye-catching mesmerizing website that also allows the customers of your business to contact directly with you.

However, doing it all alone may not be the easiest job for many, as many around us find it difficult to understand the procedure of online business making websites, and also many don’t know what is web hosting?

The new-age businessman is always looking for ways to make his product reach many people so that they can gain huge profits out of it, and one of the most common ways of doing so is through the use of the internet and website. Today sites like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress have seen a huge success, which in turn makes the other business owners think they can replicate the same if they were to be online.

In the process of getting your business online, one of the most important tasks is to make the most of the amount you pay to be used for creating and publishing a website that may attract more customers to you.

The variety of web hosting that allows the website to be accessible to everyone and anytime may make the procedure of choosing quite difficult, and in that procedure, we have what we call web hosting involved and thus we help you to understand what is web hosting.

How does the Internet work?

Before understanding what is Web hosting, we must first understand how the internet operates or what makes the internet reachable. To be able to access the internet or make others view your website over the internet, it is important that you have all of your data in a computer where the data is physically available to be shared.

The Internet is a connected network of computers where we are able to share information over many computers and others around the world are ready to obtain the data that we have shared over the internet.

Thus when having the idea of taking any of your business online, you must have a place where you can store the data on a computer, making the most advantage of the internet.

Also since the website is available all around the world, your website should always be up 24X7 and running which means many of your local computers may not be able to do as you may need to shut it down or have a poor internet connection or maybe a world-traveling free-lancer.

To save you from this problem comes in the web hosting and related web hosting companies.

What is Web Hosting?

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While making a website, the most common question asked is what is web hosting. Many people do get very tense and anxious listening to all this technical stuff over the internet and so we bring everything in a very short and simple form to make you understand what is web hosting.

To make it simple, the way web hosting works is similar to owning a shopping unit in any commercial complex, when in the requirement of selling the products you may need to buy new space on the commercial complex and store all your needs in there. Similarly in web hosting, you need to have a storage unit that will be online all the time and provide maximum safety over the internet.

Now, having the same space for every shop and also having the same rate for them makes them certainly biased and difficult to obtain. Similarly having the same prices for all sites may also make the processing of having a website more difficult and unequal in every form so, the web hosting companies have brought many different plans according to the requirements of the user.

If you want to create a stunning new shopping website, you may have to pay a little extra whereas if want to make a simple website just having blogs and articles, sharing your ideas, or maybe your artwork then you may have to pay less.

Since all web hosting companies have so many plans to offer, there are some key aspects you should keep in mind.

What to know before choosing a Good Hosting?

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Since everyone may have different requirements based on the website they want to publish hence you must look for the following aspect before you try to buy the web hosting services.

Server Space

Server space refers to the amount of space available on the hosting computers- mainframe computers, where all the resources of your website will be saved. Since the internet takes up space from this storage you must make sure you have ample storage and good speed so that the performance of your website does not hinder.

While choosing the subscription make a note of the amount of data you may need to save and also the amount of data that you may accumulate over a certain period of time, to ensure that you have the best-suited storage options for you.


Bandwidth refers to the number of users a particular website may have and the total summation or accumulation of the number of users that the website will be able to load even if the site has the maximum load on it.

If the load is above the given bandwidth, the site may crash and in the peak time may cause loss to the business, so to be able to make the difference we have the procedure where we may have to predict the number of users we might be getting and plan the bandwidth accordingly.


Money is also one of the important aspects of hosting a website. All the process of hosting, developing, and publishing is not cheap and hence the budget of the hosting must be predetermined and not be vague.

Ease of use

Since many people are using web hosting for the first time they can check for the ease of access to web hosting. It should not be tough and time-consuming to understand. Dedicated Cloud Servers are usually better and faster than shared servers but are also difficult to use for a new user.


You should also be able to change the plan anytime you want, as the time changes so will the requirements of your site and hence you should be able to change the plan according to your need.


Since privacy is a major concern for many users and countries around, the people tend to have more credibility over it, also come back to it more often.


As every shop require safety from robbery and stealing, similarly a website also requires more safety, and hence they make the most of it, having security from hackers and malicious attackers on the platform.


So at least now you have an idea of what is Web Hosting. Web hosting makes the most of bringing every website to the internet and also brings all forms of businesses online. Now people have been coming more and more to the conclusion that it has become a very important part.

It is like a shop owned by a shopkeeper over the commercial complex and the amount of data being saved on the web hosting may change according to the requirements of the business.

Things to note before buying web hosting are:

  • Server Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Budget
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Privacy
  • Security

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