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Zynn – An App like TikTok conquering the Market by paying users to watch videos

Hello Folks, I hope you all are doing good. As you know the world is rapidly changing and so are the trends. Right now we are living in a digital era surrounded by many technologies and applications. Now as I have spoken about applications, let’s talk about them.

Recently, Kuaishou – a Startup from China launched its video app called Zynn. It seems like a full clone of the Bytedance’s application TikTok. The only difference between the two is that Zynn is paying its users money for watching videos on the app.

Kuaishou is not a small Startup company. It is well-funded by many tech giants like Tencent and recently Tencent invested $2 Billion in Kuaishou. The company is using the strategy of paying users to watch videos on the platform so that it can beat Bytedance and get its respective position in the market.

Zynn’s Release

Zynn was released on 7th May 2020 on the Apple App Store – US. Within a few days from the release, the app gained a lot of traffic and users because of its awesome interface like TikTok and earning money scheme. This app is now a threat to the market of TikTok as both are video streaming apps and Zynn has decided the route of taking over the famous app TikTok.

The developer of this application – Kuaishou is on its road to become the biggest rival of the TikTok’s developer Bytedance. The TikTok market may get affected badly if this application continues to break the market like this.

Right now, the Zynn is on the Top 10 applications on the Apple Play Store and also it is trending on top applications in the Google Play Store. It has gained popularity within a very little amount of time and is still moving into doing something big.

How Zynn Works?

zynn working

Zynn is basically a video streaming application just like TikTok. Even the interfaces of the Zynn and TikTok are quite similar which includes going straight to playing the videos instantly when you open the application. The one reason that separates the Zynn from TikTok is that it is paying its user to watch videos.

Zynn provides short-form videos and while watching those videos, you will see a dollar countdown timer that will appear on every video. When the countdown ends, the application will give you points which you can later redeem as gift cards or cash.

The video length of the Zynn is the same as TikTok which is 15 seconds. In those 15 seconds, you can use numerous effects, stickers, and music. After creating the videos, you can share them on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

If seen in China, Zynn has become the biggest rival of the Douyin – a Chinese version of TikTok. Also in this COVID-19 outbreak, the Kuaishou has gained the advantage by allowing people to earn some money by watching videos through their application. There are many people on Youtube claiming that they earned thousands of dollars by this app.

How is Zynn unique from TikTok?

Well, if both of the apps are compared then there is not much difference in the UI and content interaction in the applications. The look and feel of the Zynn and TikTok are quite the same. Also, the working of this application and working of TikTok doesn’t show much difference.

The only unique thing you can see in the Zynn is the Dollar Countdown Timer that appears on every video while watching. When the countdown ends, it gives you some points that you can collect and later redeem for gift cards or cash. So yes, the only thing that makes Zynn unique from the TikTok is a way of earning money for the users of the application.

Why Zynn is paying users to watch videos?

It is said that to start something new or to succeed in the market, you have to invest first. The same strategy is being applied by Kuaishou. It is paying users to watch its content and gaining fame in the market. No one knows the future plans of the company if it will allow users to redeem points for the cash or something but right now it is rapidly onboarding users on the Zynn application by showing them a way of earning easy money sitting at home in this coronavirus pandemic.

What Zynn is getting is the thousands of users daily on its platform and what users are getting is the easy money ever made from a video streaming platform. This is how the business works, both the ends are happy with their output. Zynn is getting users which they will later see how to use them and users are getting money sitting at their homes.

How you can earn money using Zynn?

earn money on zynn

Everyone must have a question in their minds that if money-making on Zynn is this much easy then why shouldn’t we try it. Well, it totally depends on you if you want to try this application or not. I am not suggesting anyone to definitely use this application for earning purposes. Just be cautious about your data and privacy and read their Privacy Policy before using the application.

To earn money on Zynn here are simple and easy ways:

Earn money by watching videos

The most common way of earning money on Zynn is to earn by watching some videos on the platform. The countdown timer will let you know how long you need to watch the video to earn points. After you get enough points to redeem, you can get gift cards or cash in exchange for them.

Earn money by inviting friends

Yes, you can earn money by inviting your friends to sign up for this app through your invitation link. As per their advertisement, the app promises to give up to $110 for inviting 5 friends on the platform. It cannot be predicted how long will this referral program continue.

So you saw how you can make money on this application. Also, I don’t think if there is any other easy way to make money online other than this. Just be cautious about your security and privacy and you are all good!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zynn

Talking about the advantages of this application, here are some of the points:

  • Easy video streaming on click of a button.
  • You can connect with a community of similar interests.
  • Can earn easy money by watching videos and inviting friends to the app.

Now let’s talk about some disadvantages of this application:

  • Data Privacy is a major concern here.

Other than data privacy, I don’t see any disadvantage for now. If you find any please do let me know in the comments section below.

Recent Updates about Zynn

Recently there had two things about the Zynn app that you should know. The first big news is that it has been banned and taken down from both the app marketplaces i.e Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. However, people can still download and install it from outside these Play Stores.

There has been no official announcement by Google or Apply about the removal of this app yet but the reason behind this decision is believed to be the use of plagiarized content on the app. Many creators have reported that their contents are available on the app without their content under the accounts which they haven’t created.

According to Zynn, they are working on it and already removed many such reported contents from the app and have blocked such accounts to prevent them from posting further videos. Hope, the app gets back on the Stores soon.

The next major thing which happened to Zynn is that it has removed its so popular reward program Pay-to-Watch from the app from June 16th, 2020. Don’t be sad, they would not simply remove the key feature of the app so soon which has attracted so many users drastically. They have already come with an alternative for it.

Now instead of paying digital currency to the users for creating accounts, watching videos, sharing referrals, liking and commenting on the posts, etc, they have replaced it with the ZynnCheers points. The ZynnCheers points are similar to the reward points which will keep accumulating and could be redeemed after a while.

Again it is not clear now that they will use what criteria for it like how and when these ZynnCheers points can be redeemed. But the company is working on this feature and will release the update soon. So be patient and wait for their next announcement.


Zynn is getting popular at a rapid rate and I think in no time it will soon devastate the market of TikTok. For now, the application is not running ads in it inside the US region. Maybe in the future, it will enable ad systems like TikTok too. Wrapping the things up, I see this app as an easy way of earning money during this lockdown period when we have nothing much to do. But also I want to say that just be cautious while using these apps and go through their Privacy Policies properly before getting onboard. So this is all about for the new application Zynn.

If you have any questions regarding this application, feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I will be glad to help you out. Also to read more such interesting articles, check them out at SocialMirror.

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